Criteo, a performance marketing technology company, introduces Kinetic Design, an ad creation technology that delivers visually stunning, on-brand ads that are contextually optimized for every consumer and rendered in real-time without the need to define ad sizes or layouts upfront. Each client’s brand identity and ad requirements are translated into a comprehensive, machine-based framework that specifies the visual presentation, allowing marketers to drive greater customer engagement, improve reach, and achieve unmatched ad performance while maintaining brand aesthetics across campaigns.


Advertising, Ad Creation

From the Announcement:

“Kinetic Design allows marketers to achieve a strong brand identity, while still seeing the unmatched performance on which we have built our reputation,” said Patrick Wyatt, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Criteo. “The combination of exceptional content and granular personalization with new branding and design capabilities will allow marketers to execute impeccable campaigns.”


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