Google Adwords and Analytics Integration (by Marketo)

Paid advertising, Analytics, Marketing automation

Customer acquisition, Measurement and monitoring

Great For
Creating measureable, engaging digital marketing programs that span customer acquisition to sale to advocacy spectrum

Suitable For
B2C, B2B, other

Integrates the popular Marketo platform with Google AdWords and Google Analytics to de-silo advertising, and provide a holistic view of how programs engage audiences across different channels

Three things to know:
  • Provides access to richer data, firmographic and profile information, to help brands serve highly relevant, personalized ads to highly desirable prospects
  • Automatically exports offline conversions tracked in Marketo (e.g. lead qualified, opportunity won, etc.) directly back to AdWords, helping to quantify ROI on spends
  • Links Marketo data such as firmographic and profile information of known and anonymous customers with their Google Analytics platform for new insight into how key audiences navigate through the funnel.

Pricing Structure
Full platform

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