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Totango’s Zoe is a Slack Bot For Employee Questions
February 28, 2017 MarTech Product News , ,

Zoe, a Slack bot built for collaboration and to answer questions for company employees, was launched by Totango this week. Now available in the Slack App Directory, Zoe has a natural language processor helping it produce data about customers and the company on demand.

From the release: “The product is not just a bot and the conversation, it’s also this concept that once I have information about customers and I foster collaboration and participation, we can also organize work around customers to make a meaningful impact,” CEO Guy Nirpaz said.

Link: Venturebeat

Visit Zoe on CabinetM.

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Coherent Path Launches Email Marketing Optimization Tool
February 28, 2017 MarTech Product News

The new Content Library is now available from Coherent Path. The tool is a new email marketing optimization program that repurposes old email content for new campaigns. Additional product features include send-time optimization so that emails arrive at the best-possible time for the end-user.

From the release: “Not only does this enable retailers to go much deeper and broader into the catalog, but it also empowers them to create emails informed by data in advance and store them for future campaigns,” states James Glover, founder and CEO of Coherent Path.

Link: MediaPost

Visit Coherent Path on CabinetM.

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Track Mobile Customers with these Tools
February 28, 2017 Analytics , ,

You know your audience is moving. They’re online looking at your product, they float away, sometimes to come back to your website. You can see in the numbers who is coming and when, but you’re not nailing down where they are in the buyer’s journey, and what’s resonating. So how, exactly, do you catch a moving target?

We know shopping on mobile devices is up, and it will be way up over the 2016 holiday season. Notes TechCrunch, reporting on a Visa study, “nearly half (47%) of consumers will shop online this season, 33 percent of them from mobile devices.”

While customers are online, grab insights with mobile analytics tools. These programs automate the process of tracking what content brings customers in, what ad network they used. You can track users by location for those who are shopping your site online while in a physical store. Or use those insights to launch a new mobile campaign to catch users before they blow away.


Ad Intelligence by Sensor Tower collects daily mobile advertising data that reveals the reach and creative content being used to promote hundreds of thousands of apps around the world. With Ad Intelligence, marketers have the insights needed to develop better user acquisition campaigns — the platform reveals which app publishers spend the most on mobile app campaigns each week, which networks serve impressions for specific apps, and the granular details for every piece of creative content captured. With Ad Intelligence marketers can quickly see if a boost in the Top Charts dashboard was due to an ad spend, or from organic viral growth.
BEST FEATURES: Dig into the details of ad creatives, including the ad network that served the ad, the device type, the resolution of the creative, and when it was first and most recently captured.
PRICING: Packages start at $79 per month.


Analyze is a mobile analytics tool that makes it easy to collect actionable insights about mobile apps. The Analyze administration dashboard is simple to configure, displaying the data that you need in order to measure the success of your apps. See how many new users registered, how many users are active daily or monthly, which marketing initiatives are generating the greatest number of conversions.
BEST FEATURES: Catch UX measuring flows through each stage of a task, identifying bottlenecks and making changes accordingly.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


mobile STIR drives 1:1 personalized mobile app engagement fueled by machine learning. Its purpose is in delivering data-driven content in real time, based on customer location, preferences and actions. Track customers where they are, in the real world.
BEST FEATURES: mobile STIR’s technology includes historical and real-time data, including an individual’s geolocation, actions or inactions, and preferences.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


LocationSmart is a comprehensive Location-as-a-Service platform. LocationSmart includes proximity-enabled two-way in-app messaging, device profiling with real-time risk scoring and unique device, identity and behavior analytics, support for geo-relevant marketing campaigns.
BEST FEATURES: Includes privacy-protected location services from multiple sources including carriers, Wi-Fi, IP addresses, device SDK and landlines that are available to enterprise customers through a simple API.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CleverTap unifies deep-rooted analytics based on behavioral segmentation with hyper-targeted engagement through one platform that guarantees personalized user experiences to build a loyal customer base. Among its features are Behavioral Segmentation to identify users based on any defined activity, date range or other attribute; Live User Segments to add users to a pre-defined segment when their behavior matches the criteria; Past Behavior segments sorted by activity type for any historic date range.
BEST FEATURES: CleverTap automates the tracking of app unistalls and enables re-engagement via emails and retargeting
PRICING: Freemium plan includes up to 10 million monthly events and 30 campaigns. Paid packages start at $1500 monthly.       


