Marketers who are struggling with unwieldy technology stacks, who fear their companies lag the competition in the deployment and management of software, who worry they aren’t making the most of the tools at hand, know this — you are not alone.

This message permeates Anita Brearton’s articles and was a big drive in her founding CabinetM with Sheryl Shultz.

Brearton brings her years of experience as a tech start-up marketer and as CEO of an e-commerce company to remind marketers to take a step back, look at their overall business strategy and above all, breathe.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2016?

We founded CabinetM on the belief that it is really hard for companies to find the technology they need. And though we’ve validated that belief over and over, what we didn’t understand until this year is how much companies are struggling to catalog and manage the technology they have.

That lesson has had a big impact on the development of our platform and evolution of our mission, which is now to help marketing teams manage the technology they have AND find the technology they need.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction at work?

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