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Digital Advertiser Centerfield acquires Qology Direct
January 31, 2017 Acquisitions

Digital advertising company Centerfield announced it is acquiring Qology Direct, a leader in performance based marketing for global brands to acquire and retain customers. By combining with Qology Direct, Centerfield now offers a fully integrated sales and marketing solution to engage the consumer from initial touch point all the way through completed sale, delivering new customers at scale to some of the biggest brands worldwide.


Integrated Sales and Marketing

From the Announcement:

“Aligning offerings with Qology Direct to create the largest front end through back end marketing platform is transformational for the market and our customers,” said Centerfield Co-President and Co-Founder, Jason Cohen.


Visit the Centerfield profile on CabinetM

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Building a Social Media Stack Fit for a Rocket Scientist
January 31, 2017 Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Implementing a successful social media program isn’t rocket science.  

Or, is it?  

NASA is riding high with social media success and is a great example of how to do social media right. With a Twitter following that tops Donald Trump, NASA has put the focus on understanding the customer and providing top quality content.

At CabinetM, we advise you start with a strategy. Then use a Marketing Technology Stack – a tool that marketers use to pull together the marketing technology needed to get the job done. A well-built social media stack includes tools from across several categories and subcategories.  

To begin, identify the target market and paint a picture of the ideal customer that you want to reach. It’s also a great time to evaluate the various social media properties to see where the brand will fit best and where to focus your efforts.

What categories do you want to pull from?

  • Business Intelligence gives an overall picture of the market across many data points.
  • Audience Segmentation dives deeper into the customer data providing demographics and location information.
  • Customer Profiles pull together key attributes of cohorts so you can tailor the content to different groups and reach a larger audience.
  • Social Media Monitoring gathers information about what topics are trending, keywords being used and how the brand is currently seen.
  • Social Media Analytics provide quantifiable numbers, insight and analysis of social media properties.

With a clear picture of the customer, it’s time to think about content. NASA taps into its deep well of content mixing fantastic photography with historical facts and scientific information. Of course, not everyone can share photos from the Hubble Space Telescope. Gather what you have and see what can be re-purposed whether it is a compelling customer story, a recent product review or corporate philanthropy work. Content Discovery and Content Curation tools can be useful in the search. Social Media Content Creation tools offer the ability to curate existing content and develop a plan to distribute it.

As you begin to ramp up your social media efforts and look for more ways to engage customers, additional resources can be found under Social Gaming, Social Sampling, and Social Influencer Marketing.

Once you have a good source of content, it’s time to prepare for liftoff.

  • Social Media Management marries the content with the tools to trigger scheduled posts and promote cross-posting.
  • Marketing Planning provides schedules to keep the marketing department organized with timing and next steps.

The key to social media success is being light on your feet whether it is quickly reacting to a competitor’s post or a breaking news item.

  • Social Engagement integrates with web tools to automate the process and set up automatic triggers for responding to customers across platforms.
  • Hashtag Marketing identifies potential hashtags to use in campaigns and uncovers opportunities to tie into larger conversations.

Of course, it’s always good to keep an eye on the results using social media monitoring and social media analytics.

With a strong social media stack, you too can become a rocket scientist at social media shooting for the stars just like NASA.

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Tools to keep your customers from breaking up with you
January 30, 2017 Customer Relationship Management

If you’re lucky enough to have gotten a Dear John letter from one of your customers, consider yourself lucky. Some marketers learn they’ve been dumped when they come home to an empty website.

There are so many reasons why your customer wants to break it off. It’s not them, its you. You didn’t have their size, the website wasn’t loading fast enough, there was no obvious pricing page… the reasons for heartbreak are numerous.

Adding insult to injury, the popular wisdom is that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to hold onto an old one.

The tools to keep your customers’ hearts include analytics to leverage the vast repositories of transactional, demographic, behavioral and psychographic data to model their customers’ purchase patterns and behavior. This enables them to identify potential churners and their characteristics, time of churn, triggers to churn, impact on revenue and profitability. But they also are smart about how to keep that customer on the site and buying.

The following tools are built with churn in mind, so you never have to feel that heartbreak again.


