“We used to wake up and have to deal with a small vegetable garden of choices, and now, it’s a veritable jungle of choices we have in the marketplace.”

What is so overwhelming for PepsiCo North America Beverages CMO Seth Kaufman’s team? Marketing Technology. There are thousands of products in hundreds of categories to evaluate, while at the same time PepsiCo is busy reinventing television ads to integrate with its digital platforms.

You can get the edge today by leveraging CabinetM’s platform. Quickly build your marketing stack to see what you have, and what you’ll need to become a leader in the marketplace. With CabinetM you can:

  • Find the right tool for the future you’re building
  • Get and keep control of your marketing spend by knowing what tools you use
  • Create your own marketing stack — your new resume can be built on CabinetM

You’re not alone. You too can get your arms around the tech out there. Let us help.



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