Is your dashboard telling you all you need to know? Speed? Altitude? Where you are on the map? Are all indicators in the red or does it look like you’re having a smooth takeoff?

At their core, marketers are storytellers. You’re not selling the boat; you’re selling the lifestyle the boat represents. You’re not selling the pen, you’re getting the customer to buy into the story of why they need a pen.

What doesn’t always work in those stories are numbers. To use our plane analogy, the guy in the second row of the airplane doesn’t want to know what the gyroscopic pitch-bank tells you about the artificial horizon. He just wants to know you’re on the level.

At the same time, everything marketing is automated. You can tell people how many email opens you have and how often readers click on links from landing pages. You can your boss where your headlines rate compared to like headlines.

Telling the boss, or the sales guys, or the value added resellers…telling them social media hits are up by 1,200 on Thursday afternoons doesn’t offer context or confidence, But when you have the ability to show growth over time, or how the many numbers you track add up to success, then you have a story. Build that story with a dashboard.

The following tools are dashboards that give confidence you have a good foundation for your story – and let you zoom in on problems before you come in for a landing.


Cyfé is a cloud based dashboard app that allows businesses to monitor all activities such as social media, analytics, marketing, infrastructure, etc. This app is easy to use, and customizable to each businesses needs. With Cyfe you can monitor individual departments and multiple websites, pull data from popular services like Google and Salesforce using pre-built widgets.  Includes branded reports and domain name mapping
BEST FEATURES: Securely display data from the company’s databases using custom widgets or Push API, and share dashboards with management and customers. Or, if you don’t want customers in a dashboard, download or schedule email reports of data in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or CSV formats
PRICING: Premium package is $19 per month.


ClicData is an interactive-cloud-based dashboard system designed to improve business efficiency through better reporting. With ClicData you can add comments to live dashboards and share them with colleagues or clients in a few clicks. Users may connect to a large number of systems and databases. And use Drag and drop indicators on the workspace.
BEST FEATURES: Set up rules to receive alerts by email from the live dashboard.
PRICING: A free version is available with 1GB of storage. Pro is $20 per month; Enterprise is $50 per month. Dedicated pricing is available upon request.


Beckon Dashboard encapsulates and unifies the Beckon suite of marketing intelligence tools by empowering marketers to easily present marketing analytics in a visual, elegant way that will be understandable by non-marketing audiences such as management, colleagues and even clients. It cleanses, normalizes and structures marketing data so that it is presentable to business audiences; Enables marketers to present accurate, reliable marketing spend and ROI reports and visualizations.
BEST FEATURES: Lets marketers tell a real-world story by combining real-time analytics, rich visual media and human narrative.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Adometry by Google is a digital dashboard that manages marketing performance across channels. The channel attribution platform combines data-driven algorithms with integrated marketing analytics to reveal and properly credit marketing spend.
BEST FEATURES: Customizable dashboard and intuitive user interface make creating stories from data easy.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Dashzen is a cloud platform for creating meaningful information out of raw data that businesses and people are already collecting. Present beautifully on browser-based dashboards that can be public or private. The system is completely configurable, providing flexible options for presentation.
BEST FEATURES: Choose private, unlisted but shared, or totally public dashboards Dashzen also offers private dashboards viewable only by you. Optionally, you may generate a secret link that allows you to share them with others. Both types of dashboards include unlimited views and viewers, and they can refresh up to once every 15 minutes.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


iDashboards is web-based dashboard software that has the ability to display data in real-time from databases, data warehouses, spreadsheets, XML and other data sources in a single location. It supports connection to databases JDBC or ODBC including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL and MS Access
BEST FEATURES: Available as on premise, Cloud, and Display.
PRICING: Free hosting for one user and unlimited dashboards. Packages start at  $14.95 monthly and include cloud hosting, role-based permissions, and additional storage.

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