Nuevora’s Customer Retention applications are designed specifically to acquire and retain customers. The applications can be used to identify revenue and customer leakages, identify top and bottom line driving segments, profile and predict churn, identify cross- and up-sell opportunities, predict customer purchase patterns, outline customer satisfaction drivers, and optimize sales, service channels, and campaigns across customer segments.
BEST FEATURES: Purpose-built to identify how and why customers may choose to leave.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CustomerGauge is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that automatically measures and analyses customer feedback. The CustomerGauge platform helps drive growth by combining what customers say with what they spend. Its automated tools maximize retention revenue by fighting customer churn and activating referral business. It will collect customer feedback with personalized invitations and customized surveys, which can be used with the tool’s intuitive Report Designer to enable users to produce clear, concise, graphical reports.
BEST FEATURES: Automatically share feedback with employees and potential customers.
PRICING: Essentials is $197 per month; Business is $797 per month; and Enterprise is $1997 per month.


Appuri Backstop is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) purpose-built to provide insight into why customers are leaving. The platform creates a baseline of customer churn and builds predictive models so that companies can take swift action to re-engage the departing consumer with win-back campaigns. Appuri predicts churn by applying machine learning algorithms to product usage data.
BEST FEATURES: Integrates with 3rd party CRMs such as Salesforce.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Bounce Exchange is “Exit-Intent” software, a proprietary technology working to retain customers before they have left the site. Bounce Exchange is programmed to detect the precise millisecond that a visitor abandons a site, triggering a Lightbox. It’s an extra page view attempting to retain the visitor and urge a sale. Ut enables clients to transform their web traffic by serving content tailored to different visitor segments.
BEST FEATURES: Tracks all cursor movements of every website visitor in real-time.
PRICING: Monthly subscription based on page view volume.


The Wise Retention application from uses machine learning to analyze how customers interact at various touchpoints. takes the data from your CRM, marketing and support systems to uncover the data patterns that lead to churn well before the customer actually leaves. By examining the engagement patterns that result in a lost customer, provides insight into what aspects of an individual customer’s behavior or demographics are the most likely drivers of churn. As a result, your customer success and marketing teams can tailor and even automate a save plan based on the unique churn reasons for each customer.
BEST FEATURES: Recommend the best marketing content to improve retention.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


LityxIQ is an advanced predictive modeling tool designed to help marketers grow their customer base and retain existing customers. LityxIQ can generate models that predict response, churn, or other customer behaviors, leading to better marketing paths to maximize the overall customer lifetime value.
BEST FEATURES: Overlays hundreds of data elements to ensure as much information as possible is utilized in models or optimization decisions.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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CabinetM is Launching a New Agency Directory
January 27, 2017 CabinetM Commentary

At the request of our marketing users, we are busy building our agency directory to complement our product directory.

One of the things we’ve learned over the last six months is that large brands want to include their supporting agencies within their stacks on CabinetM.  With this new directory they can now drag and drop agencies and services into the stacks they create.

If you are a marketing agency, marketing service provider or independent marketing consultant and would like for us to create a FREE profile, email us at

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Aprimo Announces Updated SaaS Platform for Full Connectivity and Visibility into the Entire Marketing Ecosystem
January 26, 2017 Productivity, Collaboration & Workflow


Aprimo, a provider of cloud-based marketing operations software, announced updates to its SaaS platform. Among these updates, Aprimo is releasing a new integration framework that enables customers to more efficiently connect their entire marketing ecosystem at scale, in addition to enhancements to its Marketing Productivity product.



From the Announcement:

“CMOs are under constant pressure to deliver more at increased velocity while also demonstrating agility and proving ROI. With Aprimo, marketers are provided with best-in-class capabilities to be more agile and adaptable in today’s complex digital landscape. This means producing more, higher quality campaigns to perform smarter marketing, measure effectiveness and gain more transparency across the entire marketing ecosystem,” said John Stammen, CEO at Aprimo, “Aprimo is truly the marketer’s system of record to connect and integrate into a unified ecosystem.”



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Civis Analytics Releases Web-based Survey App for Brands and Marketers
January 26, 2017 Analytics ,


Civis Analytics, a data science company, has announced that it has released a self-service survey application, Civis Research. The web-based application has been built on the Civis Platform and is an addition to the suite of Decision Applications on the platform.

