Trapit, a platform that aids brands for social selling and employee advocacy, announced new tools that significantly enhance the capabilities of their social selling platform. The new features range from social engagement to analytics and reporting and will further enhance salespeople’s efforts to forge meaningful relationships with the many stakeholders responsible for today’s purchasing decisions.


Customer Engagement and Retention

From the Announcement:

“The completeness of Trapit’s platform sets it apart from the standalone tools that salespeople have relied upon in recent years,” said Hank Nothhaft Jr., CEO and founder of Trapit. “As sales teams move from analogue to digital tactics, they need a solution that is not only comprehensive, but also highly efficient and easy to use. We’ve stayed laser focused on empowering salespeople to uncover opportunities and engage buyers across a variety of digital channels, and we’ve coded best practices into the software itself. As a result, sales teams that leverage Trapit consistently outperform their competitors.” making a more robust platform offering end-to-end social selling capabilities.


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