Netbiscuits removes the complexity of programming for many devices, reducing the amount of time and money it takes to execute the mobile strategy. Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics offers insight on mobile visitor behaviors in real-time, delivering marketing intelligence on customer trends across PC, tablet, and mobile phone visitors in one tool.
BEST FEATURES: Get valuable insight on everything from screen size, CPU, display, touch interface and video readiness.
PRICING: Packages start at $175 per month for 1,000,000 monthly impressions.


Upsight is a mobile analytics marketing platform that enables organizations to easily explore mobile user data, build powerful user insights, and launch sophisticated, data-driven mobile marketing campaigns. Its customized analytics dashboards are easily sharable.
BEST FEATURES: Enterprise-grade analytics with powerful and unlimited data storage to monitor app performance.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Raise Your Customer Loyalty Game with Data Analytics
February 27, 2017 Analytics

Customer loyalty programs are no longer just colorful punch cards that fill your wallet.  Today, customer loyalty is driven by data analytics.  With every transaction, organizations generate  massive amounts of customer data.  

But what good is a pile of data locked inside a database? That data if harnessed well can drive customer retention initiatives, leading to a better understanding of the customer and encouraging a long and ultimately lucrative relationship.

Traditionally, customer loyalty programs put the emphasis on how many times a customer visited a store.  Today, customer loyalty can focus on spending or include philanthropy, games and partnerships with other organizations. Starbucks is a great example. Kelli Haemmelmann of Chief Marketer writes “Forgoing traditional transactional loyalty metrics, Starbucks engages shoppers with music downloads, games, a ‘stars’ system and the occasional free coffee.”  Starbucks Stars are awarded based on spending.  The program entices customers with exclusive deals and advance notice of new products or when seasonal items are returning to the menu.

To drive a sophisticated customer loyalty program, you need to rely on a marketing stack that includes tools for collecting, organizing, and analyzing the data as well as tools to mine the data for patterns and predict future behavior. The Customer Databases sub-category is a good place to start for storing and organizing.  Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms  offer the ability to create applications that analyze data, and highlight the findings in reports.  Data Mining tools enable users to more closely analyze the data with intelligent queries to extract “if/then” real-world associations between data sets.  Customer Analytics tools focus on analyzing and predicting customer behaviors.

Another set of tools takes the next step in putting the data to work. Customer Journey Mapping enable marketers to visualize the process of customers along every touch point with the company.  Customer Profiles identify customers in particular stages of the buying journey, enabling marketers to automate communications while tailoring the message to closely fit a customer’s interests and needs. Cross-Channel Identity Resolution highlights information about customers and their buying habits. These tools also match identities from a number of platforms to create a more complete picture of the customer.  360° Customer View similarly includes tools to synthesize the various data sources down to a single customer. And, of course, don’t forget the Loyalty Management tools to plug it all into.

By building a full and complete picture of the customer, loyalty management tools can personalize the experience.  It’s time to throw out the old blanket reward system — buy 10 coffees and get the next one free.  Loyalty management programs built on strong data analytics can drive repeat business and automate the process of rewarding customers for sharing information, repeat sales, engaging with brand social media outlets or referring other customers.

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‘Visual Listening’ to Social Media in the Age of the GIF
February 23, 2017 MarTech Product News

You can’t search for your brand in a photo of a pair of ripped jeans and the hashtag #mood. Search terms like “fashion” and “denim” just won’t work for you on Instagram when you want to find that fabulously styled post by a future influencer.

