Clutch, a customer management and marketing analytics company, acquired intelligent mobile promotions platform Persio to add powerful new mobile marketing capabilities to the Clutch platform.


Customer Engagement and Retention

From the Announcement:

“We’ve been looking to expand the mobile capabilities of the Clutch platform for some time now,” Moore said. “Aside from the major shifts in consumer behavior in favor of mobile, our clients have been asking us for more ways to reach their mobile consumers. Persio really stood out to us because it not only has built an advanced and highly scalable mobile platform, it views customer engagement in a similar way to how we see it. Both companies leverage customer data and insights to make meaningful connections with consumers, which is important in any situation, but especially when you are engaging with individuals on their personal devices. Going forward, we want our clients to use mobile messaging, app, and mobile web to complement their other channels, using the data and insights we provide to make the overall message more personal and effective.”

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Visit the Clutch Company Profile on CabinetM

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