B2BSignals, the provider of Data as a Service, now offers free access to its proprietary database. Implemented by Salesify, B2BSignals provides integrated and focused solutions for sales and marketing to have meaningful conversations with prospects sooner. B2BSignals’s new Explorer Tool allows sales and marketing professionals to preview data before buying.


Data as a Service

From the Announcement:

“With the Explorer tool, we have been able to assuage concerns by providing users with access to the data upfront,” says Prashant Tyagi, Senior Director of Product Management at B2BSignals. “Users see the potential benefits before committing to anything. This way they can explore what insights B2BSignals can provide, and sign up with confidence when they are ready to execute.”

Link: http://www.satprnews.com/2017/02/07/data-as-a-service-provider-b2bsignals-launches-explore-tool-featuring-free-access-to-market-intelligence-database/

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