If you’ve been alive for the past four years you’ve no doubt seen or heard of Scandal, the political drama centering around a former White House aide who opens her own crisis firm, whose own life is spiced with scandals that could bring down a government.

From ABC, host of the phenomenon: “Everyone has secrets… and Olivia Pope has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the nation’s elite by keeping those secrets under wraps.”

How do the elite of Washington find her? They just know. They’ve learned by Word of Mouth that Ms. Pope is the one person who stands between them, and the doom of their own making.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing? It’s using the best advocates on the planet, the customers who cannot live without your product, and turning their reviews, social media comments and endorsements into content. Those who are really good at WOMM will create content for customers to spread on their social media channels, giving the brand reach into networks they may not have known about.

Word of Mouth Marketing is lower-cost than large advertising campaigns, but there’s insecurity built in: If you are relying on customers and advocates to spread the word about your service or product, the message is completely filtered through their experiences. One bad batch of product or a series of negative experiences and you’ve got a major problem on your hands.

But Word of Mouth Marketing, for many, is the way to go. What other way of marketing is so completely focused on customer experience? There’s even a Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

The following tools help automate the tasks of Word of Mouth Marketing at scale.


Satmetrix NPX is a cloud-based customer experience management software platform. Combining big data analytics with a user-friendly interface and rich, clear visuals, Satmetrix helps organizations measure, manage and improve performance at key points along the customer journey. The Customer Graph provides a single, integrated view of the customer journey by mapping performance of customer touch points in an always-on, real-time visual representation. The platform makes it easy to amplify word of mouth of your loyal customers through sharing positive feedback about your brand in social media.
BEST FEATURES: Automatic alerts are sent to the right person or teams as soon as a negative comment or score is received. Out-of-the-box reports are intuitive and built for easy drilldown and exploration to uncover root causes of customer sentiment.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Activatr is a consumer-led full stack marketing platform for activating an audience. Through a quick process, fans can choose incentives and content to published to their networks in the future. Marketers retain the power of content marketing through an organized and automated word of mouth system. It also retrieves shipping addresses, minimizing backend and administrative work.
BEST FEATURES: Takes the guessing out of what advocates will say by creating content approved by the brand that advocates choose for themselves.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Forewards provides referral marketing and referral rewards software that makes getting referrals easy by rewarding customers for finding users new leads. Online retailers can increase customer acquisition using word of mouth recommendations spread through social media and maintain customer loyalty by rewarding their most vocal customers.
BEST FEATURES: Seasonal email templates included.
PRICING: There is no monthly fee. Users pay Forewards 5 cents for every $1 generated.


Social Echo is an incentive-based social media word-of-mouth program that mobilizes existing loyal customers to share brand promotion posts on their social media networks. Part of Blue Calypso’s Share Advertising platform, Social Echo provides real-time analytics of work in progress.
BEST FEATURES: Automates the reaching out to loyal customers, rewarding them for social behavior in favor of the brand.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


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