Your customer has so much information. Any shopper has, available on any mobile a list of your reviews, word of mouth influencers, photos of your product in the news, your social media marketing and your website. That customer has that same information about all your competitors.

That customer is empowered. That customer is fierce.

‘I like my customer to be fierce.’

— Christian Louboutin

In this era of customer empowerment, wouldn’t it be great to have some information on your customer?  

Get beyond basic data with customer intelligence tools. Your basic data may tell you that a customer visited your website before buying. Give that context: Do your customers visit four times before buying? How many times do they buy a month? How many times did they buy last month?

With the insight you gain, what can you offer to instill loyalty in a customer?

If you’re offering coats, and your customer is living in a cold-weather area, you can guarantee that shopper is being flooded with offers for coats. But using insights gained from customer intelligence, you can offer a discount on the style updated from last year’s purchase – in a variety sizes, should that customer also be hunting weight-loss products.

The fierce customer will be looking at options for coats, find the one that is a deal is also similar in taste to a previous purchase, and available in a roomier size. Armed with that information, you’ve made yourself irresistible to that customer, and you’re closer to a purchase.

Use Customer Intelligence tools to match the fierceness of your customers:


SmarterHQ is a customer intelligence marketing platform which enables retailers to leverage customer insights and interactions to create and execute the world’s most personalized messages through cross-channel marketing.
BEST FEATURES: SmarterHQ’s platform is applying advanced attribution capabilities to your entire data set and updating KPIs starting at the campaign level, moving to channel, then drilling down to specific segments and finally, all the way down the customer level.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Experian Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) leverages a three-hub approach to capture and integrate data from across channels (Integration), understand how to maximize customer value (Intelligence), and optimize customer interactions with context and relevance (Interaction).
BEST FEATURES: Track data across channels, and utilize response attribution and performance measurement.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Quaero’s AdVantage Customer Intelligence Platform identifies behavioral patterns to create proprietary segments which are leveraged to increase traffic and audience engagement as well as to maximize advertising revenue through optimal audience targeting, premium pricing and yield management. AdVantage Customer Intelligence Platform is built to handle the volume, scale and breadth of digital data that most companies find overwhelming.
BEST FEATURES: Platform includes, Data Curation, Audience Development, Advanced Analytics, all hosted in the cloud.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence personalizes the customer experience by making recommendations that are most relevant to each unique customer based on their buying behavior, web activity, and social media presence. Using automation, this integrated software solution gathers customer information from multiple internal and external sources and models customer behavior. Scoring then provides customized actions that can be taken to provide the right offer to the right customer at the right time. Features include decision management to convert predictive model scoring into an appropriate action; Predictive analytics to anticipate the behavior of individual customers; Real-time scoring to generate and re-generate predictions on demand.
BEST FEATURES: Cross-campaign optimization to identify the most profitable decision for each customer.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Tresata is a software platform for real-time customer intelligence management that provides data software solutions for the financial services market. Tresata Software enables businesses to monetize customer data by collecting, curating, computing and converting it to unmatched customer intelligence across all existing and growing data assets and at a unique segment of one.
BEST FEATURES: Tresata monetizes big data by taking all your internal data and all your (rapidly exploding) social data.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Q is a collaborative customer intelligence platform with segmentation, data science and visualization to help brands and retailers improve customer experience. The program offers a unified view of customers and custom data science.
BEST FEATURES: Export data to email, FB, and other execution tools.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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