Metrics and Insights

From the Announcement:

In a company blog, the Lead Survey Scientist at Civis Analytics, Masahiko Aida, said, “We’re democratizing the type of market research our Applied Data Science team does by putting top-notch survey science in the hands of the little (and middle, and big!) guys. Now, marketing managers, account executives, and brand managers can do it themselves, with our powerful scientific methodology at their fingertips.”


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Viant Announces the Acquisition of Adelphic
January 26, 2017 Analytics


Viant, an advertising technology company, has announced that it has signed a contract to acquire cross-channel advertising platform Adelphic. The autonomous execution and media planning tools of Adelphic along with its customer reach across formats and screens will reinforce the analytical offerings of Viant.


Advertising, Insights and Analytics

From the Announcement:

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Viant, Tim Vanderhook, said in a company release, “Adelphic will bring superior media execution capabilities to Viant’s advertising cloud platform as one of the only DSPs built mobile-first. This addition will give marketers and their agencies the globally scaled people-based platform they have been consistently asking from us.”

Link to full article:

Visit the Viant Company Profile on CabinetM

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Clutch Acquires Persio to Boost Mobile Customer Engagement Possibilities
January 26, 2017 Customer, Customer Relationship Management


Clutch, a customer management and marketing analytics company, acquired intelligent mobile promotions platform Persio to add powerful new mobile marketing capabilities to the Clutch platform.


Customer Engagement and Retention

From the Announcement:

“We’ve been looking to expand the mobile capabilities of the Clutch platform for some time now,” Moore said. “Aside from the major shifts in consumer behavior in favor of mobile, our clients have been asking us for more ways to reach their mobile consumers. Persio really stood out to us because it not only has built an advanced and highly scalable mobile platform, it views customer engagement in a similar way to how we see it. Both companies leverage customer data and insights to make meaningful connections with consumers, which is important in any situation, but especially when you are engaging with individuals on their personal devices. Going forward, we want our clients to use mobile messaging, app, and mobile web to complement their other channels, using the data and insights we provide to make the overall message more personal and effective.”

Link to full article:

Visit the Clutch Company Profile on CabinetM

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MailChimp Introduces Facebook Ad Campaigns
January 26, 2017 Email Marketing


MailChimp announced the rollout of Facebook Ad Campaigns to help users reach new customers and engage with current ones. Users can now create, manage and analyze their Facebook Ad Campaigns within the MailChimp platform.


Email marketing, Advertising

From the Announcement:

After email, Facebook ads are the next most popular choice with our customers for acquiring customers and generating revenue,” says Tom Klein, CMO. “We created an ad buying experience that feels like MailChimp, so customers can create beautiful ads quickly and get back to building their business.” In just a few steps, you can create ads, set your targeting, and decide your budget. And if you’re already comfortable with MailChimp’s interface, you’ll feel right at home.

“Businesses keep their customer data and product photos in MailChimp, so it’s the perfect place to kick off an ad campaign to acquire new customers using the data and content they already have. And since a user can sync up their store with MailChimp, we can even tell you the ROI and sales your ad generated. That’s always been tough for entrepreneurs,” says John Foreman, VP of Product Management. “Best of all, MailChimp doesn’t take a cut. Whatever you pay goes directly to Facebook.”

Link to full article:

Visit the MailChimp Company Profile on CabinetM


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Radius Launches Data Stewardship to Remove Obstacles Between Data and Revenue
January 26, 2017 Data Mangement


Radius, a B2B predictive marketing platform, announced the addition of Radius Data Stewardship to its solutions. With Radius Data Stewardship, marketers have access to the highest quality data for deriving insights that expand visibility into new and existing markets, effectively informing decisions for campaign planning and predicting and driving pipeline growth.


Predictive Marketing

From the Announcement:

“With the rise of AI-based technologies like predictive analytics, we know addressing the issue of faulty foundational data is absolutely critical,” said Darian Shirazi, CEO at Radius. “That’s what we solve with Radius Data Stewardship. Using the Radius Business Graph as a point of validation, we continually and exponentially improve our customer’s CRM and MAT data, so they can maximize the value derived from predictive analytics platforms like Radius.”

