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Explainer Video Tools All Control Freaks Can Use
December 29, 2016 Content Marketing ,

Cute, memorable: We’ve all seen those basic explainer videos that show you how to scramble an egg, use complicated software or explain how science works. It shouldn’t be that hard to make one demonstrating your own product, right? After all, you can write, choose images and no one knows your product better than you. Why not just make the video?

Start with a script, because that’s the most important piece no one can automate for you, and the part that most needs your voice. Then figure out what kind of video you want – because once you have the strategy, we can help you find the tool:


wevideoWevideo is a cloud-based video editor for personal and business use. After you’ve written the script and shot the video, Wevideo gives the user complete creative control of features including transitions, voiceovers and clip transformation. Wevideo offers cloud access to a media library that includes commercially licensed music. Both Google Play and the App Store offer free Wevideo apps. Wevideo allows brand logo and colors to be combined with the finished package, along with custom info cards and dynamic calls to action to support conversions.
BEST FEATURES: No more tracking down files on your laptop. Files can be stored at Wevideo.
PRICING: Starting at free for Wevideo-branded collateral, Unlimted for $69 yearly offers unlimited use and storage.


powtoonPowtoon offers animations to help you explain products to customers. The product comes with ready-made templates that are drag-and-drop, designed to use within minutes. Free versions are limited, but premium plans for advertising and marketing departments allow agencies and product managers alike to create professional-looking animations on an unlimited number of templates. Animations can be created in high-definition for internal or external use.
BEST FEATURES: For newcomers to video, the ready-made scripts and templates make production swift.
PRICING: Free packages allow for 5 minute-or-smaller animations using 11 templates. Business Plans allow agencies to create animations for their customers with unlimited access to templates and royalty-free music. For details on premium plans for advertisements, contact the vendor.


camtasiaCamtasia by TechSmith lets you record a video of what’s on your computer screen. Use it to make lessons, tutorials, or product demos. Turn your screen recordings into compelling videos with Camtasia’s video editing tools, animations, and effects. Add in real-world footage with Fuse, TechSmith’s free mobile app. Or, import existing videos, photos, music, and more to create unique videos that stand out. Among the tools offered are captioning, splitting and deleting scenes, and noise removal and leveling. Users may export video projects in a variety of file formats (MP4, WMV, MOV, and AVI).
BEST FEATURES: Camtasia allows you to record within crosshairs, so you capture what you want on your screen, and not the social media tab to a personal page you may have open.
PRICING: $99 for Mac users.


animotoAnimoto is a professional quality video hosting and creation platform that uses customer photos and video clips. Users may add pictures, text and video clips and pair them with audio provided royalty-free by Animoto. Animoto is compatible with Lightroom and Aperture, and has free mobile versions for Android and iPhone.
BEST FEATURES: Animoto has a larger audio library it offers to users, able to give its smaller users greater access to music than others can offer premium users.
PRICING: The free version is limited to 50 styles, 500 soundtracks and the Animoto logo embedded in the file. Business versions at $34 monthly include high-resolution files, 20+ customizable styles, 3,000 tracks and for agencies, the ability to add a client’s logo.


rawshortsRawShorts is a simple to use online video creation tool for marketers and other business creatives. With a drag-and-drop interface, loads of professional templates and quick sharing features, RawShorts can easily be used to make engaging explainer videos and product demonstrations.
BEST FEATURES: Basic templates can be enhanced for free by uploading media, text, transitions, effects and audio.
PRICING: The basic version is free, with access to eight watermarked templates. Premium versions are up to $12 per export, with 36 libraries available, 1G of storage and third-party transfer rights.


imovieiMovie is a simple-to-use video creation and editing application that lets creatives of all skill levels make high-quality movies at 4K resolution. iMovie offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to insert titles, add effects, and add a soundtrack. iMovie works on iPhone, iPad or Mac and provides creatives with simple no-frills editing tools. iMovie makes it faster and easier to create a movie that can be saved as a QuickTime file or share to sites like Vimeo and YouTube. It can be used for those shooting with Apple products or camcorders.
BEST FEATURES: iMovie makes very simple files easily.
PRICING: iMovie costs $14.99 on the Mac App Store. 

windows-movie-makerWindows Movie Maker is a video creation and editing software application, designed for Windows users. Users can add animations and special effects between images and videos, and separately edit audio the user supplies. Users may export the video create to be burned to a DVD or uploaded directly to video sharing sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.
BEST FEATURE: For PC users, the download is free.
PRICING: Windows Movie Maker can be downloaded for free.

There’s a caveat for control freaks.

While you’re quickly producing these videos, your time may not be best spent doing the work, but managing the work. Either show one of your colleagues these tools or hire the agency that produces great work using these tools.

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Email tools for your marketing stack
December 28, 2016 Email Marketing , ,

Email is king for so many marketers and we’re all looking for an edge when it comes to emailing customers.

What makes this so?

