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LinkedIn ramps up targeting capabilities with Matched Audiences
April 27, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

LinkedIn announces Matched Audiences, a set of targeting capabilities that combines LinkedIn’s professional data with a user’s own first-party data to identify and engage key accounts, prospects, and audiences.  Available this week, the three new capabilities include Website Retargeting; Account Targeting; and Contact Targeting.

From the blog: “Overall, Matched Audiences helps marketers close the gap to deliver true full-funnel marketing, leading to greater ROI. This new addition to the Marketing Solutions family allows you to reach your target audiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle — from awareness to lead generation to customer retention and win-back,” notes Eva Chau, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn.

Link LinkedIn Blog

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Tools to help you get ROI on your event tweeting
April 26, 2017 Social Media Marketing

You want to engage folks in your invent, and you’ve got a plan to get them all revved up about attending/giving/buying via twitter.

Marketing Insider Group notes there’s strategy in getting a packed audience talking about you after the fact:

  • Use a dedicated event account
  • Invent the perfect hashtag
  • Plan
  • Tweet before-during-AND-after

There’s a way to automate this process. Check out the Social Media Marketing tools on CabinetM to find the tool that best fits your needs — whether it be Social Media Management or Hashtag Marketing or even Social Gaming.

Good luck with your event. We’re sure it will be packed.


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Oracle adds features to the Oracle CX Cloud Suite
April 26, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Oracle announces the addition of new features to the Oracle CX Cloud Suite that tap recent trends in technology innovation including chatbots, artificial intelligence, and mobile, video and social messaging.

From the press release: “These enhancements to the Oracle CX Cloud Suite underscore our commitment to an innovation-driven approach to software development and delivery across our entire platform,” said Rondy Ng, senior vice president, Application Development, Oracle. “By combining new mobile, video and messaging capabilities with the latest innovations in chatbots, artificial intelligence and IoT, we are uniquely able to help organizations of all sizes drive innovation and business transformation. We are committed to helping organizations meet the demands of empowered customers for seamless, personalized and immediate experiences today and in the future.”

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Oracle unveils Oracle Content and Experience Cloud at Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas
April 26, 2017 MarTech Product News , ,

Oracle announces the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, a digital experience platform for content production, management, and delivery reaching across all channels. The platform will enable marketers to: collaborate on content; create content through a centralized content hub; provide consistent experiences across channels; and manage content in enterprise applications.

From the press release: “Organizations are faced with a deluge of content,” said David Le Strat, senior director, product management, Oracle. “Oracle Content and Experience Cloud helps organizations develop, use, and distribute content in a meaningful way to deliver contextualized experiences, improve customer loyalty, and create brand advocates.”

Link Oracle Website

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AcuityAds acquires Visible Measures
April 25, 2017 Acquisitions , ,

AcuityAds completes its acquisition of Visible Measures. The acquisition will bring together AcuityAds’ self-serve programmatic marketing platform and Visible Measures’ video analytics with the goal of gaining a greater share of the programmatic television and video ad market.

From the press release: “We are extremely excited about the integration of Visible Measures’ video analytics technology into Acuity’s world-class media execution platform and are looking forward to seeing the compelling advantages of offering their services to our existing clients,” said Tal Hayek, CEO of AcuityAds. “Video advertising is the fastest growing segment of the digital advertising market and the addition of Visible Measures’ offerings significantly bolsters our video footprint and enhances our value proposition for marketers as an industry-leading multi-channel platform for all of their digital advertising initiatives.”

Link Cantech Newswire

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Dynamic Yield launches mobile web personalization tool to convert eCommerce traffic
April 25, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Dynamic Yield announces a mobile web personalization solution that aims to convert mobile eCommerce traffic into paying customers.  The company has studied the issue and found that mobile customers are turned off by cumbersome mobile shopping experiences. This new solution addresses these concerns with features including united customer profiles, improved native mobile navigation, and more robust product recommendations.

From the press release: “The good news is that the ubiquity of smartphones has caused eCommerce traffic to spike on mobile devices. The bad news is that this traffic has gone largely to waste, because the experience hasn’t been optimized to reflect the mobile experiences,” said Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield. “Our research shows that the companies that are able to tackle this massive opportunity are going to be uniquely positioned to grow their market share by accounting for the fundamental shift in customer behavior. By creating tailor made personalization solutions for mobile web, we are enabling the top retailers to gain a comprehensive view of their customers and bring them the type of experience that will turn mobile traffic into mobile purchases.”

Link PR Urgent

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BrightFunnel launches Machine Learning Attribution Engine
April 24, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

BrightFunnel announces the BrightFunnel Machine Learning Attribution Engine, a solution that uses machine learning to better predict what marketing investments lead to revenue. Currently in beta, the solution enables marketers to build custom attribution models based on their own historical data.

