We’re all up in our “trends to watch in 2017” stories. This isn’t one of them.

When looking at the “now coming in 2017” stories, we are excited looking at some of the thinking among marketers. Search Engine Journal talks about the trends in visual content marketing.

Among the highlights for Marketing Technology users:

  • Stock photos rule: You need images? Find platforms where you can find images supporting your goals — just remember, a careful marketer includes people of all types, not just one gender or color.
  • Infographics mean engagement: If you can quickly explain it visually, what better way to get an audience to absorb your facts?
  • Marketers use DIY tools: Well, true! We have 6,000 marketing technology tools online at CabinetM that let marketers build for themselves entire platforms — or automate their processes. This trend will continue, we’re sure, in 2017.
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