  • Changes in Social Media are unpredictable. Your 1,000 Facebook likes does not mean the same thing as 1,000 email addresses; Some studies say only 6% of Facebook fans will see any post. Instagram and Twitter are great, and can supplement a powerful email campaign.
  • You can track email. So many programs exist to let you know who opens your email and what is done with it – even if it is forwarded. Certainty helps you strategize, and helps you learn what you can change for even greater success.
  • You can target email. One or two social media accounts get followers who choose you. You can choose who you market to by segmenting your email lists and getting messages to those who need it when they can take action.

Open rates for email average around 20%. Can you do better?

When you’re building your marketing stack, take a look at your email layer. Check out some of the tools you can include:

Start first with a strategy to build your future marketing plan. Then check out CabinetM’s list of more than 6,000 automation tools – including email and social media. There’s a combination that fits your marketing plan.

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CabinetM Co-founder Anita Brearton Awarded as CMS Wire 2016 Contributor of the Year
December 27, 2016 CabinetM Commentary , ,

Marketers who are struggling with unwieldy technology stacks, who fear their companies lag the competition in the deployment and management of software, who worry they aren’t making the most of the tools at hand, know this — you are not alone.

This message permeates Anita Brearton’s articles and was a big drive in her founding CabinetM with Sheryl Shultz.

Brearton brings her years of experience as a tech start-up marketer and as CEO of an e-commerce company to remind marketers to take a step back, look at their overall business strategy and above all, breathe.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2016?

We founded CabinetM on the belief that it is really hard for companies to find the technology they need. And though we’ve validated that belief over and over, what we didn’t understand until this year is how much companies are struggling to catalog and manage the technology they have.

That lesson has had a big impact on the development of our platform and evolution of our mission, which is now to help marketing teams manage the technology they have AND find the technology they need.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction at work?

Read the full Q&A with Anita Brearton on

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Your CXO needs a marketing technology stack
December 27, 2016 CabinetM Stacks , , , ,

The marketing department of the future is already here. You have technology taking care of the repetitive tasks so you can focus on the customer. And your focus is not on sales numbers or how many customers you have but customer experience.

It may be time to think about having a management-level person focusing on customer experience.

What is a Chief Experience Officer?

A Chief Experience Officer (CXO) has the job of making the customer experience great. Your external customer is easy to understand – how your customer interacts with your brand should be seamless. The ideal is customer delight with your product and the experience of obtaining that product. The more difficult customer is the internal customer – employees used to being given a set of HR standards but little delight in the job. The CXO can make changes “that reflect company values in a way from which employees can maximize their own personal benefit.” Remember, if they’re good and they have options, employees will work where the systems are efficient and they feel they can make a difference.

Customer experience is not an unfunded mandate. Says the Harvard Business Review in its study on the CXO:

They have power and influence resources. Three-fourths of those we examined sit on the executive management team within the company. Even if their teams are small, their voice on the executive management team means they have influence over how the company prioritizes and spends resources.

The CXO has to work with but not trample HR, the CMO (marketing), the CIO (information) and the CTO (technology) while focusing always on what the customer is experiencing.

How do you do that with a small team? Automation is key.

What is in a CXO MarTech stack?

Every company is going to define the CXO role a little differently, but the role is designed to be very large and spreading into many different areas. The customer experience can be technical (how you purchase services via the web), interpersonal (how you communicate what the company can do), or even working in core values of the company (making the company work with the needs of the customer). So how do you create a marketing technology stack to fit?

A marketing technology stack, sometimes called a MarTech stack, is an organized list of the tools a function or company needs to get the job done. By using marketing automation, tasks that are repetitive can be done by machines, freeing the humans to do the creative work.

The MarTech Stack you can build on CabinetM allows you to categorize all your tech in one place – annotate it so you know who bought it, how much it’s costing your company and when the contract automatically renews and bills your company. Add layers to show the way you use tools (email, hiring, design) and build “future stacks” to demonstrate what you need the department technology to look like in 6 months and at a year. Create a “reject stack” of the tools you need to get rid of, annotated with the date you don’t have to pay for them anymore.

The Customer Experience team at start is nimble and small, so powerful tools can have a great impact. What kind of tools are needed?

Here are some ideas of what to put in a CXO MarTech Stack.

Hiring tools What most CXO types are going to do first is build a design team to immediately respond to the customer-facing issues that exist online. The digital footprint of a brand is seen around the world; Start making an impact immediately by gathering the low-hanging fruit. Tools in this category automate the process of recruiting and hiring talent. Tools in this category may support the marketing department, or be used across the enterprise.

Design Team Layer: This will be a combination of web analytics tools and web development and design tools. Once you can measure what you have, you can figure out the weak spots that need reinforcements, or execute complete strategy changes. We all know what gets measured gets managed. If you can spot a trend, you’re armed to make changes for the better. Use these tools to get the lay of the land end then spend the real manpower on the creative solution.

Social Media Monitoring Customers know where you live: It’s at the @ sign. Social Media Monitoring tools automate the gathering and reporting of mentions from video, social networks, blogs, message boards and forums, user generated reviews, or Tweets in order to unlock customer sentiment. While customers won’t tweet their happiness as much as their displeasure, you can start to spot weaknesses in the system from their points of view.