Link to full article:

Visit the Radius Company Profile on CabinetM

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Zvelo releases ‘first free bot detection service’
January 26, 2017 Data Mangement


Zvelo, a firm whose services include content categorization and malicious data detection, has launched what it describes as the first free bot detection service.  A Javascript tag is inserted into an ad or a web page, so that the service can analyze the activity of each visiting browser to determine if the user is non-human (that is, a software bot). The service is also designed to detect “low-quality traffic” (LQT), where people are paid to quickly surf ads or sites.  The detected browser signals include mouse movement, time on page, browser properties, the amount of the web page visible in the browser and other signs.


Data Exchange, Fraud Services

From the Announcement:

Zvelo president and CEO, Jeff Finn, said about two-thirds of his company’s customers are DSPs, and the remainder are supply-side platforms (SSPs) that are working with publishers to clean up their inventory or create premium sections.

Zvelo conducted a closed beta of the service with selected customers for three months. Finn said the bot detection service’s accuracy is “above 90 percent,” with non-human traffic generally in the 10 to 40 percent range for most customers and low-quality traffic about 5 to 10 percent.

Link to full article:

Visit the Zvelo Company Profile on CabinetM

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Report: Marketers Set Sights High on Innovation in 2017
January 26, 2017 Industry Buzz

2017 could be a landmark year for marketing innovation. With more than two-thirds of marketers citing continued growth as a priority, they know they need technology innovation to power their goals, according to new data from Yes Lifecycle Marketing, the leading cross-channel marketing and analytics solutions provider.
In the 2017 Yes Lifecycle Marketing Channel Report, more than 300 marketers were surveyed online and in-person at the National Retail Federation’s Digital Summit to identify their priorities for 2017. Brands emphasized the top most important goals for 2017 are: (#1) increase sales, (#2) improve customer engagement, and (#3) improve customer acquisition. To support these goals, marketers are looking to implement cross-channel initiatives. Forty percent of respondents say they will implement cross-channel attribution; 38 percent will implement test tools for channels and content; and 25 percent will work to implement data-fed, consistent views of their customers.

Data from the survey consistently shows email remains a strong channel for consumer communication with 68 percent of those surveyed saying email would receive an increase of attention/budget in 2017. Marketers are looking to step up innovation, yet they still struggle to master personalization, which may be considered a basic tactic. Even with 70 percent of marketers noting they use ’email engagement’ data for personalization, half of marketers admit their personalization efforts are weak, and nearly half (46 percent) do not personalize email subject lines. Nonetheless, more than two-thirds (68 percent) said they wish they could improve email personalization, and 59 percent said the same about their websites.

For full report visit:

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How Marketers Can Use Experiential AI to Jump Start Video Marketing
January 26, 2017 Advertising

Oren Boiman, CEO and co-founder of Magisto talks about how as marketers, we need innovation in digital video. Mass consumer adoption of video is forcing us to overcome the challenges of a fragmented audience and learn to manage risk. Luckily, technology is available to make this process easier and more effective.

The field of video marketing is a particularly hot topic right now. Marketing innovation is being driven by mass consumer adoption of digital video in a myriad of shapes and sizes. In the broadest terms, the marketing trade is behind the curve and eager to fill the gap and find audiences beyond our reach. One of the challenges of finding and speaking to a fragmented audience is creating marketing video content with agility, scale and with a voice. As with all digital media, the trick is to manage risk and optimize for positive ROI results, which is exponentially harder to do with video. Fortunately for us, technology is available to help make this process easier and more effective.

The use of artificial intelligence technology is expanding exponentially and a variety of industries are finding new ways to leverage it for their benefit and growth. AI has the ability to greatly extend human efficiency and creativity, which is extremely beneficial for marketers. For most of us, the examples of AI used in mass market products utilize conversational AI, (i.e. chatbots, recommendation engines and virtual assistants) giving us the perception that AI can only be used in automatic or mathematical expressions. In the end, AI is a machine that can be used to an infinite number of ends. Initially, the laptop computer was also primarily mathematical in terms of input and output, accounting, banking, mathematical modeling. Today computers are used to create art, music, books, photos and….video. Just as the computer has become conduit to and for human expression, experiential AI, a class of AI designed to help create rich content, provides consumers and, more to the point in this article, marketers with opportunities to turn businesses into masters of multiple crafts.

