When was the last time you glanced at your email inbox only to find a bunch of unfamiliar emails sitting there?  A few minutes ago?  Did you open them?  It seems the answer to that question depends largely on what industry sent the email. HubSpot analyzed data “from more than 25 million one-to-one (i.e., not to a list) emails sent via the HubSpot Sales platform by firms in 28 different industries.”

Arts and Entertainment topped the list with an open rate of 47%.  Followed closely by Construction, Human Resources, and Legal/Government.  Clearly, we all want to see the latest movie, buy a new house, get a new job, and steer clear of the IRS.  All joking aside, if you find yourself in the Marketing/Advertising sector with an open rate of just 25%, you know first hand how tough it is to get someone’s attention through email. The way to improve your open rate combines technology with good old psychology.

Let’s start with the technology in your marketing stack.  

A number of tools track open rates, improve email content, and update the contact list.  An Email Marketing Platform offers the ability to create, deliver, and track large amounts of emails. Email Automation provides a range of functions including sending, writing and tracking email campaigns as well as tools supporting A/B testing, market segmentation and reporting dashboards.

Another option is to look to Marketing Automation Platforms with Email tools combining email marketing with end to end multi-channel customer marketing. To keep the list up to date, look to Email Address Validation & Verification tools.

The psychology part comes into play when you look at how email recipients decide whether to open the email or not. Who is the email sent to? Who is it from — a person or a company?  What is the subject line?  Does it grab the recipient’s attention? What time did they receive the email?  Are they sitting eating lunch at their desk or getting ready to pack up for the day? Can they read it on their mobile device if they have already left the office?  These questions should help you avoid some of the pitfalls that will send your email into the trash while raising your overall email marketing strategy to engage and connect with the person you are trying to reach. Focus on gathering data, make adjustments, track results, and continually improve the quality of the email content.

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