You’ve all heard the story of a celebrity like Oprah or Kim Kardashian boosting a product into the stratosphere with a mere mention on TV or online. But these women have low engagement with their high numbers of followers, and the boost can be fleeting.

What if you had a great number of smaller influencers with higher engagement? A whole bunch of Kardashians, if you will?

Think, instead of winning over or paying for a very large celebrity, think of what it could mean for your brand to have micro-influencers, or a great number of mini-Kardashians.

Sponsored Content is content that is written by the influencer that is paid for by the brand. Typically, the publisher (the influencer, instagrammer, what have you) integrates the brand into her story’s narrative and crafts a story that would be interesting to their audience. Since sponsored content falls into the advertising bucket, a success metric like impressions is used to measure the efficacy of the advertisement.

Many brands are turning to micro-influencers who have smaller numbers but higher engagement. Micro-influencers tend to create more niche content that can be more targeted for your brand. It could be YouTube makeup starts recommending your beauty product. It could be magicians recommending your top hats. They are users of your product who have a story to tell, and weave your product into the story – with fans who engage and trust in the story they’re being told.

Look for sponsored content platforms where you can connect with influencers.


AdLemons is a sponsored content advertising platform that connects brands with bloggers and other online social influencers. The platform automates the process of identifying, executing, distributing and measuring of influencer content marketing campaigns. Use for sponsored content, disseminated/broadcasted and expanded in the most influential social media at scale.
BEST FEATURE: Includes a free mobile application for blogs.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Nudge Native Content Platform specializes in native advertising, including sponsored content and advertorial, helping advertisers and agencies manage and measure the resources around native campaigns. For publishers, the platform is a toolkit to help sell more sponsored content and scale native offerings. Nudge shows how content has performed, which pieces are most contributing to campaign goals and what needs optimizing.
BEST FEATURES: Dashboard offers comprehensive native measurement metrics such as reach, average attention minutes, scrolled, engagement. Integrates with Sharethrough and Google Tag Manager.
PRICING: See vendor for details


Cooperatize is a Sponsored Content marketplace. On Cooperatize, brands generate a content brief outlining the campaign needs, and bloggers respond, develop a piece of content the brand can review, accept and buy. Advertisers can get published on 3,000+ blogs while giving bloggers guidelines on what to write for content.
BEST FEATURES: Advertisers can purchase a featured blog placement with one click. Publishers can easily manage sponsored content opportunities in one place.

PRICING: See vendor for details.


Grapevine is a comprehensive marketing platform that allows brands to connect with content-creating Youtube advocates. Grapevine allows brands to tell their story through the voices of their leading advocates on YouTube, and advocates benefit by working with top brands to create original sponsored content for their YouTube channel.
BEST FEATURES: Use the campaign manager dashboard to use data exportable in CSV or PDF format.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Izea offers a marketplace where bloggers and advertisers can connect. Advertisers looking to increase brand awareness can engage bloggers and social network influencers to spread the word about the brand.
BEST FEATURE: Track engagement of each piece of sponsored content in real time.
PRICING: See vendor for details.



Ninja Outreach is a social influencer outreach and management platform sortable by more than 25 attributes, and includes CRM functionality to collect profiles and append with unique targeting data.
BEST FEATURES: Access to more than 25 million influencer blogs, social media sites and websites.
PRICING: Plans start at $49 monthly.


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