Can you use social listening strategies for visual social media posts? Marketers say yes.

Visual listening is the next frontier for the providers as it is their platforms that will need to develop to enable brands to see this data. Many already identify sentiment through emojis and others can identify brand logos in images through AI and advancements in computing power.

While visual listening is growing out of current social media monitoring tools, this strategy is still in its infancy.

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Tools to Animate Your Content
February 23, 2017 Uncategorized

Animation has come a long way since Snap, Crackle and Pop hopped out of a cereal box. In fact, since the animated cartoon spokesmen for Rice Krispies were created by illustrator Vernon Grant in the 1930s, an entire industry has changed, moving from art departments with giant cameras to the laptop where the novice can dream up animations in any location possible.

Animation encapsulates the creative artistry and applied technology of setting any kind of visual images into motion. Animation artists and technicians use tools to create and publish animated content in video games, TV shows, commercial advertisements, and major motion pictures.

Animation can mean any kind of style — both the traditional hand-drawing and painting, or the more automated computer-aided animation.

Tools for animators could include updated versions of “old school” animation methods such as flip-books and stop-motion, animation software for 2-Dimensional  and 3-2-Dimensional graphics, live-action motion capture, photo-realistic rendering software, GIFs, true-to-life-appearing CGI and even emerging technology for the next innovation in animation.

Adobe After Effects is an animation and creative compositing application used to deliver motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web. Its features include keying effects to preserve details and cleanly remove green screen color spill. Its Live 3D pipeline with Cinema 4D means you can import 3D objects and use them in 3D scenes in After Effects. Its Warp Stabilizer VFX removes camera jitter.

BEST FEATURES: Mask Tracker lets you create masks and effects that automatically travel with the action in your scenes. Use Refine Edge to easily separate fine details like frizzy hair and motion-blurred edges from complex backgrounds.

PRICING: Adobe Creative Cloud packages start at $9.99


Toon Boom’s Harmony software is designed to help artists worldwide tell their stories in any style of animation, and efficiently publish them from the big screen to mobile.  Animate with confidence, knowing that the tools you use in Harmony are the same ones used to create dozens of award-winning productions. Create multi-plane scenes that provide Z-depth environments with occlusion and 3D camera moves.

BEST FEATURES: Combine 3D imported models with 2D animation for unique hybrid productions that really stand out.

PRICING: Packages start at $15 monthly, with a savings if billed annually.


Craft Director Studio extends creative possibilities by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of keyframing, scripting and rigging. Users gain the experience of a new era of animation with an opportunity to create natural motion paths on-the-fly, optionally with the use of an input device, gaining instant gratification through highly realistic interactive real-time animation.

BEST FEATURES: The package includes nine specialized virtual cameras, seven vehicle tools as well as accessories and utilities.

PRICING: A limited free edition is available. Full packages start at $399 yearly.


PowToon is a software application that allows users to create animated presentations and videos. PowToon helps create presentations and videos in a fun and light-hearted manner and allows businesses and marketers to appeal to humor. Make a website video, product demos, or try an explainer video with a variety of ready-to-use templates.

BEST FEATURES: Premium version includes HD, commercial rights, the watermark removed, and privacy control settings.

PRICING: Free accounts are allowed to create watermarked animations. Pro accounts start at $19 monthly.


Persecond for MacOS makes Beautiful timelapse videos have never been easier to create. Import an image sequence, trim the length, adjust speed, playback direction and you’re done. Export in broadcast quality. Trim your in and out points, set the play direction, and pick a speed, then export as a full-size video.

BEST FEATURES: Drag and drop or browse for an image set. Persecond sorts them automatically.

PRICING: $16.67 per month ($199.99 billed annually) includes 1TB of storage, High quality HD embeds and 100,000 embed views per month.

