MailChimp announced the rollout of Facebook Ad Campaigns to help users reach new customers and engage with current ones. Users can now create, manage and analyze their Facebook Ad Campaigns within the MailChimp platform.


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From the Announcement:

After email, Facebook ads are the next most popular choice with our customers for acquiring customers and generating revenue,” says Tom Klein, CMO. “We created an ad buying experience that feels like MailChimp, so customers can create beautiful ads quickly and get back to building their business.” In just a few steps, you can create ads, set your targeting, and decide your budget. And if you’re already comfortable with MailChimp’s interface, you’ll feel right at home.

“Businesses keep their customer data and product photos in MailChimp, so it’s the perfect place to kick off an ad campaign to acquire new customers using the data and content they already have. And since a user can sync up their store with MailChimp, we can even tell you the ROI and sales your ad generated. That’s always been tough for entrepreneurs,” says John Foreman, VP of Product Management. “Best of all, MailChimp doesn’t take a cut. Whatever you pay goes directly to Facebook.”

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