From the press release: “I’m proud to announce BrightFunnel’s machine learning powered attribution capabilities,” said Nadim Hossain, CEO and Co-Founder. “From our original founding, we have had the vision that AI can improve the daily work lives of marketers. Over the past few years, our team has been quietly building our customer base, our proprietary data access, and our deep domain expertise in marketing workflows. Today’s milestone marks a logical progression towards making our Machine Learning Attribution Engine commercially available.”

Link Yahoo Finance

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Brearton: Are You Playing Hide and Seek With Your Customers?
April 24, 2017 Customer ,

CabinetM Co-Founder Anita Brearton made sure CabinetM’s Contact Us page was up-to-snuff before writing about the problem of contacting companies in this month’s CMSWire.

“You know the drill: First you interact with a scheduler, then you get passed along to a qualifier, then to the demo person, then to the sales person. When you express some hesitation you are then treated to a barrage of offers and outreach from a senior sales person or two, who are desperate to convert you into a customer when all you really need are some answers to questions on your early path of self-discovery.”

Brearton gives a few tips on making it easy to find you, such as “offer multiple options to connect” and to update your Contact Us page to reflect your customer’s need to get answers.

The (ahem, revamped) CabinetM Contact Us page is up and online too.

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Chatbots to help you be all things to all customers
April 24, 2017 Customer

We’d all like to be all things to all customers, but even the most dogged marketer has to sleep sometime.

This is where chatbots can be a great help. Automate the requests from customers that cannot wait, while saving the resources of the Marketing or IT departments.

Don’t make the customer wait if she cannot log into a website. Have a chatbot walk her through the process of getting back online and productive. Don’t make the customer wait if he wants to know what color a tie comes in, and if you sell pink snazzy dress socks to match. Have a chatbot become a personal shopper, answering questions you provide – fit and availability can be pulled from your own content.

We’ve rounded up tools that can learn your style, learn your messaging and learn your products. Match them up to your needs and find them learning your customers, too.


Wizeline AI Chatbots let customers interact with you using messaging apps they already use, without having to install any new software. A Natural Language Processing (NLP) layer receives the customer’s question and then scans your Knowledge Base for the proper response. Find where your customers get stuck and collect actionable insights with advanced analytics. Delivers messages in your brand’s voice over channels where brand identity is typically lost.
BEST FEATURES: Receives the customer’s question and scans your Knowledge Base for the proper automated response. Learns over time to craft the right message..
PRICING: See vendor for details.


mmuze is an AI-driven Bot-as-a-Service designed for retailers. It’s a smart personal shopping assistant appling machine learning and AI to convert static online product catalog into a personal shopping assistant.
BEST FEATURES: The chatbot at mmuze allows eCommerce sites to turn questions from customers into sales leads by offering personalized shopping advice.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Conversica  AI-driven virtual assistant is designed especially for the frontline in lead engagement, marketing, and sales teams. Conversica engages, qualifies and follows up with leads through natural, two-way email conversations. The bot can accurately score leads based on intent-to-buy, and notifies an agent when someone is ready to buy.
BEST FEATURES: AI-driven lead management designed as a “human voice with superhuman perseverance,” automatically determines if a lead is interested, and if so, escalates the conversation to a sales agent.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Lifecycle is a messaging platform enabling users to create powerful chatbots. Build bots that seamlessly respond to questions, sales inquiries, or take orders, and deliver responses straight to the right place at the right time. Automate conversations with your customers and have agents take over as needed.
BEST FEATURES: Build bots on SMS, FB Messenger, Live Chat and other platforms without writing a single line of code.
PRICING: Pricing is based on the total number of users you track in the Lifecycle CRM.


eGain Virtual Assistant provides frontline support so your staff can concentrate on more complex tasks. You can embed a lifelike, context-aware Virtual Assistant avatar into websites, apps and social networks, providing answers to customer questions 24/7 using Natural Language Processing (NLP). The avatar can be triggered by a defined action, or may be set up to always present on the website to welcome visitors.
BEST FEATURES: Supports text-to-text, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and speech-to-speech communication
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Nina is a voice-enabled virtual assistant that provides personalized customer service for web or mobile. Nina can act as brand ambassador, product guide, service representative, and facilitate transactions. With a human-like conversational interface, Nina delivers immediate, easy and effective service even when no person is available.
BEST FEATURES: Integrates with existing CRM systems. From the people who brought you Dragon speech.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