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VideoPal launches, creates 2D and 3D avatars
February 22, 2017 MarTech Product News

VideoPal has launched its new program offering avatars that speak in 24 languages, converting text into a life-like voice. The program offers human, 2D and 3D avatars that, using a text-to-speech engine, get website visitors to take actions such as click a buy button or subscribe to a mailing list. The program has 47 (male and female) voices and offers several English-language accents.

Category: Text Messaging and Alerts

Link: Marketers Media

Visit VideoPal on CabinetM.

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Workwave Adds Lead Management Functions
February 22, 2017 MarTech Product News

WorkWave’s PestPac now boasts lead management and automation capabilities. The cloud-based field service management company offers as one package the ability to track and manage all leads in one place, automating key sales and marketing processes, using sales and revenue data to drive marketing improvements.

Category: Lead Generation

From the release: “Closing the lead to revenue loop and creating a true end-to-end field service management solution is a game changer for us and our customers,” said Chris Sullens, president and CEO of WorkWave.


Visit WorkWave on CabinetM.

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Thinfilm Global Launch Enables Real Time Mapping for Shipped Products
February 22, 2017 IoT, MarTech Product News

Thinfilm has made its software portal CNECT available globally. The portal is a multi-tenant cloud-based platform that integrates with Thinfilm’sNFC (near field communication) SpeedTap and OpenSense tags. CNECT provides consumer brands with a simple and secure way to store, manage and track the tags while addressing key business needs such as consumer engagement and product authentication.  Put simply, the tags will allow customers to label and ship product that may be mapped in real time as they travel to the customer.

Category: Tag Management

From the release: “The launch of CNECT is a critical milestone for Thinfilm and firmly establishes our ability to deliver powerful, end-to-end NFC solutions,” said Davor Sutija, CEO of Thinfilm. “Along with our hardware and our tag converter/integration services, Thinfilm is able to offer brands, digital agencies, and other partners a highly valuable and affordable ‘one-stop shop’ approach in addressing their IoT needs. We believe this model is unique in the industry.”

Link: Nasdaq Globe Newswire

Visit Thinfilm on CabinetM.

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What to Measure in Marketing ROI?
February 22, 2017 Analytics, Marketing Automation

Acquiring and engaging with customers in today’s vast digital omnisphere is a far more enormous task than ever before. On top of that, marketing ROI has emerged as an even more significant business KPI. Naturally CMOs are worried that they’ll be judged based on the metrics. What would be really great is a crystal ball, but lack of such mystical insight requires today’s CMO to become axiomatically data-driven.

“You want to be where the puck is going, not where it is.” – Wayne Gretsky

What To Measure

Even with the delightful surge in automation that solves “how,” marketing professionals can get overwhelmed deciding what to measure. Oh, and accomplish all these analytics without siphoning resources from creating an ingenious, quality campaign. You need to quantify your quality now. No small feat.

What should you measure ROI against? Even in your approach to metrics you need to be creative. It’s important to apply the right mix of measurement tools, and there’s no magic formula that works for every situation. You need your metrics, in the parlance of our times, right-sized and optimized.

What’s fantastic about marketing automation tools is that they can crunch the most complex numbers, so you can lock arms with clients, Sales and Finance and strategize to reach business growth goals based on something more than a collective hunch. Brainstorming and strategizing are a much better use of your resources than math.

Stack It!

So far CabinetM has profiled more than 200 marketing automation platforms, and hundreds of tools designed to help manage ROI. Creating a stack for marketing metrics is an effective, easy way to get a handle on the situation. Create a new stack layer for each defined metric, populating each layer with the tools you are using that serve each metric. Drag-and-drop, moving tools between your layers, adding layers as needed.

Marketing Insider Group just posted a great article suggesting some ways to get started putting a framework around your metrics. The piece identifies highly effective metrics every marketer should be tracking.

  • Email Campaigns (click-through rates)
  • Web Traffic
  • Social Share

Just as important — get a good handle on your Conversion Rates and ROI.