Company-wide dashboards You don’t need to do the job of the CTO or the CMO, but you need to know what she or he is dealing with. As a common Graphical User Interface (GUI) element, a digital Dashboard sits on top of a variety of analytics and other tools, consolidating the data into one array of labeled action buttons, icons or at-a-glance key metrics. Analytics Dashboards are usually highly customizable either at the systems administration level, the user level or both, and frequently act as vital information hubs, pulling data from numerous sources into one central place. Get what you need quickly so your small team can take action.

Have other ideas for the CXO Marketing Stack? Give us a shout. We’re @CabinetM1

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Tools To Protect Your Brand Image
December 26, 2016 Uncategorized ,

Brand stewards, we know where you plant your flag. You spent time, tears and treasure getting the artwork just perfectly right. Your logo is clean and clear, its colors are perfect, it reflects your brand image and all is right with the world. 

And then you see that logo abused. Or that it is reproduced with Pantone 185 and not Pantone 184. Or it is put on art that is just completely, utterly wrong. The worst part of all of it is that it is usually a well-meaning partner or staffer creating the atrocity with your brand standard. So before you plant that flag in someone’s neck, just understand this is going to happen. And you can use technology to root it out.  Know that your brands’ scope may determine the price of the product, so in most cases, pricing is best discussed directly with the vendor.


outfitOutfit is brand implementation software for enterprise organizations. The platform is designed to streamline and improve the production of digital and print marketing materials, ensuring that no 3rd party can change your brand images, fonts, colors or deploy any outdated or unapproved logos. Digital assets can be edited simultaneously. Edit an event date, update a price point, or change a call to action across all of your campaign materials at once with one single input.
BEST FEATURES: Convert your pre-approved designs into editable, resizable and shareable html templates that constrain your design elements so each user can only change what they’re supposed to.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


brandleBrandle Presence Manager is Software-as-a-Service that combines social media asset management, brand protection, brand presence management and verification, and compliance into one integrated system. It gives brands full control over all of what it calls “points of presence” online. It keeps points of presence organized, and Brandle can even search the web for any posts the brand is unaware of, making it easy to spot abuse of a logo or brand.
BEST FEATURES: Brandle automatically monitors Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. Brandle also searches for websites, domains and blogs that use your brand names in the URL.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


search-monitorThe Search Monitor is a highly customizable, web-based reporting tool that provides precision ad intelligence to online marketers by monitoring brand and trademark use. Through the use of search engines, the tool screens affiliates for compliance in regards to direct-linking rules, rank, and keyword bidding restrictions. The tool checks whether or not trademarks/keywords can be used in ad copy and measures which keywords and phrases have the most marketability. Precise data is acquired through hourly crawls from thousands of global IP addresses, advanced algorithms, and a comScore data partnership. The Search Monitor allows separate pricing for agencies that may be monitoring more than one brand.
BEST FEATURES: Geo-targeting helps you find advertisers displaying their trademarks in their ad copy, but only in certain markets. Use this proof to submit to the engines for removal!
PRICING: See vendor for details.


adamSmart Content Hub is a single platform for digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM) and more. “The Hub” was designed to help organizations streamline the creation, review and approval of rich media and product content, use content more strategically to engage customers across devices and channels, and bring flexibility and control over Digital Asset Management. Adam products go further than management of assets, it helps coordinate user reviews of products and other customer-generated content.
BEST FEATURES: Helps users manage rich content — video, text, images — over several platforms for fast use among partners.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


salsifySalsify’s all-in-one Product Information Management (PIM) platform helps brands create the most complete, informative product information online. The solution provides a central place to create, manage and publish product attributes, marketing copy, data sheets and more. It’s a system that makes it easy to keep track of a growing product catalog and the ever-expanding list of attributes each retailer requires, but it resizes, renames and reformats images for each retailer automatically. No going off and finding aspect ratios for the product is off to fit your channel partner’s logo on the page. It’s all done automatically without messing up your collaterals.
BEST FEATURES: Sets validations and parameters on properties to ensure that all information is properly-formatted for every channel.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


socialwareSocialware’s Social Brand Protection solution automates discovery, inventory, and monitoring of brand ID out in the wild. It continually audits a firm’s social media and web presence and brings all instances to the attention of the firm. Firms can create a living inventory of their “official” social media properties and identity which belong to employees, partners or customers. Firms will receive alerts when any changes have been made to their social media accounts or if new instances are created. Socialware also offers automated workflows and communication for marketing and legal to work together.
BEST FEATURES: Socialware offers a full suite of social media compliance products for regulated industries.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


dittoThe Ditto SaaS Platform is built with industrial strength image recognition that can recognize your brand in almost any picture. Find out in real-time insights about people and their product usage via the rich context of “in the wild” user-generated photos, and find out what your partners around the world are doing with your brand. Stay vigilant but find images to share.
BEST FEATURES: Has API to connect the platform to other applications.
PRICING: See vendor for details


vobileVobile’s VideoTracker performs critical tracking and measurement tasks to stop the unauthorized publication of digital content across all media platforms. Monitors all major video sharing sites worldwide including live, streaming and on-demand sites, so you know who has your logo in video images, and how it is being used.
BEST FEATURES: Monitor yours and partners’ sites with pre-defined and custom reports of online assets across sites, over time.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Happy Holidays, from CabinetM
December 23, 2016 Uncategorized , ,
Photo: Part of the Boston-based team of CabinetM, including founders Anita Brearton and Sheryl Schultz, meeting for a December toast.

