AppsFlyer, a solution-provider of mobile attribution and marketing analytics, announced its new Ad Revenue Attribution solution. This solution enables mobile publishers to take all sources of revenue into consideration when assessing the overall lifetime value of their users. By matching in-app ad revenues with marketing activities, Ad Revenue Attribution provides marketers with timely access to revenue data. These insights inform decisions about campaign optimization, retargeting, and user segmentation, without having to set-up or train the team on a separate, overly complex real-time business intelligence system.


Digital Advertising, Marketing Analytics

From the Announcement:

“Previously, only the most advanced marketers were able to include ad revenue in their LTV calculations as this required setting up a number of custom integrations in a third-party business intelligence platform, which is both challenging and time consuming. As a result, many marketers were left to optimize their campaigns based on an incomplete LTV calculation,” said Matan Tessler, Head of Product at AppsFlyer. “Ad Revenue Attribution will eliminate this problem moving forward so marketers will be well informed and able to make campaign decisions that will maximize their ROI.”


AppsFlyer Company Profile on CabinetM

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