Conversion can be a simple sale, or it could mean something entirely unique to your business. Conversion is an app download, a paid upgrade from freemium, or a vote-up on a social media channel. What are your conversions?

The ROI formula demands that you reach upstream as well as downstream, with complexities that vary depending on your business. But at the end of the day, every CMO needs to answer the same question: how much did we earn back from every marketing dollar spent?

Here’s a sample layer set that names each layer based on these five key metrics.

Naming Layers in a Metrics Stack

Email Campaigns

Web Traffic

Social Share




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InMobi launches video ad solutions
February 21, 2017 MarTech Product News

InMobi has launched a new mobile video ad platform in Europe. Known for mobile advertising and its discovery platform, the suite includes vertical video formats, interactive videos with rich media, 360-degree videos, in-feed and in-stream videos. Its programs include learning-based optimization algorithms to deliver results for brands.

Category: Video Content Management

From the release: “InMobi has been pioneering the next generation of mobile advertising on the back of deep learning based optimization engines for several years now. We are proud to bring this to our video advertising suite in Europeafter seeing tremendous success in other global markets,” said Amine Melouk, VP and General Manager, Brand Advertising for Europe at InMobi. “We feel we have set the foundation for building the largest video advertising platform in the world.”

Link: IT briefing

Visit InMobi on CabinetM.

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Word of Mouth Tools Olivia Pope Would Use
February 21, 2017 Lead Generation ,

If you’ve been alive for the past four years you’ve no doubt seen or heard of Scandal, the political drama centering around a former White House aide who opens her own crisis firm, whose own life is spiced with scandals that could bring down a government.

From ABC, host of the phenomenon: “Everyone has secrets… and Olivia Pope has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the nation’s elite by keeping those secrets under wraps.”

How do the elite of Washington find her? They just know. They’ve learned by Word of Mouth that Ms. Pope is the one person who stands between them, and the doom of their own making.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing? It’s using the best advocates on the planet, the customers who cannot live without your product, and turning their reviews, social media comments and endorsements into content. Those who are really good at WOMM will create content for customers to spread on their social media channels, giving the brand reach into networks they may not have known about.

Word of Mouth Marketing is lower-cost than large advertising campaigns, but there’s insecurity built in: If you are relying on customers and advocates to spread the word about your service or product, the message is completely filtered through their experiences. One bad batch of product or a series of negative experiences and you’ve got a major problem on your hands.

But Word of Mouth Marketing, for many, is the way to go. What other way of marketing is so completely focused on customer experience? There’s even a Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

The following tools help automate the tasks of Word of Mouth Marketing at scale.


Satmetrix NPX is a cloud-based customer experience management software platform. Combining big data analytics with a user-friendly interface and rich, clear visuals, Satmetrix helps organizations measure, manage and improve performance at key points along the customer journey. The Customer Graph provides a single, integrated view of the customer journey by mapping performance of customer touch points in an always-on, real-time visual representation. The platform makes it easy to amplify word of mouth of your loyal customers through sharing positive feedback about your brand in social media.
BEST FEATURES: Automatic alerts are sent to the right person or teams as soon as a negative comment or score is received. Out-of-the-box reports are intuitive and built for easy drilldown and exploration to uncover root causes of customer sentiment.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Activatr is a consumer-led full stack marketing platform for activating an audience. Through a quick process, fans can choose incentives and content to published to their networks in the future. Marketers retain the power of content marketing through an organized and automated word of mouth system. It also retrieves shipping addresses, minimizing backend and administrative work.
BEST FEATURES: Takes the guessing out of what advocates will say by creating content approved by the brand that advocates choose for themselves.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Forewards provides referral marketing and referral rewards software that makes getting referrals easy by rewarding customers for finding users new leads. Online retailers can increase customer acquisition using word of mouth recommendations spread through social media and maintain customer loyalty by rewarding their most vocal customers.
BEST FEATURES: Seasonal email templates included.
PRICING: There is no monthly fee. Users pay Forewards 5 cents for every $1 generated.


