Lyft and Budweiser are working together on a campaign to fight drunk driving and raise each other up as responsible brands. They’re offering 5,000 vouchers per week through the holiday season to raise awareness that drinking does not mean also driving. 

The rides, available in cities throughout New York, Illinois, Colorado and Florida, are only available to people over 21 years old. Customers have to claim them in advance through Budweiser’s and Lyft’s Facebook and Twitter pages, so they won’t be a last-minute late-night solution. 

Handing out vouchers at bars wouldn’t work — that’s very labor-intensive, puts marketing staff in an environment where it could be perceived they’re promoting drinking, and it doesn’t allow you to track who uses what.

The tools to automate the process across several cities include:

  • Interstitial pages that allow you to have the user verify his/her age.
  • Voucher programs that can integrate with social media.
  • Social media monitoring tools to use once you’ve driven <pun intended> users to your social pages. If they’re going to praise or damn the program, catch that sentiment while you can still work with it. 

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