When buying a marketing platform there are steps to take, for sure. Strategy, cost, function are all part of the equation, but have you thought about what your team can do? 

Having defined as closely as possible what the best end state might look like the smartest operators then turn their gaze inwards. They ask “does my team possess the experience to market to individuals, or combine data from different channels, or orchestrate communications across channels? Do they have the capabilities to analyze and optimize the results, can they really make judgements about the features of the competing technologies?”

Working in the disciplines of digital marketing  such as digital display, search marketing,  email,  web, social media, and smart mobility requires deep, specific domain experience. but this has driven rigid silos within the digital marketing industry (which is ironic given the criticism heaped on the ‘old-school marketers’ for treating digital as a silo). While a team may have great capabilities around individual parts of the puzzle, the real magic comes from organizing capabilities around this idea of putting the customer at the center. 

Figure out what your team can do quickly by having them build SkillStacks. Get informed about not just what programs they know that live in their marketing stack, but what kind of programs — is your team heavy on email and light on analytics? Do you need tech to beef up that strength on your team? Make informed decisions by using CabinetM to see where you stack up.

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