As we enter the holiday season, we’d like to pause and say thank you to the marketing community for inspiring us every single day. Thank you to our users for leveraging CabinetM and sharing how we simplify their work lives. And thanks to all those who support us in so many ways.

Happy New Year. Come visit us in 2017, and get ready to be amazed.

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Deal Registration tools that keep everyone happy
December 22, 2016 MarTech Product News , ,

Deal registration isn’t a relic of the Industrial Age where the reseller of tractors had “field service” and actually meant a field.

In our age where the Value Added Reseller is marketing technology with a global reach, keeping your partners happy can also mean protecting your brand.

What is deal registration?

The basics are about competition. If you are a vendor of a product, your distribution partner, channel partner or reseller is one of many putting your product out into the world. Your partner registers a potential client or buyer, and that relationship is protected while the deal is being made. The vendor’s reputation and branding is protected and the partner is secure that another reseller won’t swoop in and undercut the price, the contract or the deal. Everyone is kept happy.

While this practice is as old as distribution, it may be one of the most obvious parts of the deal to automate: Give all partners the same playing field, contracts and resources so everyone is playing fairly. The below packages allow you to automate deal registration with added benefits of distributing marketing collateral, automating contracts and even helping to recruit new partners.


channelcandyChannelCandy is a channel-focused, mobile-first software suite designed to improve indirect sales communication and streamline enablement. The platform comes with everything partners need to speak on behalf of the brand, engage customers more confidently and take the right action at the right time in order to boost sales. Includes configurators, quoting, locator, and deal registration tools.
BEST FEATURES: Uses gamification to reinforce the right behaviors within the channel program.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


channeltivityChanneltivity is a powerful Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and deal registration solution. Channeltivity enables emerging and mid-market companies to manage their channel partner relationships from one central platform. The package includes a Partner Discussion Forum, Resource Library and Lead Distribution platform.
BEST FEATURES: The easy set up and user interface is ideal for small companies.
PRICING: The Launch plan is $499 per month plus a $1500 set-up fee.


impartnerImpartner PRM is an enterprise-class web portal for partner management, onboarding, deal registration, and analytics. The portal is customizable with your company logo, multiple design layouts, and your content. Impartner PRM is secure, fully optimized for mobile, and can be up running in as little as 30 days.
BEST FEATURES: Partner registration form, auto contract acceptance, and partner recruitment workflows that integrate with Salesforce.
PRICING: Packages start at $2000 monthly.


gorillatoolzEcoSoft by GorillaToolz is a cloud-based reseller management platform that offers control of sales and marketing content while making it easy for the reseller to locate and download relevant content. Designed to perform two types of automated reminder messaging: Event-triggered and time-triggered.
BEST FEATURES: EcoSoft is configured to meet different needs and terminology with hundreds of configuration options.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


partnerpathPartnerPath is a comprehensive, all-in-one Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform developed to integrate to any CRM or ERP. PartnerPath is user-friendly, feature-rich, modular, scalable and flexible. Available in SaaS or Managed Service, companies of all sizes select the optimal PRM modules. Automate and manage deal registration, distribution and renewals. Mix and match modules to meet your immediate needs and set the foundation for growth.
BEST FEATURES: Dashboards and scorecards for visual representation of data.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


partnerportalPartnerPortal is a full-featured, highly customizable channel partner management platform designed to efficiently manage partner sign-up, marketing funds, deal registration, and rebates. Partners can access current and up-to-date information any time, boosting efficiency and shortening the sales cycle, reducing administrative cost and complexity.
BEST FEATURES: Gives vendors the ability to create and manage their portal using drag-and-drop technology without requiring IT resources.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Use zombies to keep your marketing team on track
December 21, 2016 Content Marketing, New Features

Marketer, you’re not alone.

We know you’re drawing up marketing plans you need your team to use. You’re pretty sure they haven’t read it yet.

You have written documentation to get people using the link between email and a CRM so all the data gets coded correctly. And you’re sure no one is reading that based on the questions you’re getting.

Worst of all? The script for your boss is left on her desk and in her email and you know that’s not being read.

How do you get them to read?


Personal story: I had to create a messaging bible for the Red Cross. I needed folks to use it if disaster struck. In the back of the book and in the table of contents I had clearly labeled “Crisis…Zombie Attack.” How did I know the book was at least acknowledged as to the contents? Those who looked asked if I had hit my head for writing about zombies.

This is the Brown M&M theory. When the band Van Halen was at its height, it had huge productions being staged in far-flung venues that were not used to having to have that many plugs for that many
amps, or supports to hold a lead singer who would fly over the crowd.

