Are you obsessed with data? Are you getting all you need out of your reports? With reports on customer data from social media, email, buying reports, inquiries on the website, and data purchased from third parties… are you sure your data is clean?

Or are you really comparing apples to oranges?

Is your data, perhaps, as good as it is going to be at any point in time?

There are a few theories on this, and a lot of how your company looks at data is going to reflect on the leader with the final say.

  • Cowboy: Rides roughshod over data, decides “close enough” is fine for making predictions that will impact the bottom line across several products and brands. Decides predictions are really guesses no matter what data is available.
  • Hoarder: Obsessed with data, will only release information based on anything that can be checked-and-double-checked. Offers very small data sets that don’t reflect all audiences.
  • Debater: Wishes to present five-or-six possible stories the data will provide, is very willing to let advocates for any point of view fight it out, and the best argument wins.

None of these approaches will actually reflect what your customers want, need, or even who your customers are.

One way to get to an agreement – an apples-to-apples comparison —  is using a Data Exchange system. It takes data structured in one way and transforms into data structured another way. That way your target data (what you end up with ) is an accurate representation of the source data (what you started with).

The following tools let you compare apples-to-apples and oranges-to-oranges.


The Yeti Data private data exchange provides marketers with a sandbox for analyzing and exchanging data rapidly and easily at minimum expense. The Yeti Data solution is built with marketing specific analytics to create a complete customer data picture that allows the marketer to understand how to motivate behaviors, identify personas, design marketing strategies, and manage multi-channel customer experiences.
BEST FEATURES: Pull data into a virtual sandbox to examine best comparisons.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Informatica B2B Data Exchange provides a single, centralized, and reusable data transformation service that enables true “any to any” data transformation. In includes a flexible integration with easy-to-use dashboards for end-to-end visibility and performance management.
BEST FEATURES: With powerful partner management and business event monitoring capabilities, Informatica B2B Data Exchange integrates data exchange with other functions.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Price-f(x) IntegrationManager provides seamless, automated and bi-directional connection with almost any system and offers mapping functionalities and scheduled integration of business logic. It works with data from various and mostly very heterogeneous systems and data sources, which can have incompatible interfaces and formats.
BEST FEATURES: Define and execute bi-directional data exchange (inbound and outbound) to any other source and target system. Use it to trigger actions in Price f(x) and external systems.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Scribe Insight is a powerful data and application integration platform that keeps data seamlessly flowing between critical business systems. The Workbench is a graphical environment used to create the mapping documents. The Integration Server facilitates the exchange of data between two or more data sources. The Console provides a user interface for the Integration Server and single point of access for managing integration.
BEST FEATURES: Use data from multiple business systems.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Part of the Datalicious suite of products, DataExchange is a highly scalable visitor data management platform that enables the exchange of data between domains. DataExchange can lookup, exchange and persist visitor data between domains that usually cannot exchange cookie data.
BEST FEATURES: DataExchange is part of a suite allowing marketers to push data into related campaign tools in real-time.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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