By Barry Schwartz,


Facebook has become a popular place for people to pencil in their plans. Every day more than 100 million people — about nine percent of Facebook’s daily audience — use the social network’s events feature, per Facebook. So now, Facebook is spinning off events into own mobile app — which may become more than an event-specific calendar and more of a general-purpose calendar a la Google Calendar.


On the surface, the Events from Facebook app, announced on Friday, is something people can use to find out what’s going on nearby and what their friends are planning so they can coordinate their plans. But it also contains a calendar that people could eventually use to manage the rest of their schedules, such as work meetings.


People can browse events based on when and where they’re scheduled, as well as what types of events they’re interested in attending, including events posted by Pages. They can also check out a map view to plot out plans by proximity and search for events in specific cities. When people RSVP to attend an event, that event will be added to an in-app calendar so that people can keep tabs on their plans.

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