Mintigo and Marketo are partnering to provide a combined solution that delivers Mintigo’s artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive insights directly into Marketo’s Account-based Marketing “ABM” solution.  Available now, the solution will enable sales and marketing teams to prioritize leads, precisely segment target audiences and deliver engaging multi-channel campaigns.  

From the release: “Being able to use predictive analytics directly within Marketo ABM  helps focus our marketing and sales efforts in a unified way,” says Tony Yang, Mintigo’s Vice President of Demand Gen & Marketing Ops. “Not only does this help us zero-in on the right targets, it also enables us to run highly personalized campaigns through Marketo’s native capabilities as well as through connected partner tools that are both relevant and timely to the decision-makers of an account’s buying committee. All of this results in higher and immediate ROI.” By integrating their technologies, Marketo and Mintigo are providing marketers with a truly comprehensive ABM system.

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Visit Mintigo and Marketo on CabinetM.

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