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CabinetM on The Language of Business
November 30, 2016 Uncategorized

WBIN-TV gathered digital marketing experts together to talk about must-have skills in today’s business world on “The Language of Business.”

CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton was featured first to discuss “How Big Is Your Digital Marketing Stack?” and the ways marketers can use their marketing stacks to gain an edge in the marketplace.

The program will start airing Dec. 4 on WBIN. The same episode featured Crowdly CEO Dan Sullivan; strategist Julia Campbell, and writer Manny Veiga.

The Language of Business integrates academics and real world experience to support, encourage and motivate entrepreneurs from their earliest stages through their growth phases.

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You can market like it’s 2017
November 30, 2016 Marketing Game , ,

Marketer, you might be feeling old-fashioned. While you know the fundamentals of marketing, you know your customer, you know your product, it just doesn’t seem enough. You now need to know the analytics involved in your email campaign and who you’re marketing to on Snapchat.

But it’s not that bad. And you’re not alone. The majority of marketers (72%) feel that the marketing technology landscape is changing either “rapidly” or at “light speed” according to the Walker Sands report The State of Marketing Technology 2017 — and that’s according to Scott Brinker, the CTO who writes of such things. 

Don’t despair. Don’t give up. We can catch you up.

  • Get hip to the terminology. CabinetM has a glossary to help you learn what Biometric Tools and Integrantion as a Service are, or help you explain to the kids in the office what “churn” could be. (Want a laugh? look up ZaaS.)
  • There are 6,000 tools on CabinetM for you to choose from. Get your strategy together and then find the right tool for your shop and your products.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on the latest in marketing technology.
  • Share your learning. We’re a community of marketers — help us learn too.

With the technology landscape changing as fast as it is, it’s a wonder that more aren’t feeling left behind. Get prepared with CabinetM and you too can market like it’s 2017.



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Mobile marketing: More Alfred than Batman
November 29, 2016 Uncategorized , , , ,

So much mobile marketing is like Batman. In your face, logos everywhere, it’s-all-about-Wayne-Industries Batman marketing. On the tiny screen you have in hand, even in your bed, mobile marketers are so often barking just like they do from a television in a crowded bar.

We’re over it.

A piece in Business2Community this month discusses the move from Marketing to Service Provision on Mobile, where the marketer is more a digital assistant.

More Alfred than Batman.


Alfred Pennyworth has the title of butler, but is really more the symbol of parental wisdom for the parentless Bruce Wayne. He’ll quietly offer advice and let Bruce Wayne make his own choice. There’s no garish, Joker-like dictates on how to act. No Penguin-like insults. Alfred is both friend and adviser offering up what is needed at the right time.

For the tiny screen most of us carry around on our persons, an intimate approach like Alfred’s is appropriate. 

Take this push notification for example: “Hi Kate, check in for tomorrow’s flight to Dublin is open. You usually reserve an exit row seat – just two remaining”. Dissecting it shows us our new interaction model – a triggered mobile message (the day before the flight) that is personalized (with name and location), that is predictive (based on previous behaviour), and that is helpful (as a reminder/alert), all pulled together from multiple data sources to create an individual conversation with a user.

Get help from a trusted hand

There are tools to help automate this process, once you have the strategy in place. While we cannot promise a fresh set of clothes when you emerge from the Batcave, we can help you find what you need:

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What marketing quiz tool are you most like?
November 28, 2016 Customer , ,

What quiz are you most like?

Are you the number-crunching analytics tool or the dreamy content creating tool reaching for the stars? Are you using quizzes to engage your audience?

 The New York Times’ most popular story of 2013 was not an article. It was a quiz: “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk” was bigger than junk food or Angelina Jolie’s medical choices. We all want to know if we’re more like Harry Potter or Voldemort, Cinderella or Snow White, Alexander Hamilton or Thomas Jefferson.

And if you’re unsure that quizzes work, check this one by the American Marketing Association to get you thinking about it.

As wonderful a tool as quizzes can be, you may not be using them to reach your greater marketing goals — they can be used to mine information about your customers, how they think and feel, and to capture data to add to a fuller customer view.