In the middle of the technical contract was a rule there could be no brown M&Ms. If the band walked in and saw one brown M&M, they knew someone didn’t read the contract, and to keep everyone safe, they needed to review all the scaffolding and other works that had been set up by contractors at the venue.

If you have a lot of technical stuff you need people to actually read, throw in something notable that they would remark upon.

You too can include zombies in your instructions on how to use marketing technology tools, or your drafts of event calendars, or your lists of responsibilities the team needs to take on. Embed it in your work and you’ll know for sure, for everyone else’s sake, who has to be walked through the work to make sure everything gets done. After a while your team will play “spot the zombie” to prove they’re not the weakest link.

Not sure about it? Spot the zombie in this marketing glossary.

It worked, didn’t it?

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How, in 2016, do you talk on social media over the holidays?
December 20, 2016 Social Media Marketing, Uncategorized , , , ,

There’s been a lot of news in 2016. But how much of it could you really talk about?

If you’re a brand on social media, of course you have the right to say whatever it is you want, but it may not be wisest move. And even when you’re being judicious, you can look like a jerk if you tweet before thinking.

And just like you’d avoid some topics while you’re showing off the grandkids spinning dreidels or wondering how exactly your ear of corn got left out of the Kwanzaa celebration, there’s still topics you’re not going to discuss — and in 2016, you have your pick of what you can’t talk about while putting presents under a tree in 2016.

But 2016 wasn’t all traps for the social media wise men and women.

prince-tributeBest of the Best this year in navigating what could be a fraught subject was the General Motors ads and posts honoring the late performer Prince, who had sung of Little Red Corvettes in one of his first mega-hits. Designed by Detroit-based agency Commonwealth//McCann, the posts were seen as a tribute, not an ad for Corvettes.

But oh, it can get bad. Like when you cannot tell the accomplished African-American actor-talk show hosts apart.


Or if you’re seeking to warn ugly people, or perhaps less-than-gorgeous people that they could become victim of a scam should they be traveling overseas.


When making a mistake — and we all make mistakes — it’s best to take a screen grab of the offending post for posterity, or to explain it to the boss, and delete and apologize. Do not delete and not apologize, that’s just not being a good netizen.

DMN has some great tips on how to Brands Should Express Themselves On Social Media:

  • Focus on issues. When you’re focused on a person and his/her failings, you’re mean. Take it up higher and focus on the larger issue. If you’re against hunting tigers, create a campaign to fund tigers, not going after the tiger hunter. Make the issue something your customers can get behind.
  • When attacked, speak. When your brand is attacked in the media, or by a national radio call-in show, or a politician, calmly state what your position is. Don’t get into a fight — mudwrestle with a pig and you’ll not only get dirty, you’ll find the pig likes it.
  • Make sure you’re correct and not just right when you speak. Did you use the right hashtag? Is this a political fight to get your brand into? Did you identify the subject correctly? These are all things you do before you post.

I’m going to add a holiday notation to this list.

  • Do not overwhelm your customers with product info that could wait until after January 1. We know you’re working — those with greater demands are not.
  • It’s completely safe to wish your customers a happy new year. We wish one for you too.

Need tools to help manage your social media? There’s more than 6,000 MarTech tools on CabinetM. Fear not — we’ve broken them down so you can find the ones you need to make 2017 productive.


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Lead Scoring Tools for days you’re wildly successful
December 19, 2016 Uncategorized ,

With a great product and great collateral to match, launching a successful marketing campaign should be a snap. But what if you’re too successful? What if you get so many people name-checking you on social media, checking out your website and downloading your pricing page that you cannot keep up?

What do you do with all those leads? Could you actually be a victim of success?

This is where lead scoring tools come in. You’ve ginned up interest. Future customers have visited your site. A great number have even registered with their name and email, and you may know their IP address. Lead-scoring tools rate visits to the “price list” pages of a website, engagement with reviews, product information downloads and free trial activation and matches that behavior with customer data to develop a sales lead. With lead-scoring tools, you can sort out the about-to-buy from the curious, and know who could become a hot lead with just a little push.
latticeLattice Account Prioritization App uses predictive account scores and intent-based buying signals to prioritize inbound leads and outbound sales outreach, identifying known prospects most likely to close. The app is designed for segmentation and precise targeting based on thousands of account-level attributes.
BEST FEATURES: Lattice leverages intent data to score “dormant” accounts, purchased account lists and other prospects about whom less is known.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


jornayaJornaya Intelligence is a lead acquisition intelligence platform that tracks the origin and history for every online lead generation event, from initial impression to final conversion. Jornaya witnesses and certifies more than 120 million consumer events every month. The program will optimize bids, define requirements, and even filter out clicks, calls, and leads that don’t match what your business really needs.
BEST FEATURES: Built upon a unique, behavioral dataset that spans across more than 25,000 web domains, when scoring leads Jornaya issues a 36-character unique identifier called the Universal LeadiD each time a consumer interacts with a website.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

