Back in the old days, the 1970s, Americans gathered around their television sets and watched the precursor of reality TV, the game show. And the most popular and most ridiculed and most copied was the Family Feud.

Host Richard Dawson, a native of the UK and rather notorious for seeking to kiss all female contestants, would have families guess the most popular answer to a survey question asked of 100 people. After the guess Dawson would shout SURVEY SAYS! and the answer would be revealed.

Now you neither have to wade through schlocky television banter nor guest-star antics to see how a survey works – there are fabulous tools available to any marketer looking to seek out customer opinions. Following are tools anyone can use to survey customers to find out what they really think.


Checkbox Survey is a flexible, and easy-to-use online survey tool used to create professional surveys, questionnaires, forms and polls. Create surveys with advanced features such as hidden items, text and data merging, and multi-language options, all in a drag-and-drop interface. Checkbox can be installed on-site or hosted.
BEST FEATURES: Run professional reports or export data and share with the team or clients, and Assign user roles for easy survey sharing and collaboration.
PRICING: Basic is $45 per month; Professional is $175 per month; and Team is $345 per month.


Bizrate Insights is a shopper survey tool that allows retailers to collect and nalyze a wide range of omnichannel marketing insights. Bizrate Insights can be embedded into any web or mobile site, and can even included as a URL on store sales receipts. A comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboard displays a visual chart for Key Performance Indicators, customer satisfaction with shopping experiences in-store and online, impressions and suggestions for product mix, ease of check-out and payment, and much more.
BEST FEATURES:  Event-triggered surveys that uncover why your online shopper abandoned a shopping cart.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Active Research is a SaaS platform that captures customer feedback using online surveys. Using template designs, create a pop-up with specific fields asking respondents to weight their questions. Edit Welcome and Thank You pages to extend the conversation with visitors, and use skip logic to send respondents to a future point in the survey or straight to the end. For an extra layer of security encrypt and transferred data using SSL secure collection.
BEST FEATURES: For sensitive research, easily deactivate the collection of Personal Identifiable Information.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Cognito Forms is a user-friendly platform enabling anyone to easily create, publish, and manage online forms, surveys, polls, and other interactive tools. Cognito is loaded with features such as calculation, conditional logic for fields, and a variety of question and answer formats from free text to radio buttons and checkboxes, electronic signatures and more. Cognito surveys, polls and forms can be embedded into any website or social platform, and integrates with a library of secure payment options for order forms in online stores.
BEST FEATURES: Take survey takers on a unique, customized path using conditional field logic. The program integrates with a variety of payment systems for order forms. Create custom autoresponder emails that include all the details of a customer’s purchase or entry.
PRICING: Free forever for one user (with Cognito branding). Tiered brandable upgrade plans start at $10 per month.


Free Online Surveys lets you create original branded quizzes, polls, surveys, forms and even gradable tests. A free starter account lets you create a survey of up to 20 questions and receive up to 100 responses. Only to upgrade to a paid account if you get more responses. It allows for a variety of score results page formats for the quiz takers to view. Response scores can be exported into any format, from .csv files to charts and graphs on PDFs.
BEST FEATURES: Publish survey over multiple channels including social (Facebook, Twitter, blog).
PRICING: Free up to 20 questions and 100 responses over a 10 day period.


GetFeedback is an online survey software tool that enables anyone to create visually engaging, branded, mobile-ready surveys within a matter of minutes. Users can create any type of survey from customer satisfaction to net promoter score, and from event and conference surveys to HR and employee surveys.
BEST FEATURES:  Integration with Salesforce.
PRICING: Basic package includes 100 Responses per month, Email Support, Basic Reporting, Basic Logic for $25 monthly.


Lighthouse Studio by Sawtooth Software is survey software that enables easy creation of online surveys, conjoint analysis and MaxDiff surveys. Supports all standard question types, including skip patterns, data piping, loops, and dynamic list building.
BEST FEATURES: Randomization of blocks, pages, questions, and response options. Power users may insert HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, or Perl.
PRICING: Subscriptions available. See vendor for details.


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