These tools won’t keep you guessing about what your customer wants.


uquizQuiz Maker uQuiz enables marketers to engage the attention of online customers by giving them a fun pop quiz. With Quiz Maker, anyone can create and distribute feature-rich, entertaining online quizzes. Images and video can be added to questions, and quizzes can be password-protected.
BEST FEATURE: Watch quiz takers in real time.


ineractInteract is a tool that enables companies to increase social engagement and lead collection with quizzes. Connect your quiz to any of email marketing platforms. Leads collected will automatically be added to mailing lists. Choose between personality or multiple choice quiz options, and easily add photo or text questions and answers to your quiz.
BEST FEATURES: You get a wide array of stats on your quizzes. From leads collected, views and completions to how everybody answered each question, you’ll know your audience inside and out.
PRICING: Small Business is $100 per month; Pro is $450 per month; and Premium is $950 per month.


fyreboxFyrebox provides interactive quiz-making software to generate leads, educate, or engage an audience. The tool enhances customer engagement while promoting the user’s brand. With built-in analytics, Fyrebox offers a way to gather contact information to be used for follow-up or as a way to redirect traffic to any page that needs bolstering.
BEST FEATURES: Our drag and drop interface makes it easy to move the components of your quiz (buttons, messages), or change the size of the font.
PRICING: Standard is $19 per month and Pro is $39 per month.


relayRelay is an organization-wide video creation and hosting solution enabling users to roll out interactive videos across an organization. Interact with viewers by adding quiz questions or open-ended responses, and see results on-demand.
BEST FEATURE: Relay was developed for departments, schools, colleges, and universities and works well in closed groups.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


antavoAntavo launches viral promotions and campaigns in an effort to grow a client’s email list and familiarize them with their core audience: contests (photo, video, story, presentation, Instagram, audio), sweepstakes (draw, quiz, poll), and deals (group offer, coupon, giveaway, landing page). Antavo believes that the power of loyalty programs and data-driven email communication helps in turning customers into brand advocates.
BEST FEATURES: The quizzes Antavo offers can be rolled up into loyalty programs. For Antavo customers they will offer a contest consultant for premium packages.
PRICING: Contest packages start at $199 a year and can rise to $1499 yearly.


qzzrQzzr allows the user to create, embed, and share your quizzes to drive social traffic and generate leads. Qzzr makes it easy to customize your quiz, change your background, and add text and images. You can embed quizzes as easily as you would a YouTube video. You’re going to like the way these quizzes look on your site.
BEST FEATURES: Customize your your quiz’s look and feel to fit any website or layout.
PRICING: Pro is $25 monthly (billed annually at $299). See vendor for details on the Enterprise package. The free version has Qzzr branding but also allows for unlimited quizzes.


quizmakerQuiz Maker is a subscription-based tool for creating fully customized quizzes, polls and surveys that can be easily embedded into any website or social meda page. You can import the results into Salesforce, Mailchimp or thousands of other systems and platforms, adding the collected responses into your sales pipeline for targeted, personal messaging. Quiz Maker provides your audience with a fun and interactive experience, while capturing data to build a qualified set of leads.
BEST FEATURES: Embed quizzes into any website, blog or Facebook, or import into more than 2000 Customer Relationship Management Sytems, or, marketing and email systems.
PRICING: Tiered price plans starting at $15 per month. Save 20% when paid annually.

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Safe Thanksgiving convo? Share your secret weapon on the job hunt
November 23, 2016 CabinetM Stacks, Uncategorized , , ,

Thanksgiving can be stressful for everyone. There’s the inevitable political discussion, there’s the “when will you marry-have-a-baby-lose-weight” discussion, there’s even debate over whether it’s appropriate to have the Cowboys game on during dinner (the Lions game, for you early-birds).

What’s a safe topic of conversation? How about the wisdom you’re showing off with a CabinetM marketing technology stack?

For those of you new to the game, marketing at scale doesn’t happen without technology. Savvy marketers don’t just use email, they use personalization tools, databases full of wonderful customer data, and all measure of analytics tools.

Keeping track of those tools, and being able to document what you know, is now an important part of being a marketer. An Eloqua shop is not going to give preference to marketers who have only used Pardot and Marketo, and most modern marketers are looking out for those who understand analytics.

