Modern marketers have seen a few platforms at this point. If you’re using Twitter to get the word out and win advocates you’ve at least heard of MySpace and how it could promote bands as brands.

We’ll guess you’re not including MySpace as a current Marketing Technology tool. But what about email programs with built-in CRMs? Are you currently paying for subscriptions to those programs now that you have a CRM helping you segment customers by buying action?

No? Are you sure?

Here’s the retired technology problems our users share with us: Marketers purchase new programs but cannot make sure they’ve canceled all the old subscriptions. Marketers purchase new programs and find they’re halfway through the previous old contract. Or marketers find programs automatically renew, not knowing what everyone in the enterprise purchased.

Solution? CabinetM.

Marketers using CabinetM to build MarTech Stacks can use the platform for two functions:

  • Build a stack Note all the tech you have noting what contracts expire, when. If you’ve got more than eight programs (email, CRM, home-grown tech, platform, social media) the spreadsheet won’t get it done. Use a modern platform for your up-to-date tech.
  • Build a stack of Retired Technology. Note what has been retired, by whom, and why — so no one buys it again. Worked well but doesn’t integrate with the current programs? Doesn’t have capacity for what you need? Didn’t work? Bad customer service? Note the issue so if the vendor resolves it, you can always go back. If they don’t, let others on your team know what the problem was so they don’t make the same mistake.

You’re moving quickly, marketer, we know. You’re going to need a cutting-edge tool to get your arms around all this technology. Let us help.

Need help? Erica Ross on our team ( is ready to offer support.

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