Origami Content Cards (by Origami Logic)

Marketing automation

Content creation and distribution, Metrics

Great For
Visually mapping creative assets to campaign tactics and channels, visually simplifying planning and measurement.

Suitable For
B2C, B2B, other

Content cards help brands plan new campaigns and more quickly optimize ongoing ones by combining the creative and performance metrics for ads, videos, social messages and other digital marketing assets.

Three things to know:
  • The Origami Logic Marketing Intelligence Platform now generates content cards that combine and display the creative and performance metrics for ads, videos, social messages, or any other digital marketing asset
  • Cards are fully integrated, linked across all campaign channels, and easily accessible within the Origami dashboard or search interface
  • Affords a cross-channel view overview of campaign measurement data (impressions, clicks, engagement, spend, etc.), and associates performance metrics with creative assets

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