tellapartThe TellApart Predictive Engine is a customer experience and lead-scoring tool that enables marketing messages to be sent through any channel to any device. The score is derived from a compilation of likelihood to purchase, predicted order size, and lifetime value. The unique customer experiences that the platform offers help drive revenue and customer satisfaction.
BEST FEATURE: Creates a Customer Value Score for each shopper and product combination—a compilation of likelihood to purchase, predicted order size, and lifetime value—which serves as the basis for all marketing decisions, from real-time bidding on ad exchanges to which personalized emails to send.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


leadlifeLeadLife Solutions provides on-demand lead management software that enables B2B marketers to automatically track, score, prioritize and nurture leads. The software is coupled with experts who provide customized supports. Lead segmentation can be performed using demographics and/or behaviors as well as creating target audiences.
BEST FEATURES: LeadLife’s visual reports and analytics allow clients to optimize marketing tactics and budget, and predict revenue from campaigns.
PRICING: LeadLife is offered on a monthly or annual subscription, in a range of price plans. Basic starts at $375 per month. Standard starts at $95 per month. Professional starts at $1500 per month. Premium starts at $2500 per month. There is also a custom a la carte option.



LeadScoring by Vbout automates lead metrics across all marketing channels into one centralized profile, allowing the user to nurture leads and later convert them into sales. Users can assign leads to particular users and graphically visualize leads and their statuses. Vbout will use customized grading to automatically score leads for a sales team. Scores can be given for email clicks, social media activity, user metrics and web hooks triggered, among others.
BEST FEATURES: Its detailed tracking will analyze all interactions against values defined by the user.
PRICING: The basic package for 1,000 emails monthly and unlimited contacts is 1,000 emails per month is free. Packages progress to Enterprise, which allows unlimited contacts, 200,000 emails a month and unlimited lead scoring for $499.95 monthly.


6sense6sense is a lead scoring software that prioritizes known prospects, assigning the highest scores to the ones who are ready to buy. The program uses time-based activity data to pinpoint where prospects are in their buying cycle. 6sense states the platform predicts sales with more than 80% accuracy.
BEST FEATURES: Use closed-loop reports to better align sales with the marketing team.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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MarTech Events 2017
December 16, 2016 Industry ,


Connect Search Engine Watch

This is the second annual event and is brought by organizers of Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference series. It has been designed to focus on discussions on the latest technology, strategy and thinking across searches. It will also include plenary sessions to give insight on the role of search in acquiring customers.

When: February 9-10, 2017

Where: Miami, FL

Activities: Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, innovations Contact: Phone +1 800-955-2719, email:



Twitter: @SEWatch


This is a two-day event that brings together the world’s leading innovators in online marketing. The participants get to learn the latest search, analytics, content creation techniques and how to optimize their websites.

When: Will take place twice. The first one 23-24 February, 2017 in San Diego and 5-6 June, 2017 in Boston.

Where: San Diego, FL and Boston, MA

Activities: Content creation, search analytics, marketing innovations Sponsorship Name: Distilled Sponsorship,

Contact:, NYC +1 917 477 7349


Marketing Sherpa Summit

Participants will have the opportunity to discover strategies for achieving digital marketing success. These strategies will be taught by experts in the field and is attended by leading organizations globally.

When: February 13-16, 2017

Where: Aria Las Vegas

Activities: Digital Marketing

Contact: Call ARIA at 866.359.7757 and tell them you are attending MarketingSherpa Summit.


Hashtag: #Sherpa17

Digital Summit Pheonix

This is a premier digital strategies forum that targets to transform the future of digital commerce environment, marketing, UX & Design, Search, Content, Mobile and many others. It gives participants the opportunity to learn from the world’s digital industry experts and network with peers in the field.

Where: Phoenix, AZ

When: February, 2017

Activities: Marketing, Content, Mobile, UX & Design, Search and others Sponsorship Information: Mathew Sessions, email:


Engage (Formerly Searchfest)

Engage is an event where participants explore the available opportunities and challenges that result from accelerated business growth. They will learn how to build better relationships and enhance performance by engaging with customers and employees in an effective manner. It brings together practitioners, industry experts and innovative leaders in business.

When: Thursday, March 9, 2017

Where: Sentinel Hotel in Portland, Oregon

Activities: Digital Marketing, Social Marketing


Contact: email:

SXSW Brands & Marketing Conference

The SXSW conference will allow attendees to explore a variety of fields, such as technology and film, but sets aside interactive sessions for a week in March dedicated to the constantly evolving world and work of marketing agencies. These sessions overlap with the SXSW Interactive Festival (March 10-14, 2017), a series entertaining evening networking events.

When: March 11-16, 2017

Where: Austin, TX

Digimarcon Cruise 2017

This will be the third annual Digimarcon Cruise Digital Marketing Conference. It will showcase the most audacious speakers in the industry of digital marketing, it will provide attendees with emerging strategies in marketing, and the latest innovative technologies will also be showcased.

Where: Orlando, FL

When: April 16-13, 2017

Activities: Digital Marketing


Hashtag: #DigimarconCruise

The Marketing Nation Summit

This event offers the opportunity to interact with peers and see innovations in marketing and how people are solving the inherent challenges in the area.

