SessionM, a marketing automation and loyalty platform, announced it has acquired LoyalTree, a provider of integrated point-of-sale (POS) marketing software for retail brands. The acquisition will make integration with point-of-sale systems easier and faster to deploy as well as cheaper to maintain.


Marketing Automation

From the Announcement:

“We work with some of the biggest retailers and QSRs in the world. All of them want fast data that enables them to take fast action,” said SessionM co-founder and CEO Lars Albright. “With our platform, a marketer can decide who they want to target, communicate the offer across any channel and recognize the resulting purchase at point-of-sale in real time. Ultimately, marketers want to offer customers things they’re interested in buying. To do that, marketers need a firm grasp of what each individual customer has already bought. This integration makes our customer profiles smarter and more dynamic. That makes our messaging more relevant and timely. The ultimate benefit is greater loyalty and retention metrics for our clients. This acquisition pulls it all together seamlessly.”

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SessionM Company Profile on CabinetM

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