When you have massive email lists you’re using to send valuable collateral out, it can get very frustrating when you receive a pile of bounce backs.  These bounce back emails could affect your sender reputation and potentially cause future emails to be blocked.

How can you send out emails with confidence? Keep yourself in good standing with an email verification tool. This will ensure you’re not spending time and resources on messages going to false addresses.


webbulaWebbula’s CloudHygiene email intelligence is an intuitive, comprehensive email cleansing and verification tool built to detect and prevent email bounces, complaints, and greylistings that can damage the sender’s reputation.
BEST FEATURES: Validates social media connected email accounts connected to mobile devices
PRICING: See vendor for details.


briteverifyBriteVerify is an email validation and verification solution that identifies invalid emails from customer databases, email marketing campaigns, or newsletters. It checks that the email address follows the correct syntax and has the physical properties of an email address; Verifies the validity of the email domain (MX record) for the email address; and Connects directly to the email server to authenticate if the email address exists on the server.

BEST FEATURES: Instead of a simple ping, BriteVerify uses custom integrations developed alongside the ISP to communicate with the server to verify email.
PRICING: The first 250,000 verifications per month one penny each, with discounts from there. There are no contracts, no minimums and no setup fees.


experianExperian launched its own Marketing Suite in 2014 in response to the vast, and rising number of digital channels and the frequency with which customers engage across them. When and how to optimally reach customers is a complex challenge plaguing brands worldwide. By matching Experian’s data (the world’s largest consumer database) with your company CRM data, it’s possible to gain unparalleled customer insights. Experian Marketing Suite is a flexible and comprehensive marketing solution that provides all the capabilities for marketers to create and deliver exceptional and authentic customer experiences in any channel and via any device.
BEST FEATURES: Clean and correct varieties of data to maintain data accuracy over time, whether you are looking for a one-off data cleanse or to implement a regular database cleaning strategy.
PRICING: See vendor for pricing.


accudataAccuData Email Append and Verification Services is a suite of email marketing tools. Optimizes email marketing file for multi-channel campaigns with the addition of contact names and postal addresses matched to existing email addresses.
BEST FEATURES: AccuData identifies email addresses and confirms customer desire to receive email communications with an opt-in permission email.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


kickboxKickbox is a user-friendly email verification and validation platform designed to ensure you only send email to actual users. Just drop a contacts lists directly into the Kickbox interface and let it sort out the good from the bad, or verify email addresses within your application using the Kickbox API. API libraries for Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby.
BEST FEATURES: Kickbox features prevent mistyped, false and bulk account signups.
PRICING: First 100 free, then tiered pricing (ie, 5000 verifies for $40)


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