When: April 23-26, 2017

Where: Moscone West

Activities: Content marketing, networking

Website: Hashtag:



Amplify is a unique event that addresses the challenges to do with employee and partner relationships. It brings together social media marketing professionals and Gaggle managers from a variety of enterprise organizations that engage stakeholders such as employees as well as other social media constituents.

When: May 11-12, 2017

Where: Bentley University

Activities: Social media, Digital marketing

Contact: (888) 677-4528 email:


MarTech USA

This conference describes itself as a forum that transcends the traditional boundaries

between marketing and IT. MarTech fosters a creative environment for both top tech and marketing professionals.

When: May 9-11, 2017

Where: San Francisco, CA

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

The analysts who will present at the event are experts in digital marketing and how it affects businesses. Participants will learn unbiased and unmatched perspectives on digital trends.

When: May 10-12, 2017

Where: San Diego, CA

Activities: Digital marketing, customer experience design, data-driven marketing, content marketing, customer journey analytics, multichannel marketing, social marketing, mobile marketing, digital commerce, emerging tech, B2B and B2C best practices



The eMetrics Summit assembles marketing analytics practitioners, experts and visionaries to discuss how to capture and apply data insights. It enables participants to learn the latest strategy, tactics and tools available for getting the best results from digital marketing campaigns.

When: May 14-18, 2017

Where: San Francisco

Activities: Digital Marketing, Analytics.

Contact: Rising Media, Inc. 211 E. Victoria Street, Suite E Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA


OPS Conference

Presented by digital media and advertising tech strategists AdMonsters, OPS is a one-day exploration of all the facets ofdigital media marketing and monetization for building online media businesses. The conference expects attendees from companies such as, The Economist, and ABC.

When: June 7, 2017

Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

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Predictive Marketing: The Next Must-Have Technology for CMOs
December 16, 2016 Industry Buzz

The more data-driven marketing becomes, the easier it is for CMOs to attribute closed deals directly to their marketing programs.

But with so much information available they encounter a new challenge: knowing which tactics and strategies to prioritize when each bad decision can cost thousands in missed opportunities.

Predictive analytics is surging in popularity among marketing leaders. It combines several components of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict which prospects are most likely to become customers.

This technology eliminates a great deal of manual and redundant work from marketing and sales analytics, letting reps spend more time on high-value outreach and lowering chances that a calculation error will cost the company important deals.

You can use predictive analytics to identify your most promising prospects, build hyper-targeted segments, and personalize outreach at scale—often resulting in significantly increased conversion rates on inbound and outbound campaigns.

But not all predictive technology is equal. As more companies adopt it for marketing, the competitive edge shifts from whether you’re using it to how. 

Read full article on

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Marketing Technology Budgets Still on the Rise
December 16, 2016 Uncategorized

Marketing technology perennially tops the wish list of marketers, whether to drive leads or get more value out of data. Next year is no different. According to research, seven in 10 marketers expect to increase their marketing technology budgets in 2017.

Expected Change in 2017 Marketing Technology Budget/Investment According to US Marketers (% of respondents)

To drill down on those investments, marketing and public relations firm Walker Sands Communications and Chief Marketing Technologist, a blog focused on marketing technology, polled 335 US marketers. The survey was limited to professionals currently working in the marketing department of a company or organization.

Half of US marketers said they expect to slightly increase their marketing technology investment, meanwhile one in five said they expect to increase it greatly. Some respondents, a little over a quarter, said their budgets will remain the same, while just 2% said it will decrease slightly.

– See more at:

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SessionM Acquires LoyalTree to Deliver Closed-Loop Offer Management at Point-of-Sale
December 16, 2016 Uncategorized ,


SessionM, a marketing automation and loyalty platform, announced it has acquired LoyalTree, a provider of integrated point-of-sale (POS) marketing software for retail brands. The acquisition will make integration with point-of-sale systems easier and faster to deploy as well as cheaper to maintain.


Marketing Automation

From the Announcement:

“We work with some of the biggest retailers and QSRs in the world. All of them want fast data that enables them to take fast action,” said SessionM co-founder and CEO Lars Albright. “With our platform, a marketer can decide who they want to target, communicate the offer across any channel and recognize the resulting purchase at point-of-sale in real time. Ultimately, marketers want to offer customers things they’re interested in buying. To do that, marketers need a firm grasp of what each individual customer has already bought. This integration makes our customer profiles smarter and more dynamic. That makes our messaging more relevant and timely. The ultimate benefit is greater loyalty and retention metrics for our clients. This acquisition pulls it all together seamlessly.”

Link to article:

SessionM Company Profile on CabinetM

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A CMO’s View: For PepsiCo, martech is central to shaping the consumer experience
December 15, 2016 Brand Management , ,

PepsiCo CMO Seth Kaufman shares how his teams are using martech across the brand’s entire product line.

After spending more than 15 years in a number of marketing leadership roles with PepsiCo, Seth Kaufman was named CMO for the brand in October of 2015.

Charged with leading the business, brand and consumer agenda for PepsiCo’s entire line of carbonated soft drinks, waters, teas, energy and ready-to-drink coffee beverages in the US, Kaufman says he has structured his teams to keep up with the pace of change.