Read full article on MarTech Advisor:


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Newsletter Tools for Small Businesses
January 26, 2017 Content Marketing

Your business is big enough to have regular updates on products and offerings, but an email blast isn’t enough.

When it’s time to start building a newsletter, there are some very interesting and basic tools where you can start. Not every business is going to have 3 million subscribers to start – when you’re starting small, think about some of the newsletter tools that are made just to fit your smaller company.


Soundest provides an easy-to-use email marketing service for small and medium-size eCommerce sites. There is no need to code, design, or build anything. It works seamlessly with any online store and lets users collect customer data, build promotional newsletters, and track sales.
BEST FEATURES: Automatically segment and send a repeated newsletter to those who didn’t open the first one and didn’t buy.
PRICING: Free plans are for companies with under 500 subscribers. Up to 15000 subscribers is $8 monthly.


ReachMail is a cost-effective and feature-rich software that enables companies to create, schedule and send mass email marketing newsletters. The limited basic plan is free, and advanced paid features include Social Media Sharing, Message Testing, Auto-Responders, Transactional emails and an API. Templates are included
BEST FEATURES: Schedule a series of messages to welcome new subscribers using Auto-responders.
PRICING: Free for up to 5,000 subscribers. Packages start at $10 monthly for 7,500 subscribers.


Mailrelay provides an advanced email marketing platform that allows users to create, send, and manage newsletters. The platform provides complete subscriber behavior statistics, informing users as to who subscribes and where and when these subscribers click in the newsletter. By enabling users to better understand their customers, Mailrelay helps increase CTR and conversion rates.
BEST FEATURES: Has analytics tools and free templates built-in
PRICING: Up to 15,000 subscribers are free. Paid packages start at $30.50 monthly.


Emma Email Marketing enables richer customer engagement and personal messaging through email and newsletter marketing campaigns, and provides clear performance insights with Metric, Emma’s free mobile app. Emma boasts that automated emails get 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails.
BEST FEATURES: Insights on the go with Metric, a free mobile app. Integrates with Salesforce, Shopify.
PRICING: At $89 a month to start, the platform includes an email design suite; Segment builder for easy targeting; Basic automation suite; Phone and email support.


Mailify allows users to create, send, track, and optimize email marketing campaigns and newsletters. The EmailBuilder solution provides users with a step-by-step guide to effectively create a message.
BEST FEATURES: From a blank page or a predefined structure, users can quickly and easily put together a newsletter.
PRICING: Packages start at Starts at $19 per month for 1,000 emails.     


Mad Mimi provides an email marketing platform that enables users to create, send, share, and track email newsletters online. With Mad Mimi, users can choose from a variety of themes and modules to showcase their content.
BEST FEATURES: Mad Mimi offers help with list management, reports and tracking, delivery and security.
PRICING: Free for up to 100 subscribers. Starts at $10 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

eFlyerMaker is an email marketing platform with a gallery of engaging templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop designer. With advanced predictive reports, advanced deliverability tools and analytics, eFlyerMaker gives you valuable intelligence and allows you to constantly improve your email campaigns with marketing offers, newsletters and holiday emails.
BEST FEATURES: Analytics features offer machine-learning personalization technology available with monthly plans.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


MailerLite offers easy-to-use, web-based email marketing software that helps users create and send email newsletters, manage subscribers, and track and analyze results. Features include a drag-and-drop editor, a custom HTML editor and a rich text editor.
BEST FEATURES: MailerLite includes a photo editing feature.
PRICING: Store up to 1,000 subscribers and send unlimited number of emails every month for free. Paid plans start at $10 monthly for 1,001 – 2,500 subscribers.


TinyLetter by MailChimp is a simplified newsletter and email platform. The solution does not include advanced tracking and reporting features but instead offers a clean and straightforward writing experience. Features include personalized signup form to share with the community.
BEST FEATURES: Use TinyLetter editor or send directly from any email client.

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How To Add Your Company To CabinetM
January 25, 2017 Tips & Tricks

Did you build your Stack on CabinetM yet? If not, is it because we are we missing a company? Let’s team up. We want to see your winning Stacks, so if there is a tool or service that you rely on, all you have to do is click “Are We Missing A Company.” Within a business day, our crack team of profilers will add your requested company.

