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ICX Media, Inc., a next generation multi-platform distribution and marketing intelligence technology for independent content creators, announced today that it has launched the industry’s first creator-centric digital video management platform. With this global launch, ICX Media is changing the way creators manage, market, and monetize their digital video content, and the way media companies and brands discover creators and source relevant talent and content.


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From the Announcement:

“ICX Media has taken a data and technology-based approach to solving the digital video content challenges creators, brands and media companies face,” said Michael Avon, CEO and Co-Founder, ICX Media. “While YouTube is an important platform for creators; Vimeo, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Amazon and Snapchat are developing industry-impacting video platforms. The more platforms, the more demands and challenges creators will face; ICX Media will be the tech solution to enable all sides of the ecosystem to focus on their core business, while we help creators distribute and manage their content most efficiently and effectively, cross-platform.”


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