“Our core brand groups are focused across three dimensions — innovation and strategy, which charts the long-term brand vision; communications, which crafts the platforms and strategies that move consumer passion and behavior; and commercial, which connects with and engages consumers at the moment-of-choice, in-store.”

According to Kaufman, his aim is to build diverse teams with talent from different backgrounds and expertise to foster the “most imaginative thinking” and generate the strongest results.

In an interview conducted over email, Kaufman shared how his brand is using marketing technology to shape the consumer experience across PepsiCo’s product lines, and why martech is at the center of his brand’s campaign strategy.

Read full article on

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Mobee Releases Enhanced Functionality into its Data Collection Platform
December 15, 2016 Uncategorized , ,


Mobee, a platform providing insights from crowdsourcing consumer data, released enhanced functionality in its data collection platform for brands and retailers.  Mobee’s latest enhancements have four customizable components that include insights, place, crowd, and data. According to the press release, retailers and brands will be able to select whether the consumer or employee can provide insights in the platform. They can also decide the type of information collected which can be based on observations, sentiments, or tasks. Mobee’s platform will also provide the choice of location from where insights could be captured: on the go, in-store, or at home.


Metrics and Insights

From the Announcement:

In an official release, the CEO at Mobee, Hal Charnley, said, “The market is demanding platforms over point solutions, and the competition has missed the mark. While we still collect observable data with our crowd of consumers in-store, our enhanced platform now allows for collection of multiple types of data, by a public or private workforce, across thousands of locations or on the go. Legacy vendors simply can’t provide that level of flexibility.”

Link to article:

Mobee Company Profile on CabinetM

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Livby Launches Mobile Live Streaming Shopping App
December 15, 2016 Mobile Marketing, New Features, Retail Marketing , ,


Livby is a new interactive mobile live streaming platform where brands can launch new products and offer exclusive sales to shoppers in a fun and engaging way.  Created as a direct line of communication for brands to tell their story, Livby enables users to discover, shop and connect directly with top brands in real time.


Mobile Marketing, Retail

From the Announcement:

“Livby enables brands and consumers to interact in a way like never before,” says CEO and founder Shai Sudry. “For the shopper, it’s an easy-to-use interface that enables them to engage with either new or favorite brands and to purchase on demand. For brands, we offer a new, easy and engaging format for them to interact with their customers. It’s a win-win for both parties.”

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SAP Buys Attribution Software Company Abakus
December 15, 2016 Analytics , ,


SAP announced the acquisition of Abakus, an attribution system that applies game theory to forecast scenarios that influence media buying and optimization. Abakus also uses split-funnel attribution, running its engine in both the upper part of the sales funnel and against lower-funnel activities. This methodology is meant to give advertisers a clearer view of which marketing activities drove customers toward a conversion.  Abakus will fold into SAP’s Hybris Marketing Cloud Suite.


Marketing Attribution, Metrics and Insights

From the Announcement:

“We made a very smart acquisition with Abakus software, which adds another piece to the jigsaw,” he said. The Abakus piece lets marketers account for their content as it’s consumed across devices and channels.


Abakus Company Profile on CabinetM

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AppsFlyer Launches a New Ad Revenue Attribution Solution for Mobile Apps
December 15, 2016 Advertising, Analytics


AppsFlyer, a solution-provider of mobile attribution and marketing analytics, announced its new Ad Revenue Attribution solution. This solution enables mobile publishers to take all sources of revenue into consideration when assessing the overall lifetime value of their users. By matching in-app ad revenues with marketing activities, Ad Revenue Attribution provides marketers with timely access to revenue data. These insights inform decisions about campaign optimization, retargeting, and user segmentation, without having to set-up or train the team on a separate, overly complex real-time business intelligence system.


Digital Advertising, Marketing Analytics

From the Announcement:

“Previously, only the most advanced marketers were able to include ad revenue in their LTV calculations as this required setting up a number of custom integrations in a third-party business intelligence platform, which is both challenging and time consuming. As a result, many marketers were left to optimize their campaigns based on an incomplete LTV calculation,” said Matan Tessler, Head of Product at AppsFlyer. “Ad Revenue Attribution will eliminate this problem moving forward so marketers will be well informed and able to make campaign decisions that will maximize their ROI.”


AppsFlyer Company Profile on CabinetM

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Salesforce LiveMessage Brings Messaging to Service Cloud
December 15, 2016 Customer Relationship Management, Customer Support , ,


Salesforce announces the launch of LiveMessage, a modern, up-to-date conversational service that works by customizing service communication and helping companies to interact with their customers using MMS/SMS or applications such as Facebook Messenger. With this service, companies can minimize message traffic and make use of Service Clouds Bots to organize the information gathered.


Customer Relationship Management

From the Announcement:

Mike Rosenbaum, the Executive Vice President of CRM Apps at Salesforce, said in a release, “Customer service will fundamentally change with the explosion of mobile messaging apps. The best customer service today is conversational and on the customer’s terms. LiveMessage seamlessly blends CRM and mobile messaging in an intuitive way that’s easy for companies to deploy.”


Salesforce Company Profile on CabinetM

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