It’s not you, it’s me. I think we need space. You’ve been growing distant, I can see it. You might need to be seeing other marketers while you decide where you want to be.

Sometimes a break-up email with the subscribers you haven’t talked to for a while might be the best thing to clear up your list. Says Marketing Insider:

While having a large subscriber list might seem ideal, it’s not the number of total subscribers that counts – it’s the number of active subscribers. As such, you should constantly be trying to refine your email list. The best way to automate this? Send a break up email to members of your list who haven’t opened one of your emails in a while. If they don’t reply to the break up email, you know you can safely have them removed from your list. And don’t make it difficult to opt out – those aren’t the kind of people you want on your list.

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Read the full article at Where Digital Marketing Stacks Up

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