In most of the world there is one constant, and that’s fan’s love of soccer. And while for some that means casually checking scores on Twitter, for others that’s a ride-or-die love of a team and the game. So how to you be all things to all fans?j

For Melbourne Victory Football Club, that means getting a full marketing automation suite. They are now tracking fan interactions on multiple channels, and pushing out relevant email based on specific triggers. It makes the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program the hub of all data pulling from loyalty programs and online fan forums.

Having ownership over the CRM gave us flexibility with integration, and we’ve integrated that with many systems to enable the flow of data in our business to be seamless,” [head of consumer business, Monica] Dinh explained. “What comes with that is data integrity, so once we were confident of that, we were able to map out our consumer journey, from engaging with the club via an email address right through to ticket purchases to membership conversion. At every point we know which percentage conversion we have at each point in the customer journey.”

While you may not have a rabid fan base — yet — there are plenty of Marketing Automation tools for you to check out at CabinetM. Find a Customer Relationship Management tool for your needs — small business, mobile, or enterprise — under our CRM category.  

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