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LiveRamp, a provider of omnichannel identity resolution, announced the launch of IdentityLink for marketing technology providers. The solution gives these companies the ability to offer people-based targeting, personalization and measurement within their platforms.  Marketing technology providers can embed the IdentityLink omnichannel identity resolution service into their platforms, powering people-based marketing across the digital marketing ecosystem with high speed data flows.


Insights & Analytics

From the Announcement:

“IdentityLink allows us to resolve data generated from exposure to marketing across digital channels back to an individual, which is key to enabling people-based measurement,” said Brian Pugh, executive vice president at comScore. “We leverage LiveRamp’s omnichannel identifier to augment that exposure data with additional sources, such as TV, behavioral and shopping data. With this omnichannel view of marketing exposure and the contextual data related to the actual individual, we can provide unparalleled insight into marketing ROI.”

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