Here’s the problem, and you can explain this with confidence to Aunt Maria over turkey: If you’ve been in marketing for three years, you could know tens of tools. If you’ve been in marketing for a decade, you could know more than 100. How do you show that off? How do you use that to get a job?

CabinetM has a free tool allowing you to build a Marketing Technology Stack that you can use as your cover letter. What do you do?

  • List all the Marketing Technology tools you know.
  • Put those tools in layers a headhunter can skim quickly. Most of our users start with Email, Analytics and Social Media, but if you specialize in Advertising Bidding Automation, by all means, put that at the top.
  • Use the annotate function to note how proficient you are with each tool.
  • Save your stack as an image you can paste to your LinkedIn.
  • Print out your stack and append it to your resume.

While we cannot tell you who will win at football, who will get the turkey drumstick or why your dad dresses that way at the table, we can give you some safe conversation while you’re at Thanksgiving dinner. Tell everyone how you’re working your knowledge to advance your career, and how it started at CabinetM.

And help out with the dishes. Everyone looks good when they help out with the dishes.


Happy Thanksgiving from CabinetM!


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Kitchen, staff, marketing stack: What you need to succeed as a restaurateur
November 22, 2016 CabinetM Stacks, Uncategorized , ,

When you own a restaurant, there’s long hours, interesting personalities, and the ever-changing nature of dealing with the public. One thing you should be able to count on is your marketing.

In an excerpt is from the staff of Entrepreneur Media’s book Start Your Own Restaurant and Morewriters note a a few ways to market your new business: Word of Mouth, Website, Social, PR and Community Involvement. That’s awesome, but you’ve got to make sure you’re getting the right prices for meat and vegetables, you need to hire more waitstaff, and there’s an argument in the kitchen. How do you do it?

Step 1: Automate. Figure out the strategy and then get some tools to do the work for you. Track email success, post specials to social media, build a database of loyal customers who can be your best online advocates, and monitor what is said about your dining room on social media.

Step 2: Build a Stack. Go to CabinetM, build a free marketing technology stack and note what you’re using, what it’s costing you and what other tools it will work with in the future. Keep all the marketing stuff you are using in one place, and go back and focus on the fight in the kitchen.

It’s that easy. You have enough to worry about with the price of fish. Don’t make keeping track of tools you’re paying for a hassle.

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CRMS For Small Business You Can Take With You
November 21, 2016 Uncategorized , , , ,

Not all Customer Relationship Management tools were created for the smaller business. And certainly not all CRMs were made for today’s business leader constantly on the go.

But there are solutions that allow small teams to be mobile as well as responsive to
customer needs.

Here are six CRM platforms purpose built for small businesses you should check out.


nutshellNutshell is an open, cross-platform CRM with loads of features and it’s built to work with all the apps you already use. Integrate Nutshell with Google, Dropbox, Mailchimp and more. Nutshell is built to create, search, and edit contact info, especially on the road. Nutshell includes maps, weather, local time, Twitter, and last contact you had with the people in your contact list.
BEST FEATURES: Great keyword and location search, a real-time view of tasks and activities, and lead tracking and you can know the weather in your client’s location.
PRICING: The average spend is $15 per user, monthly. can be custom built to suit any business requirements. The platform includes functionality for contact management, online file storage, task management and automated workflow, sales pipeline, reporting, online calendars, integrated call center activity and works on Tablet or Mobile as well as Mac and PC.
BEST FEATURES: Designed for companies that focus on voice
calling. Offers reps in the field real-time data.
PRICING: Pricing starts at $20 per user.


freshdeskFreshdesk is a customizable CRM with a load of tools, including outbound email, email ticketing, live chat, integrated customer surveys, time- and event-triggered automations and multiple language support. Freshdesk is optimized for mobile.
BEST FEATURES: Created for high-velocity sales teams.
PRICING: Tiered pricing begins at $15 per month per agent.


salesforceiSalesforceIQ is a smart, simple CRM solution for small businesses who aren’t ready for the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM. Designed to work out-of-the-box, IQ is the CRM solution that smaller businesses can quickly connect with Gmail or Exchange email.
BEST FEATURES: Takes raw data from sales teams and clients, stores and organizes data in a central place for analysis
PRICING: Billed annually, pricing starts at $25 per month, per user.


