An Australian company, Luxbet is both being celebrated and scorned for a recent social media hoax where a made-up employee gets fired, trashes his company online and gets free pizza delivered to his supporters. It was all to promote an app.

“A hoax of this type where you are misleading people is actually a semi-suicidal form of using social media,” Thomas Crampton, global managing director from the advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather told the BBC.

Check out the comments still at #DaveGetsFired discussing the fallout.

What we know is sometimes its hard to sort out the sentiment that’s all over the place with a big event. Not everyone will play by the rules and use your agreed-upon hashtag. Not everyone will tag the company @Luxbet in is tweets. (In fact, the practice of naming a company and not tagging it is called “sub-tweeting.”)

Before you launch the big campaign check out the Social Media Monitoring tools on CabinetM. You can monitor a campaign live and pull back before you have to pay a $5,000 bar bill to say you’re sorry. 


Read the full article at BBC – Homepage

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