Social Echo is an incentive-based social media word-of-mouth program that mobilizes existing loyal customers to share brand promotion posts on their social media networks. Part of Blue Calypso’s Share Advertising platform, Social Echo provides real-time analytics of work in progress.
BEST FEATURES: Automates the reaching out to loyal customers, rewarding them for social behavior in favor of the brand.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


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I cannot tell a lie — Metrics Tools Keeping Marketers Honest
February 20, 2017 Uncategorized

The story goes that George Washington could not tell a lie and Abraham Lincoln was fondly referred to as “Honest Abe.” It seems fitting on this President’s Day to celebrate honesty . . . in marketing. No, I’m not referring to the accuracy of marketing messages.  I’m sure Matthew McConaughey really does only drive Lincolns.  

I’m talking about honesty in tracking and reporting marketing results — accountability.  In this time of cost cutting and tight budgets, it’s important to have tools in your marketing stack to quantify the return on investment that marketing brings to the organization.  These tools also offer the opportunity to make adjustments and improvements along the way. The biggest challenge may be the sheer scope of marketing’s reach across digital, offline, paid and earned media channels.

To start,  Marketing Performance Management Platforms provide an all-in-one solution that enables marketing teams to efficiently manage all aspects of marketing performance across multiple channels and at multiple stages of the customer journey.  Cross-Channel Attribution tracks marketing influence across channels that spurs customers to react in desired ways.   Another category to look at is Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) where results of collected analytics measure the real-world impact of marketing campaigns on sales.

Another tactic is to look at the impact of marketing campaigns through brand recognition and social media reach.  Media Monitoring tools look at brand activity across traditional and online media. Social Media Monitoring gauges customer sentiment by gathering mentions from video, social networks, blogs, message boards and forums, user generated reviews, and Tweets.  Enterprise Social Listening is an enterprise platform for brand monitoring with analytics and insights.

For an advertising specific solution, Ad Campaign Performance software uses A/B and multivariate testing tools to identify the best performing ads to optimize ad spend. Advertising Automation Platforms enable marketing teams to efficiently manage cross-channel campaigns and includes tools for post-campaign performance metrics.

Of course, the ultimate metric is marketing’s impact on sales.  Organizations may choose to quantify that impact by evaluating the cost of customer acquisition or looking at customer lifetime value.  Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms offer the best tools to keep an eye on sales numbers and look for spikes that coincide with recent campaigns.  After all, the numbers never lie.  By tracking important metrics, marketing teams can solidify their value with the organization and continue to push forward with new initiatives that will add to the bottom line.

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Prediq Releases Platform for SMB Marketers
February 18, 2017 MarTech Product News

Prediq Media has released a solution for marketing automation targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses. The platform includes capabilities for listings, reputation management, SEO, social media, brand analytics and reviews.

Category: Marketing Automation for Small Teams

From the release: “Because the scope of digital marketing is so broad and the work is very technical and labor-intensive, in years past we’ve been unable to offer cost-effective services to small- and medium-sized businesses,” said Alex Oliveira, CEO of Prediq Media. “We’re thrilled to offer our new platform to companies looking for a full suite of premium services – bringing high value without the inflated price point.”

Link: SatPRNews

Visit on CabinetM

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As Inbound Calls Rise, New Tools Needed to Measure Reach
February 17, 2017 Analytics ,

Most ads are not going to tell you to “don’t wait, call now, operators are standing by” because today’s marketer knows you’re going to fill out a web form.

Or are you? AdAge notes that the ringing phone is actually causing a problem for metrics.

The test-prep tutoring firm Sylvan, for example, spends most of its national media budget on digital, particularly search engine marketing. But potential customers who follow its search ads to its site have increasingly made a phone call the next step instead of completing a web form. Because the company had been gauging campaign and keyword effectiveness by tracking things like the number of web forms filled out, the shift was leaving Sylvan blind to much of the return on its investment.

