Oren Boiman, CEO and co-founder of Magisto talks about how as marketers, we need innovation in digital video. Mass consumer adoption of video is forcing us to overcome the challenges of a fragmented audience and learn to manage risk. Luckily, technology is available to make this process easier and more effective.

The field of video marketing is a particularly hot topic right now. Marketing innovation is being driven by mass consumer adoption of digital video in a myriad of shapes and sizes. In the broadest terms, the marketing trade is behind the curve and eager to fill the gap and find audiences beyond our reach. One of the challenges of finding and speaking to a fragmented audience is creating marketing video content with agility, scale and with a voice. As with all digital media, the trick is to manage risk and optimize for positive ROI results, which is exponentially harder to do with video. Fortunately for us, technology is available to help make this process easier and more effective.

The use of artificial intelligence technology is expanding exponentially and a variety of industries are finding new ways to leverage it for their benefit and growth. AI has the ability to greatly extend human efficiency and creativity, which is extremely beneficial for marketers. For most of us, the examples of AI used in mass market products utilize conversational AI, (i.e. chatbots, recommendation engines and virtual assistants) giving us the perception that AI can only be used in automatic or mathematical expressions. In the end, AI is a machine that can be used to an infinite number of ends. Initially, the laptop computer was also primarily mathematical in terms of input and output, accounting, banking, mathematical modeling. Today computers are used to create art, music, books, photos and….video. Just as the computer has become conduit to and for human expression, experiential AI, a class of AI designed to help create rich content, provides consumers and, more to the point in this article, marketers with opportunities to turn businesses into masters of multiple crafts.

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