Email is king for so many marketers and we’re all looking for an edge when it comes to emailing customers.

What makes this so?

  • Changes in Social Media are unpredictable. Your 1,000 Facebook likes does not mean the same thing as 1,000 email addresses; Some studies say only 6% of Facebook fans will see any post. Instagram and Twitter are great, and can supplement a powerful email campaign.
  • You can track email. So many programs exist to let you know who opens your email and what is done with it – even if it is forwarded. Certainty helps you strategize, and helps you learn what you can change for even greater success.
  • You can target email. One or two social media accounts get followers who choose you. You can choose who you market to by segmenting your email lists and getting messages to those who need it when they can take action.

Open rates for email average around 20%. Can you do better?

When you’re building your marketing stack, take a look at your email layer. Check out some of the tools you can include:

Start first with a strategy to build your future marketing plan. Then check out CabinetM’s list of more than 6,000 automation tools – including email and social media. There’s a combination that fits your marketing plan.

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