How do you measure incoming calls? There are a few categories on CabinetM that help automate the process:

  • Contact Centers packages have analytics to track calls coming in, coded by campaign or subject
  • Call Center Systems for the Enterprise help track calls no matter where they come in.
  • Call Detail Records (CDR) capture and track inbound and outbound call attributes, including phone numbers, call dates and times, call duration, caller hold times, hang-ups and dropped calls. CDRs monitor the performance of call center services and phone systems. Tools in this category are purpose-built to capture, track and measure the uptime, speed and reliability of call center web and mobile apps, sites and agent services.

Whatever tool you choose, make sure it maps to your overall strategy, helping all sectors hit the numbers.

And congrats on the success you didn’t even plan for, by the way.

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SEO: Where Do You Land In The Race For Customers?
February 16, 2017 Uncategorized , ,

You’ve read up on Search Engine Optimization, you’ve checked to see how customers find you on the web and made your content reflect that reality… but are you doing as well as your competitor?

Web Traffic Measurement tools size up the competitors’ uses of collateral, changes in keywords, and frequency of posting on competitor websites. Some packages include monitoring for snippets of source code or specific uses of terminology, and some monitor changes over social media channels.

Want to know what the other guy is up to? Check out these 5 tools for tracking the competition:


Compete PRO is a competitive intelligence platform and consulting solution designed to help brands research consumer behavior. The platform uncovers the keywords that drive traffic, including to competitors’ sites.
BEST FEATURE: Discover which tactics competitors are using to drive traffic online.
PRICING: Intro is $249 per month, Advanced is $649 per month and Enterprise is custom priced.


Alexa’s Competitive Intelligence toolkit enables businesses to get instant metrics for any site, competitors included, and rank monthly unique visitors, engagement, demographics, traffic sources, referring sites, and more.
BEST FEATURE: Rank companies’ performance over time.
PRICING: For small site owners who want to prove their site’s popularity and traffic with a Certified Alexa Rank price is $9.99 monthly; Insight is $49 monthly; Advanced is $149 monthly.


The Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis tool gives you ammunition to unseat your competitors after analyzing Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Moz retrieves the top 10 rankings for any keyword, then assigns that keyword a Difficulty Score based on the pages that currently rank for that word. Users can view search volume data for certain keywords, then pull up the SERP to see the top 10 results for each term. Know what you need to best your competitor online.
BEST FEATURE: Learn how to choose the right keywords to minimize your time and effort, and maximize your results.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Rivalfox is a competitive intelligence (CI) platform designed to track competitor traffic through Facebook, mentions, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, influencers, online ads, SEO and page ranks, and more. With Rivalfox on watch, marketers can get up-to-the-minute data on the competition in order to immediately react to what’s happening.
BEST FEATURES: Rivalfox displays competitor data in real time across channels.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Serpstat is a keyword and ranking research tool used for in-depth competitor analysis and building advertising campaigns, particularly those with a worldwide reach. Serpstat does keyword and domain research, provides analysis on organic and paid keywords, level of competition and cost per click.  Serpstat’s database includes information on 8 geographical regions of Google (USA, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Canada) and 2 regional databases of Yandex – Yandex Moscow and Yandex Saint-Petersburg.
BEST FEATURES: Will give you knowledge to adapt ads to target countries. Knowing which keywords international searchers are typing into the search box allows you to simplify the decision-making process.
PRICING: Basic use is free. For enterprise editions, see vendor for details.

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Gawk’s New Product Stealthily Leaves Marketing Messages on Phones
February 15, 2017 MarTech Product News

Gawk, a cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service company, launches a new product to reach customers on their phones. Direct Delivery delivers messages directly into the voicemail box of the user without a ring or alert, which means in order to learn who called, the receiver has to play the phone message.