iDAvatars (IDA) has developed a 3D intelligent chat avatar that provides automated assistance to website visitors. Developed to help simplify dense, multi-menu websites in the medical and healthcare industry, the friendly, conversational avatars are used to provide eLearning, website navigation and support.
BEST FEATURES: Natural Language Processing (NLP) for interactive Virtual Assistant Avatars (IVA). Powered by IBM Watson. Features 3D intelligent virtual assistants, chat and email, and mobile capabilities.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Emma announces a suite of new product features at Marketing United Conference
April 21, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Emma announces a suite of new product features including landing pages,  A/B content testing and an interactive marketing calendar. The new landing pages feature allows marketers to easily create a landing page using the drag-and-drop design editor and publish it with a single click.  Marketers gain additional capabilities with the A/B content testing feature optimizing email content and the interactive marketing calendar offering high-level views of email campaign activity.

From the release: “Launching landing pages is the first step towards Emma becoming a true multi-channel platform with email as the foundation,” said Jeff Middlesworth, chief product officer at Emma. “Sharing our vision at Marketing United and getting feedback from marketers about how our software helps drive amazing results for their business is really inspiring.”

Link BusinessWire

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Gannett acquires SweetIQ Analytics Corp.
April 21, 2017 Acquisitions , ,

Gannett acquires SweetIQ Analytics Corp. with plans to expand the ReachLocal digital marketing suite of products which focus on helping local businesses grow and operate their businesses. SweetIQ provides location and reputation management solutions that enable businesses to manage their location data and measure consumer engagement.

From the press release: “Businesses want to work with one company that they can trust to help them with all of their digital marketing efforts,” said Sharon Rowlands, chief executive officer of ReachLocal. “This acquisition adds strong product offerings in local listings and reputation management to our suite of digital marketing solutions and strengthens our value proposition with multi-location and national brands. By adding SweetIQ to our portfolio, we can further provide our customers with data-driven insights that drive real-world results.”

Link BusinessWire

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Medallia unveils new features for the Medallia Experience Cloud
April 21, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Medallia announces new features for the Medallia Experience Cloud, a feedback management solution that combines machine and human learning capabilities to improve the customer experience.  The new features include text analytics, in-app feedback, improved survey design, a new mobile app, and an updated admin suite.

From the press release: Borge Hald, CEO and Co-Founder of Medallia, announced Medallia Experience Cloud at Experience ‘17, the flagship event for the Medallia community, at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada. “People have more power than they think,” said Hald. “A single action can impact a customer, while many actions across an organization can transform an entire business.”

Link Medallia Website

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Marketo acquires ToutApp
April 20, 2017 Acquisitions ,

Today, Marketo announced that it has acquired ToutApp, a provider of sales software. ToutApp software provide sales teams with sales campaign, content management, and analytics to engage prospective customers. The acquisition continues Marketo’s focus on bringing sales and marketing together around customer engagement.

From the press release: “Brands that win today engage customers in a meaningful way at every step of the journey and this requires coordinated execution across the entire enterprise, particularly within sales and marketing,” said Steve Lucas, chief executive officer, Marketo. “I’m thrilled to welcome TK and his team at ToutApp to Marketo, where together, we’ll enable marketing and sales teams to drive revenue and demand seamlessly.”

Link Marketo Website

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Mirabel Technologies launches CRM platform
April 20, 2017 CRM

Mirabel Technologies, the global leader in integrated publishing solutions, and creator of the widely-used Magazine Manager and Newspaper Manager CRM platforms, has officially unveiled “Mirabel’s Marketing Manager” a next generation web visitor identification CRM platform with built-in marketing metrics, data appending and a multitude of related lead generation capabilities, including identification of unknown website visitors.

From the release: “The genesis of this company was that we wanted to know who was coming to our website, and then have as much data we could about that prospect automatically appended to the record to give our sales staff an edge in finding new prospects. We think we are doing that better than anybody in the market,” said Mark McCormick, President of Mirabel Technologies.

Link: Yahoo

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March Communications launches Consumer Innovation Group
April 20, 2017 Uncategorized

Boston-based March Communications has launched its Consumer Innovation Group, a new “shop in a shop” focused on connecting consumer innovation brands with their most valuable audiences. The Group is dedicated to building data-driven, consumer-centric and actionable integrated PR campaigns for brands across personal technology, leisure, media & entertainment, retail & eCommerce and health & wellness. March has appointed Jodi Petrie as executive vice president to lead the new consumer innovation offering. Petrie joins March from Cone Communications, where she developed and led the Planning and Insights Group. She was previously at Racepoint Global, where she led the Digital Consumer Practice.

