Why CabinetM My Stacks?

  • You cannot manage your marketing technology by spreadsheet anymore.
  • You need to figure out what you’re using across the enterprise, and save time and money through enterprise-wide visibility and coordination.
  • Eliminate redundant purchases and test cycles when a product has been ruled out — because it’s not a match for your strategy, it won’t integrate with your current technology, it won’t work for your team.
  • You need to leverage vendor negotiations and qualification across teams.

Planning Your Stack

  • Review your strategy and figure out what sort of MarTech you’ll need.
  • Name each stack layer whatever you like. Last month, popular layer names were Email Marketing and Social Media, with CRM and Analytics tying for top spot.
  • Once you name your layers, simply drag-and-drop your tools from the massive CabinetM directory.
  • Browse CabinetM’s massive products listing to find tools you’re missing.


Need some inspiration? Click around  StacksUP, the active online forum where enterprise marketers and agencies share their winning stacks. Filter to view stacks by attributes such as business type, size, or vendor, which lets you see exactly where peers have placed your favorite active tools, and what names have been given to the layers.

So Many More Ways To Use MyStacks

Enterprise leaders can display their mix of sales & marketing software, building a MarTech overview that will identify gaps and reveal smarter ways to leverage resources.

Agencies can display and annotate their breadth of digital expertise for clients. Consultants can help clients improve their operations in today’s perpetually-expanding martech landscape with “before” and “after” stacks.

Recruiters can post stacks showing which skills are required and which skills would be nice to have across every layer, and qualified candidates can substitute their SkillStack for the old school “Skills” footer of their resume.

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