Gawk states that in beta testing, response rates increased by up to 80%.

Category: Contact Center Systems & Administration

From the release: “In an environment where consumers quickly adapt and become immune to new promotion channels, marketers need constantly new tools to deliver their message and improve ROI,” said CEO Scott Kettle.


Visit Gawk on CabinetM.

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Skyword releases AI-based recommendation feature
February 15, 2017 Content Marketing, MarTech Product News

Skyword has released its new Skyword Personalized Recommendations (SPR), an artificial intelligence-based engine offering personalized onsite and email recommendations. The new curation tool helps brands build a sustained audience while publishing recommended stories from its platform.

Function: Content Curation

From the Announcement: “In early installations of Skyword Personalized Recommendations, we have averaged 65 percent lift in web site engagement and 120 percent lift in email response rates from personalized recommendations when compared with control group results,” Tom Gerace, CEO and founder of Skyword, said.


Visit Skyword on CabinetM

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Thought Leadership Cannot be Automated — But There Are Tools to Help
February 15, 2017 Content Marketing, Editorialized Content, Tips & Tricks , ,

An audience turns to thought leaders because they want real answers from real people.

They mean you.

Leadership is a Share of Mind

If you’ve been doing your thing for a long time, your customers are thrilled, and your staff is always inspired by your ideas, then you, dear marketer, are a thought leader. At whatever your company size, specialty or mind share, there is an audience eager for your learned insight. Write thought leadership content from your unique point of view, addressing a target audience.

  • Are you a technological innovator, a niche strategy consultant or a maverick disruptor?
  • What is your breadth and depth of expertise?
  • Who is your target audience and what are their large and small challenges?

Thought Leadership as Content

If you’re a software vendor or agency, your thought leadership content should never be an advertisement. Rather than promote your products and services, talk about the existing challenges faced by the people you had in mind when you designed your product. The best kind of thought leadership content should suggest trends, share observations, and identify shifting priorities.

When you say “content” people immediately think of articles and blogs. That’s great stuff serving your goal, which is to lead an audience back to you when they need answers. But you have options even more share-worthy.

  • Make and post an Infographic.
  • Conduct a poll or survey asking well-crafted questions about a specific topic, then present the results with your commentary.
  • Create and share an explainer video that breaks down a complex industry challenge and suggests solutions.
  • Post Q&A interviews with industry insiders.
  • Use your analytics! What metrics are you capturing, what’s changing over time, and what’s your opinion about why these shifts are happening?

Timing Is Everything

With a nod to the real estate industry, here in the modern digital omnisphere the new catch phrase is “timing, timing, timing.” You know that you can generate great content all day long. But it’s not only about what you say to which audience, but when to deliver said content, and through what channels. For this, use analytics tools.

Through analytics you can see what time of day your newletters and emails get opened, by whom, when your blog gets the most hits, when your Tweets get the most likes and shares. You can perform any number of customized A/B  tests, set daily and even hourly web traffic reports. Once you see the results, you and your content team can craft the right strategy based upon your exact audience media consumption habits. It’s kind of amazing, and can make you amazing, too.

Go forth and lead, Thought Leader.

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Amazon Chime Promises Smoother Online Meetings
February 14, 2017 MarTech Product News

Amazon Web Services announces the release of Chime, a new unified communication service that is designed to make meetings easier and more efficient. Chime offers high-quality audio and video meetings with the ability to chat, share content, and share screens in a smooth experience that spans PC and Mac desktops, iOS devices, and Android devices.

Category: Productivity

From the release: “For many years, most ‘business productivity’ tools have been anything but,” saidChief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services Jeff Barr in a post explaining the need for a new product. “Many of these tools support just one or two modes of communication or styles of collaboration and can end up getting in the way. Licensing and training costs and a lack of support for collaboration that crosses organizational boundaries don’t make things any better.”


Visit Amazon Chime on CabinetM.

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