Are we missing YOUR company? We want to help you connect with marketers seeking the right tools, so don’t remain among the missing in your tool Category. If you don’t have time to create your company profile right now, no problem. We’ll profile your company for you, then let you know when it’s live. You, or your agency or representative, can register on CabinetM, log in and claim your company profile.

Add Your Company To CabinetM – It’s FREE!

Here’s how it works.

  1. Click “Are We Missing A Company” to notify our team, or just send an email the usual way ( Include a URL to ensure that we profile the right company.
  2. A CabinetM writer will create a basic profile for your company, and let you know (within a day) when it’s ready.
  3. Register (or log in if you’re already registered) to access your CabinetM profile and click “Claim This Company.”

Claiming Your Company Profile

Once you claim your basic profile, you can build upon it. When we create your basic profile, we’ll make sure to add your brand logo and an overview. You’ll claim the profile to add all of your social media links, your product Key Features, service highlights, and a contact name and email for the “Contact Vendor” button — that’s very important.

Need More?

If you need more than the basics to reach marketers, you can get an enhanced profile. Use your enhanced profile to load video, graphics, case studies, white papers and presentations to those seeking Marketing Technology.

Need more? Email

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Small business? How to increase your digital spend, smartly
January 24, 2017 CabinetM Stacks

Are you among the 7-in-10 businesses that is planning on investing in digital marketing? Says Small Biz trends:

Seventy percent of small to medium sized businesses polled said they will increase their digital/web-based marketing budgets in the new year. That’s according to GetResponse, an email marketing software solution serving over 350,000 small businesses, marketers and brands.

The top areas are expected to be social, mobile and email, and of course you can find those tools on CabinetM.

But how will you manage that spend?

If you can do it with a spreadsheet, that’s great. When you’re ready for a bigger tool, we have Marketing Technology Stacks on CabinetM you can consider. Use stacks to:

  • Manage your spend by noting when tool contracts renew.
  • Note what tools integrate with those you already own.
  • Build for the future by including  layer of tools you wish to grow into.
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Coupon Tools for Savvy Marketers
January 23, 2017 Advertising ,

Who doesn’t love to save money? Who wouldn’t love to lure a new customer by offering a discount – what used to be called “cents off” – to try out a new product?

You can make those deals immediately available to a customer thinking about buying. Your customer can be told a 2-for-1 deal awaits them inside, or you can even text a code to a customer to give that shopper a percentage off a deal before your buyer walks inside your doors.

Shopping online removes the need to even walk in the doors – coupons can bring a shopper right to your site to redeem a discount for a product or shipping that product directly to your customers’ hands.

Not only do customers want coupons, they want to find them on their phones. Studies note consumers search more for coupons via mobile app than in print, with mobile apps being the top place to find coupons.

You’ll note 42.8% of consumers turn to mobile apps when seeking out coupons, while 35.9% look to print. And 82% of consumers say digital coupons are a convenient option compared to printed coupons.

Following are MarTech solutions for the marketer looking to offer a deal.


Elastic Path is an eCommerce solution providing digital marketers with the flexibility to promote offerings throughout the entire discovery and shopping experience – including a wide variety of coupon types. Pricing can be personalized alongside marketing content, empowering merchants to create effective, real-time pricing strategies based on audience, campaign, purchase history, and other customer-based scenarios. Elastic Path also includes advanced catalog solution for easy management of complex product lists.
BEST FEATURE: Advanced and responsive pricing engine for personalized pricing.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Coupontools is a mobile coupon marketing platform where users can create and distribute redeemable, trackable and valid mobile discount coupons and deals. Features include a mobile coupon ad builder where users can specify the action needed from the customer to receive the discount. Users can enable and disable print/save options, and it offers a cross-media platform for coupon distribution including email, SMS, social, and in-app.
BEST FEATURES: Scratch & Win coupons include gamification to engage customers.
PRICING: Packages start at $49 monthly for two campaigns with embedded analytics.


