No brand wants to be the old professor lecturing about the Cold War in reference to Bruce Jenner’s Olympic win.

Her name is Caitlyn.

When creating references that resonate, one must make sure those references resonate. And that’s why marketers use The Mindset List from Beloit College.

The Mindset List was originally set up so college professors weren’t talking about ancient history when they were attempting to reach students 20-60 years their junior. But it works for marketers trying to think through what touchstones of a brand will resonate.

The Mindset List for 18-year-olds

Some examples from the list for the Class of 2020:

  • Do you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? For this class Elian Gonzalez has always been back in Cuba after a short stay in the U.S.
  • “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” seems like ancient history of Vladimir Putin has been in power your entire lifetime.
  • Polio? The West Nile Virus has been in the U.S. as long as this class has.
  • Your stories of backpacking in Europe need to note that this cohort has only known Euros in Europe, introduced when they were 1.

There’s a slew of Marketing Technology Tools for you to choose from at CabinetM to make automation possible, but think about how to adjust your strategy when it comes to making references. Pitfalls?

As always, get a strategy together before the tools. Once you have a strategy, you can gather to the tools to target your correct audience.

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