When it comes to marketing, sometimes you need to upend the model to achieve the goals.

Amanda Palmer is one of the world’s savviest marketing rebels.   From the beginning of her career, she understood that in order to win fans, she had to connect authentically with them. While many bands hang out for a short time after gigs to sign CDs, the Dresden Dolls signings were usually more than an hour and sometimes longer than the actual gigs because they spent so much time with each individual fan. They invited their fans to their house parties. The house party list became regional. There are valuable lessons for content marketers here: If you focus on building trust, learning about and connecting with your audience, customers will follow.

How do you build trust? When you think about the process, what is happening is the band is getting a verified list to build on. Automate the process and you get Data Automation and Cleansing Tools that update marketing and sales lists by matching them against proprietary databases or trusted sources. You don’t need to think about vetting them with a house party — unless you want to — but you can get your list right before putting your information out in to the world. 

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