When you build your marketing stack, you need to be thinking about a metrics layer — with email, social media, content and customer tools how do you know how well you’re doing?

Metrics. But how to do you choose?

Marketing Insider has pulled together a big list of things to measure, but you can break that down into a few tools.

  • Sharing — What gets shared, and how. You can watch how a customer navigates through your site, and what is then shared to a wider audience.
  • Site numbers — Bounce rate and links coming in are big. Page views? Not so much. It’s about engagement. Were forms downloaded?
  • Content quality — How much does a piece cost in staff time?Does that staff time contribute to conversion? Do you have email churn?
  • Leads —  Are the leads generated good?

There are tools out there to measure your success, that let you worry about strategy and content instead of what your customer is doing at any particular moment. Look at CabinetM’s list of tools you can add to your stack, matching your strategy to the metrics you need to make success happen.


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