From the release: “Over the last year, March has made significant investments in its research and content capabilities. With the launch of the Consumer Innovation Group, we’re adding planning, insights and consumer-centric strategy to our offering, significantly enhancing our ability to deliver integrated communications campaigns centered on a deep understanding of our clients’ audiences,” said Jodi Petrie, Executive Vice President at March Communications. “It represents a big push to grow the consumer innovation side of our business. We’re thrilled to see the doors that it will open for both March as an agency and for innovation brands navigating the conversation with their consumers.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Is the MarTech world shrinking? All signs say no
April 20, 2017 MarTech Product News

Having identified more than 7,000 individual marketing technology products marketers use to get their jobs done, no one at CabinetM is going to tell you that the MarTech market is in consolidation.

Apparently Scott Brinker agrees. Says ChiefMartec: “At the same time that the ones on top are growing larger, the number of companies on the bottom is still increasing.” In fact, his eye-chart-style MarTech Landscape (image from Chief Martec) you can see how the market keeps growing. A new landscape, promising to be even bigger, will be released in May at the Martec conference  where CabinetM co-founder Anita Brearton will be speaking.

Read Brinker’s piece touching on the history of Marketing Technology, where no one giant dominated so there are many, many platforms of different technologies and philosophies; where marketers are now getting all-in-one platforms that are enhanced by the smaller companies providing niche products, all beautiful in their own function in the marketing world.

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Velocidi unveils updates to its marketing intelligence platform
April 19, 2017 MarTech Product News

Velocidi announces an updated version of its marketing intelligence platform that unifies fragmented marketing data and helps marketers gain greater value from marketing data sources. The solution includes three components: Sourcerer for connecting data sources; Editor for easy data editing; and Story for uncovering patterns and relationships within the data.

From the release: “Traditional methods of marketing analysis and reporting have been fraught with complexity and manual tasks,” said David Dunne, founder and CEO of Velocidi. “To solve these problems, our platform automates data collection for rapid organization and synthesis. This speeds the development of valuable insights that marketers can use to make smarter decisions that impact the brand’s performance.”

Link PRNewswire

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Full Circle Insights adds capabilities to Full Circle Response Management
April 19, 2017 MarTech Product News

Full Circle Insights unveils two new capabilities — Full Circle Quick Dash and The Full Circle Method.  Quick Dash is a structured set of reporting dashboards, enhanced with The Full Circle Method, an instructive framework to jump start actions for smarter marketing decisions. Full Circle Response Management with Quick Dash and The Full Circle Method is available today.

From the release: “Today’s marketers are overwhelmed, swimming in a sea of data. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that most marketers are data rich but information poor,” said Bonnie Crater, president and CEO of Full Circle Insights. “We’ve recognized this marketing pain point and are addressing the need to stop data-diving and do more insights-driving.  Our streamlined dashboards and methodology enable marketers to ‘get-there-faster’ by helping to increase their marketing analytics acumen and provide actionable dashboards.”

Link Full Circle Insights Website

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Oracle announces plans to acquire Moat
April 19, 2017 Acquisitions ,

Continuing Oracle’s move into the digital advertising and marketing space, Oracle announces plans to acquire Moat, a provider of marketing analytics for online advertisers.  Moat will operate as an independent platform within the Oracle Data Cloud.  

From the press release: “I am thrilled to welcome CEO Jonah Goodhart and the entire Moat team to Oracle Data Cloud,” said Eric Roza, SVP and GM of Oracle Data Cloud. “Moat has grown its attention analytics business by over 100% in the past year, providing actionable insights around viewability, brand safety, non-human traffic, and ad creative to over 600 publisher, brand and agency clients. With the Moat acquisition, Oracle Data Cloud now offers brands and publishers a full suite of targeting and measurement solutions to improve the outcome of virtually every type of digital advertising campaign.”

Link Oracle Website

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Optimizely acquires Experiment Engine
April 19, 2017 Acquisitions

Optimizely announced plans to acquire Experiment Engine, a provider of tools and services that help teams manage their experimentation programs. The company plans to integrate Experiment Engine’s tools for experimentation project management, reporting and analysis, and program oversight into the Optimizely platform.

From the press release: “Enterprises become leaders by embracing experimentation in every aspect of their business, from product development to customer experience,” said Dan Siroker, co-founder and CEO of Optimizely. “As the pace of experimentation increases, there’s a greater need for coordinating and managing programs across multiple stakeholders and various levels within the organization. Several of our customers are already using Experiment Engine, so it’s a natural fit to integrate our products. With Optimizely and Experiment Engine joining forces, our enterprise customers will be able to enable thousands of collaborators to work together to deliver tens of thousands of experiments per year.”

Link PRNewswire

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