Return on Investment (ROI) is a huge problem for marketers, always has been. Now Marketing Technology is making that worse.

After its WTF is Content Marketing event in London, Digiday rounded up some opinions on All the different bits of tech and the need to prove ROI.

Case and point? Rachel Hawkes, group head of social, TUI Group:

One of the biggest challenges is the connecting up all the different bits of tech we use. You need to make sure it’s all really integrated. … I want to say by end of 2017 “Here are the hard line figures social media is adding to value chain. It drive sales, increases consideration and promotes loyalty.”

Ms. Hawkes, we have a tool for you.

CabinetM is where marketing stacks up. That is, you can collect all your marketing tools, note what they cost, when their contracts renew, who buys it and what it integrates with. It looks a little like this — we chose WordPress, but you can annotate any of the 6000+ tools we have on site:


You can make stacks of technology you’ve retired because it doesn’t have the ROI you need, and you can make stacks of the technology you want to evolve toward — whatever fits your company strategy, you can build.

Have questions? Erica Ross at is ready to help you start on stacks today.

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