batchbookBatchbook is a cloud-based CRM for small businesses that customers can access from anywhere. The product is easily set up, allows for customization, and import of existing customer data.
BEST FEATURES: Robust social media monitoring. The user interface is ideal for entrepreneurs and tiny businesses.
PRICING: The product starts at $19.95 per user, and can go up to $39.95 per user for the full-featured package.


sugarSugar is a complete CRM solution that automates internal sales, customer service and marketing processes, with a focus on the individual. Sugar is fully optimized for mobile, and features call center tools. Billed annually the Professional package is $40 per month per user; Enterprise is $65 per month; and Ultimate is $150 per month per user.
BEST FEATURES: Highly customizable.
PRICING: Billed annually the Professional package is $40 per month per user; Enterprise is $65 per month; and Ultimate is $150 per month per user. A free version called Community is now available.

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ADfits Launches Loyalty-Driven Marketplace to Help Publishers Build Walled Gardens around their Audience
November 18, 2016 Uncategorized


ADfits, a Toronto-based startup, uses proprietary technology to help Publishers build walled gardens around their audience, and launch loyalty-driven campaigns that reward, delight, and captivate readers while deeply satisfying the growing ROI needs of brands and small business advertisers.  The ADfits Marketplace empowers Publishers with first-party data insights into their reader’s brand preferences and enables Publishers to attract revenue for exclusive loyalty-driven campaigns that drive quantifiable sales and in-store traffic for Advertisers.


Customer Acquisition

From the Press Release:

“Having spent a decade working with site analytics and campaign measurement, I know first-hand how important issues like ad blocking, ad fraud, and proving ROI are to Publishers and Marketers,” says Ali Shah, Founder, and CEO of ADfits. “When we created the ADfits Marketplace, it was a priority to ‘reimagine’ the AdTech ecosystem and design a new business model from the ground up; a model built on the foundation of loyalty, personalization, and customer acquisition. We developed a fully transparent solution that creates a ‘Golden Triangle’ between Publishers, Advertisers, and most importantly, today’s Empowered Consumers. Since I personally know how difficult it is to prove the ROI on new technology and digital ad spend, we’re challenging Publishers to test drive the marketplace and earn revenue first, by launching their first 10 campaigns for free.”

Link to Press Release:

Visit the ADFits Profile on CabinetM

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Are Marketing Technologists Held Back by the Marketing Stack
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized


Keeping up with the stack
Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2017 – Closing the Gap Between Martech Innovation and Adoption (free registration required) is a good look at how organizations are handling their marketing technology stacks. It’s a survey of 300 marketing professionals that shows most organizations are building stacks by putting together best of breed solutions.

With over 3800 vendors and growing in the martech space that’s probably a pretty challenging thing to do – decide which solutions will work best in the organization’s stack. And it’s not just the emergence of new vendors in the market, it’s also all the mergers and acquisitions, and the solution updates. It’s all moving very quickly.

Still, in this study, only a small portion implement a suite solution – 21%. But let’s be honest, there is no “suite” that does everything you could possibly do. Of the 48% that have a best of breed stack however, 42% say it’s fragmented or piecemeal. Three percent say they are getting the full value of their tools, citing lack of technology strategy, analytics, and training as reasons why this is the case.

Over 70% of respondents said that technology takes up between 1 and 25% of their marketing budget. They acknowledge that budget is growing, and resistance is shrinking, but there are still challenges to adoption such as budget, resourcing, difficulties implementing and integrating technologies and a lack of information (I know, I said budget twice).

When asked who manages the marketing stack only 13% said it’s IT, while 40% said they had a dedicated senior person. Others mentioned included marketing, marketing operations, customer experience and digital strategy. The survey also found that 71% of marketers lead purchase decisions, depending on the technology purchased. The more complex, backend solutions don’t tend to be led by marketing.

The biggest takeaway here is that the technology is changing so rapidly it’s dictating how the marketing technology stack is built. Hang on to that thought.

Marketing technologists are at a crossroads…

Read full article:

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A Six-pack of Predictions for Martech
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized


As a turbulent 2016 creeps closer to an end, columnist Lewis Gersh dusts off his crystal ball to see what the coming year holds in martech.

