Perhaps Seinfeld had the future of shopping all along. The present, a new report from Deloitte notes, is that online shopping is still not meeting customers’ expectations,

Some 66% say they prefer “a self-directed shopping journey,” up from 30% in 2014. “Retailers’ ability to influence that journey is at an all-time low,” the report says. And they have made it worse, by being “painfully slow at moving from a legacy ‘campaign’ mindset (where everything is planned around sales events) to a ‘customer’ mindset (where the planning process is built around the needs of different segments of customers instead of sales events).”

Here’s a way to try to get out of the campaign mindset. Shoppable Content tools allow marketers to create web pages full of content with templated “buy” buttons moving the customer toward purchase. Let customers shop directly from your stories.

This is a tried at true method of the catalog telling a story you buy into. Just like J. Peterman catalogs spoofed on Seinfeld. Once you buy into the story, buying into the product is the next logical step.


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