The Telegraph said 2016 was a record for new start-ups, reporting “between January and June, 29 people for every 1,000 residents started their own businesses.” Oh, by the way? That’s in the London area alone.

If 2017 is your year to finally get your business off the ground, give yourself a shot of inspiration — get started on your logo right now. It’s always exciting to envision yourself Tweeting that first Tweet, or handing out your gorgeous new business card if that’s how you roll. If you forgot to sign up for that Principles of Graphic Design seminar, but you have some idea of what you’d like in a logo, take your idea for a spin using one of the logo generation tools. These programs,, all free to get started, automatically combine styles and colors you like within the framework of tried and true design guidelines. They generate a professional-looking logo that you can tweak until it’s perfect. Your logo is like a visual handshake that will introduce your brand time and again. Make it awesome.


Tailor Brands has you enter your brand name along with company details.. Based on your preferences, the tool generates a selection of logos. Mock-ups let you see how it looks on social media,, business cards, even T-shirts. Once you select your favorite design, you can edit all you want with no time limit.
BEST FEATURES: Thoughtfully right-sized purchase options let you buy one high-res logo, or a deck of additional resolutions and sizes for any business asset.
PRICING: Basic $39, Professional $59, Premium $99


Online Logo Maker is a freemium tool featuring a massive gallery of symbols and icons, plus more than a hundred fonts. Start with a basic design, upload your own images, add a slogan and change colors.
BEST FEATURES:  Free download for your 300 px logo, or you can upgrade to Premium for higher resolution images and additional features.
PRICING: Basic is free, Premium is $35 monthly.


DesignMantic Logo Maker automatically generates a selection of professional-looking logos based on your preferences. Pick your favorite design, then customize any part of it with a large menu of fonts and colors.
BEST FEATURES: Simple pricing model. Free to generate and edit as many variations as you like with no time limit, and only pay for the finished logo.


Logojoy is a simple and creative logo generation engine that displays a beautiful selection inspired by preferences that you set. All design components are original, every logo 100% custom generated just for you. View any logo in real-life photo mockups so you can see how it looks on business cards, letterhead and online.
BEST FEATURES: As you scroll, Logojoy generates more logos based on those you’ve favorited, up to fifty at once. Tweak components, fonts and colors, comparing and favoriting until it’s perfect.
PRICING: Basic $20, Enterprise $165.


Smashing Logo offers a dynamic online logo generator for people that know what they like, but not necessarily how to go about creating it. With Smashing Logo, simply enter your brand name and a tag line, and toggle a slide bar to indicate your preference for simple or fancy. Favorite the designs you like, and keep clicking to generate new logos until you get it perfect. Logos are stored 14 days from the date you click the “Generate” button for the first time.
BEST FEATURES: You can apply a special effect that triggers logo animation, very eye-catching when used in banners and blogs.
PRICING: $64.99


Logomakr is a fun, free online tool that lets anyone whip up a great-looking logo in minutes. Logomakr offers a large gallery of original symbols, shapes, and colors. For the shoestring budget, Logomakr offers a low resolution logo totally free of charge.
BEST FEATURES: Free downloadable .PNG image for web or mobile, or upgrade to print-ready .high resolution.
PRICING: Basic is free, Professional $19.

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