  1. A scandal involving digital marketing will result in a major lawsuit
  2. CMOs will be held more accountable
  3. Complete programmatic optimization will get closer to reality
  4. Consolidations will continue
  5. Consumers’ attention spans will stabilize
  6. Social media strategies will remain diffuse

Read full article:

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How Virtual Reality Will Change B2B Marketing
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized


Over the past year, virtual reality has quickly become one of the hottest trends in consumer marketing. Audi, Coca-Cola, Marriott and even IKEA have dipped their toes in the water and created immersive marketing experiences. But how does this new technology apply to the far more convoluted B2B marketing process?

The key to B2B marketing is driving customers through the sales and marketing funnel. The most important stage is evaluation. The customer has already decided to make a purchase but must choose whether to buy your product or the competition.

Read full article:

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CabinetM CEO speaks at CMSWire DX Summit
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized

CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton was featured as part of a talk on the state of MarTech today as an ecosystem at the CMSWire’s Digital Experience (DX) Summit 2016 conference.

Brearton was part of the roundtable “The Market for MarTech: Peak Perspectives, Fundamentals and Investment” hosted by Scott Brinker, the creator of and Co-Founder of ion interactive. Much of the conversation was about how marketing technology has opened up opportunities – and changed how marketers work.

“We had a lively discussion about the size and diversity of the marketing technology landscape, the challenges of managing a mix of internally developed and externally acquired MartTech products,” Brearton noted. “We also talked about striking the right balance in leveraging in-depth customer data against the ‘creepy’ appearance of stalking a customer.”

The other panelists included marketing experts Dieter Reichert, Tim Ahlenius, Jeff Litvak, Jeff Harvey. The discussion included issues with investment in marketing technology including budget, corporate buy-in, marketing strategy, departmental alignment and planned goals for successful outcomes.

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Adhark Reaches Milestone, Generates 500,000 Personalized Social Media Marketing Recommendations in 90 Days
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized


Enterprise marketers flock to Cuckoo’s U.S. beta launch, seeking data-driven recommendations to more effectively reach and influence their target audiences.


Social Media Marketing

Link to Press Release:

Visit Adhark Profile on CabinetM

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Warply Engage Marketing Cloud updates product features, including mobile payments & mobile couponing
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized


Warply, a mobile loyalty and payments cloud company for marketers – announces the extension of Warply Engage marketing cloud with mobile coupon checkout and mobile payments service.  Warply is launching its m-couponing and mobile payments add-ons, that provide credit transfer (SEPA) and card payments.


Customer Relationship Management

From the Announcement:

John Doxaras, CEO of Warply commented, “We have been working closely with some selected retailers for a 6 months beta period and findings are really exciting. More than 65% of active users choose to store (tokenize their card) within a mobile app and perform one click checkout at the physical POS at a rate higher than 34%. Furthermore, mobile commerce businesses that utilize m-coupons and loyalty schemes witness a mobile presence during redemption/collection process that reaches 82%, in special cases.”


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Got a startup? Win with a Drip Email
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized ,

It’s so awesome that you’ve got your product in gear. There’s so much you did, from concept to beta testing, to collecting emails for folks interested in seeing what you got.

So, how do you talk to them? Think about a drip email campaign.

Here’s the basics: You know who you want to talk to. You know they may not buy if you email once. Don’t think in terms of sending a new message to each prospect every time he/she checks out your pricing page. Think about what you would want to say to someone at each step of the process.

Make a template for each action your customer takes. Your customer signs up for more information? That’s an automatic email. Looks at the pricing page? That’s also an automatic email, but with a different message. Compares your features with another company? That may be a third email with a message offering a deal.

The point being, you can set up these emails once, tweak them to get the response you want, and start thinking up “thank you for your business” responses after you close the sale.

dripDrip is a lightweight email marketing automation platform for more personalized interactions with leads, trial users, and customers. Sales and marketing teams can send an interested consumer a series of personalized emails based on a purchase, a recurring charge, or any number of actions. Drip also helps identify the most promising leads by applying a scoring algorithm that tracks events along the buyer’s journey.

BEST FEATURE: Despite being a lightweight too, Drip lead-scoring algorithm tracks a number of events to determine which subscribers are most engaged with the content. Learn what works as you go.
PRICING: Pricing starts at $49 per month for 2,500 subscribers. Willing to be small? Pay $1 for 100 subscribers.


soffrontSoffront provides sales and marketing automation solutions to small-to medium sized companies. Soffront has a database for Customer Relationship Management, called a CRM, that includes sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service, and project management.

