Online marketing is not for the meek.

Reading the piece last week in Forbes on getting started in online marketing, you already know that.

Not only is there a massive learning curve for newcomers, but also potential landmines with the countless so-called experts [who] are constantly parading themselves in an effort to extract hard-earned capital from you rather than helping you to make it.

They’ve noted the success is going to be hard but worthwhile, and you can start off on the cheap by creating the content and doing the work yourself.

But…but! You’re only human, and you may be the lead salesman and product engineer as well. How do you do it all?

That’s where Marketing Technology comes in. You get the strategy and the content together, but use tools to automate the process. R.L. Adams of Wanderlust Worker has created a marketing technology stack for the marketer starting out.

Starter Content Marketing Stack (inspired by R.L. Adams)

Use CabinetM to find the tools you need to:

  • Blog. You’re the expert on what you do. Write that wisdom down
  • Videos go a long way to sharing that wisdom.
  • Email, targeted well, can get information right to your buyers.
  • Social Media. Share, Share Share that wisdom.
  • Search Optimization. While there are many thoughts on how to do search, once you’ve picked a strategy, match your strategy with a tool.
  • Content Marketing. While blogs and video may get it done for some, there are many other ways to use content to attract future customers.
  • Referral Marketing. Use tools to influence what will become rave reviews and spontaneous referrals to your site.

Did you build an awesome stack? Share it with us at @CabinetM1.

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