Aislelabs Pass is a creative campaign creation tool based on mobile wallet coupons and Apple’s Passbook passes. Retailers and other stores can easily manage a catalog of Passes and coupons with a user-friendly dashboard and attribute sales back to specific email campaigns, social media marketing, and physical displays.
BEST FEATURES: Cloud infrastructure to deliver personalized hyper-local mobile marketing experiences.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CodeBroker offers an omnichannel mobile marketing platform used by the nation’s top retailers to drive revenue and increase foot traffic via personalized one-time-use coupons, text message marketing, and a digital coupon wallet. With the CodeBroker platform you can take advantage of customer behavior to deliver personalized offers and messages; develop and nurture a text message marketing program; extend your omni-channel strategy with a centralized omnichannel coupon distribution solution.
BEST FEATURES: Instantly transform your card based loyalty program into a mobile digital loyalty program; grow your SMS subscription list with SmartJoin simplified sign-up; and leverage Facebook Messenger for mobile marketing programs.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Groovv Offers is a mobile and social marketing tool designed to integrate with the Total Marketing Systems payment processing platform. Groovv Offers features a gallery of templates and design elements that make it easy to plan, launch and administer promotional offers, with one-click sending to all of your customers on Facebook, Twitter, email list, text message and on your own website.
BEST FEATURE: Templated coupons that can be emailed, posted to social media or texted to customers.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CustomerDesk by Revtrax empowers customer service representatives to send personalized coupons during phone or chat conversations, selecting the right coupon or deal in response to customer needs. CustomerDesk  can replace, or complement, traditional circulars, freestanding inserts and direct mail solutions.
BEST FEATURE: Provides individual consumer and agent-level insights not otherwise available to marketers.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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DataSift Partners with LinkedIn, Launches PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights
January 20, 2017 Analytics, Competitive Intelligence


DataSift, a platform which delivers Human Data intelligence into business processes and BI tools in real time, has announced its strategic partnership with LinkedIn. Moreover, it has also launched PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights which will enable marketers to get superior insights into the behavior, insights, and activities of professionals without invading their privacy.


Business Intelligence, Customer Insights

From the article:

The Chief Executive Officer of DataSift, Tim Barker, said in an official blog post, “Bringing together data-driven marketing and active data intelligence, we can now provide marketers with valuable, real-time answers to questions around audience identification, content engagement, and brand awareness/perceptions. Equipped with these insights, they can take action, drive decisions and make changes to their campaigns, content, and strategies.”

Link to article: 

DataSift Company Profile on CabinetM

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What CMO’s need to learn from evolving marketing technology
January 20, 2017 Marketing Game


A strong marketing platform powered by experienced IT team is necessary for businesses to succeed in a competitive market.

Research firm Gartner, which studied marketing technology trends for CMOs, says marketing tech / ad tech is gaining increased popularity, moving quickly from the basics to sophisticated tools.

While there are still thousands of vendors in the marketing tech /ad tech space, Adobe, Google, IBM, Oracle and Salesforce are the big five technology companies having the highest number of installations in place. Collectively, Adobe, Google, IBM, Oracle and Salesforce account for 36 percent of all reported installations in the marketing technology survey.

However, some categories — mobile marketing analytics, data visualization, SEM/SEO tools, ad verification services, and retargeting — have no reported deployments completed or underway from the big five.

Read full article:

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Surefire Social Acquires Franchise Marketing Company Promio
January 20, 2017 Social Media Marketing


Surefire Social, a marketing technology platform for local businesses, has acquired Atlanta-based franchise marketing company Promio. The acquisition preceded a rebranding as Surefire Local, a change that better reflects the company’s capabilities in hyper-local marketing.
With its acquisition of Promio, Surefire Local has added key capabilities to its SurePulse marketing cloud. SurePulse will now have automated digital customer acquisition advertising deployment across Google, Bing, and Facebook as well as a local marketing automation program to drive digital and physical campaigns to grow and nurture customer relationships.


Brand Control, Local Marketing

From the Announcement:

“We welcome Promio’s outstanding people and world-class franchise brands to the Surefire team,” said Chris Marentis, founder and CEO of Surefire Local. “We built SurePulse as a single place for business owners to choose, control and analyze their local marketing and close the gap in the journey from prospect to customer. As a Google Premier Partner, we are excited that customers can choose their advertising to suit business needs and make a quick and easy entry into Google advertising.”


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