BEST FEATURE: The combination of CRM and email automation comes at a low price for very small firms.
PRICING: The starter package including Customer Relationship Management database for 1,000 contacts and 2,000 emails a month, including email automation, is $49 per month.


docustarMarketHUB Plus MRM by Docustar is a platform that can be hosted offsite that enables you, or your team, to customize and store all your marketing materials. (That’s what MRM is: Marketing Resource Management, with your collateral being the resource.) From there you can launch campaigns with automated corporate approval workflows. The system was made with national brands in mind that need local access to email, direct mail and other digital and print branded resources that are customized to meet their local communication and business needs.

BEST FEATURE: MarketHUB pairs asset management with the ability to send drip emails.
PRICING: Contact the vendor for a custom-made kit.


mauticIf you’re a startup Mautic is open source marketing automation software that includes social media, lead management, email marketing, forms, campaigns, and reports. One of the things you be able to do lots of outreach, with mass emails with no sending limits. Features also include in-depth lead tracking including page views, time spent on site, and specific interests.

BEST FEATURE: It’s both free and open source.


constant-contactConstant Contact is an email marketing solution that may be one of the two best known in this category. Store, organize, and maintain email address lists and information. Segment lists so the right people get the right message.

BEST FEATURE: It’s one of the most popular email automation platforms around.
PRICING: Up to 500 contacts is $20 per month; 501-2500 contacts is $35 per month.


symphonieAvailable as either on-premise software, or as a cloud-based, hosted solution, Goolara Symphonie features an intuitive interface. Goolara Symphonie comes with everything you need to segment, customize and personalize your mailings for maximum impact. Its reports have features including A/B split results and time of day effectiveness.

BEST FEATURE: Ease of use. Symphonie has drag-and-drop automated workflows.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


autosendAutosend’s central dashboard presents a view of all customers where they are in their buying lifecycle: Who is new, who clicked for a free trial, who’s at risk of churn, who needs a nudge, who’s ready for an up-sell or cross-sell. Autosend sorts the customers into segments by type,, and automatically sends the email or text you have chosen in order to encourage the next step along the buying journey.

BEST FEATURE: The email feature is paired with messaging for SMS and within-app messaging.
PRICING: Pricing for the Campaigns & Conversations packages are based on the total number of users tracked. See vendor for details.


activedemandActiveDEMAND Email Marketing Software allows users to connect with prospects and execute customer retention campaigns and keep people up-to-date. Everything you need to create, send and track email campaigns in one place. In addition to an email functions ActiveDEMAND offers scheduling, newsletters, landing pages and social media post scheduling.

BEST FEATURE: Email integrates with newsletters, social and landing pages in one package.
PRICING: See vendor for information.


firsthiveFirstHive is a smart marketing automation platform that empowers marketers to schedule and run Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Social Media Marketing campaigns from one single platform. FirstHive collects and integrates customer engagement data from across channels and give a single view of customer profile.

BEST FEATURE: Customer behavior can be analyzed from data collected over multiple marketing channels and campaigns.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


pure360Pure360 is an email marketing platform that provides the capabilities to build mobile optimized emails with no requirement for technical knowledge or coding expertise. The program integrates with business systems such as Magento, SalesForce, MSDynamics and Google Analytics.

BEST FEATURE: No technical knowledge is needed for implementation.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


emmaEmma Email Marketing enables users to create, distribute, and track customizable, mobile-optimized email campaigns and newsletters. Tools offer audience segmentation, easy-to-build HTML emails, and analytics package.

BEST FEATURE: Has easy-to-understand analytics.
PRICING: Packages start at $49 per month for 2,500 contacts.


mailchimpMailChimp is a flexible, scalable email marketing platform that lets organizations of all sizes create, send and track effective emails. One of two most popular products on the market, MailChimp allows marketers to monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports, and inform the email content with purchase data using Google Analytics. The suite of mobile apps let users check reports, add notes to a contact, or send a campaign.

BEST FEATURES: Integrates with popular apps and services like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey.
PRICING: The service is free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails.

