OtherLevels announces the release of OtherLevels 2 enabling marketers to leverage eight different messaging formats, and reach their audiences across mobile, tablet and PC devices.  OtherLevels 2 leverages big data to greatly enhance its intelligent messaging capability, and optimize the delivery of content to end users’ preferred channel, thus increasing the likelihood of engagement. Marketers will have the ability to automatically and precisely target their audience with the optimum message format including app push, web push and local push notifications, interstitials, in-app rich messaging, SMS and email. 


Content Marketing, Messaging Automation

From the Press Release:

“OtherLevels furthers its position as a leader in digital omni-channel marketing technology with the launch of OtherLevels 2,” said Brendan O’Kane, CEO of OtherLevels. “Intelligent data driven marketing automation is the critical element in enabling marketers to focus on campaign content and maximise outcomes, rather than how to reach their audience. OtherLevels 2 delivers on this promise.”

OtherLevels Profile:


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