Proof launches a software platform to accurately compute both marketing attribution and the true business impact of marketing and communications, including both time lag and the cause and effect of various activities over extended periods of time.  Proof works with a customer’s existing data – including financial, marketing automation, account-based marketing, CRM, advertising, web, social, communities, and influencer measurement – to gauge the impact of each part of the marketing mix on a range of tactical, operational, audience and business outcomes.


Business Analytics

From the Announcement:

“Proof makes it easy to crunch your marketing and sales data along with other inputs across the business to reveal what’s ‘moving the needles’ that everyone cares about, and how long it takes to move them,” said Proof founder and CEO Mark Stouse. “Proof helps business and marketing leaders evaluate the business impact of their marketing investment in a meaningful, data-driven way that requires no data science expertise.”


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