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Pinterest launches an ‘Explore’ section for trending topics and ideas
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized


Pinterest today is launching a new section of the app that is geared around surfacing trending and top ideas that’ll get additional new content in front of users.  The new section, called “Explore,” pits its recommendation algorithms against trending content across Pinterest from publishers and other sources that’ll get content in front of users that their existing social graph might not tap into. This is something that other apps already tap into — such as Instagram’s explore and Snapchat’s discover features.


Social Media Marketing

From the Announcement:

The addition of Explore fuels other opportunities for Pinterest to monetize itself, providing advertisers with a space where promoted pins and other sponsored content could appear”


Visit the Pinterest Profile on CabinetM

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Episerver Launches Three New Products to Enhance Omnichannel Personalization
November 17, 2016 New Products


Episerver, a provider of a single platform to manage digital content, commerce, and marketing in the cloud, introduces new omnichannel personalization capabilities with the launch of Episerver Advance, Episerver Perform and Episerver Insight.  

Episerver Perform uses a system of machine learning algorithms to learn and predict which products and offers are most likely to interest each customer and offer the best recommendations. The release of Perform also includes Episerver Advance, Episerver’s new content personalization solution for email and event triggering.  Episerver Perform and Advance also make use of the underlying capabilities of the Episerver Insight Big Data management platform.

Episerver Insight’s robust API allows organizations to capture, ingest and process information from sources as wide as digital interactions, CRM and ERP systems, loyalty data, as well as secondary data such as store location, competitive analysis, and census and social enrichment.


Marketing Automation

From the Announcement:

“Personalization should be a key component to any digital marketer’s strategy,” said James Norwood, executive vice president of strategy and CMO at Episerver. “With the combined personalization capabilities of the Episerver Personalization Suite, we’re able to help our customers better predict what appeals to their audiences, and then act on those preferences immediately. In doing so, we see increases in both sales and brand loyalty.”


EpiServer Profile on CabinetM

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Wizer Releases AI-based Marketing Survey Platform
November 17, 2016 New Products



Wizer is launching a new artificial intelligence-powered survey platform.  The platform parses various business reports and other sources to assemble background information in specific industry verticals, like ready meals or food/beverages. Currently, the focus is on consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retailers, with the option for new categories to be built.  


Consumer Research

From the Announcement:

“Marketers define goals, and then answer a series of questions. The platform pulls appropriate questions from hundreds pre-written by human researchers, and the questions are auto-assembled, without any writing by the marketer, into an online questionnaire of 25–30 questions. The platform learns about a specific business from the questionnaire’s results and feedback from the business.”

Link to article:

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BigCommerce and eBay Announce New Integration to Foster Omni-Channel Selling
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized


BigCommerce and eBay have announced a new integration whereby merchants will be empowered to seamlessly sell and list products on eBay. They will also be able to manage orders and inventory natively through BigCommerce. After this integration, merchants on BigCommerce will be able to select products and sell them on the eBay platform in few minutes without third-party apps.


Commerce, Omni-Channel

From the Announcement:

In an official release, Bob Kupbens, the VP Business to Consumer Selling at eBay said, “We’re thrilled to partner on a seamless solution for BigCommerce merchants to scale their businesses through eBay’s marketplace.” He also added that eBay ensures every shopper can locate items which suit them the best – and this integration will deliver greater choices and selection to eBay’s global buyer base.


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Oracle Unveils Data and Content Updates for its Marketing Cloud
November 17, 2016 Uncategorized


Oracle has release enhancements for two parts of its Marketing Cloud, Content Marketing and its B2B marketing automation platform, Eloqua.  The updates are designed to help marketers create and disseminate content, and to adapt data for customer behavior.  There is now a new Content Portal in Content Marketing, and a Program Canvas and a Responsive Content Editor in Eloqua.  The Portal, which can be embedded into third-party applications or pages, assists in the finding, tracking and sharing of approved content.  Program Canvas lets marketers set up workflows for data transformations (from source data to usable data) and data normalization (setting up tables in relational databases).


Cloud, Customer Engagement and Retention

From the Announcement:

Oracle said that “next-gen integration capabilities reduce the steps needed to manage and maintain data.”


Visit the Oracle Profile on CabinetM

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