What if you’ve set up the business, you’ve got a product, a service, you’ve trained the staff and you’re up and running and… you’re told you stink.

Actually, you won’t be told you stink to your face. You’ll be told you stink via Amazon reviews.

Or, you’ll be told you’re horrible via Yelp, or another review platform. Some reviews will be simple, some will be poetic, but all will read as if your dreams of success are really nightmares.

What if you can get the word about a problem before it hits social media?

That’s where customer feedback tools can help. Collect detailed information about each sale, each online interaction, even in-person interactions. A one-off complaint may be dealt with by an empowered employee – but what if there’s a trend you could spot via feedback? That’s where Marketing Technology can help.

Use the following tools to automate the process of finding out pain points so you can fix them quickly and get business moving again — before someone hits “send” on a tweet.


CustomerCount is a flexible, online Customer Feedback Management System providing intuitive real time reporting, fast turnaround on updates, detailed and dynamic data gathering with comprehensive reporting for process improvement and customer loyalty to improve your bottom line. CustomerCount collects, measures and reports customer feedback through branded, customized online surveys.
BEST FEATURES: Drill down to find exactly what you’re looking for with Full Text Search across all customer survey results.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


eKomi offers innovative, easy-to-implement SaaS software to gather both customer and product reviews. Once collected, they are reviewed by eKomi’s Feedback Management team, and then published online and syndicated to all major search engines. The reviews can then be integrated directly into your website. You can track your performance with eKomi through real-time statistics which are readily available in your customer area.
BEST FEATURES: Customer reviews can be displayed through a widget, along with your overall score and aggregate star rating.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Rant & Rave is a customer engagement solution that combines proactive communication with customer feedback. By reducing customer effort and taking real-time inspired action, brands are able to transform Ranters into Ravers and happy customers into engaged Ravers – lifelong advocates. The Inform module helps to keep customers in the loop and the Interact module lets customers carry on the conversation in real-time.
BEST FEATURES: Fast Feedback provides the option to share feedback via text message, picture message, voice recording or email.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Stella Connect is a feedback management solution that activates feedback requests, which are sent to customers after sales or service interactions. These customer feedback requests include a photo and brief bio of the front-line staffer, which humanizes the brand and helps drive sky-high response rates.
BEST FEATURES: Personalize responses with a photo and bio.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Feedbackify offers an easy-to-use website feedback solution, which enables companies to engage with their customers at the point of need, in a secure and private setting. It’s also a fantastic way for companies to be alerted to problems with their website, which may be stopping customers from completing their goals.
BEST FEATURES: Create a feedback form and deploy the form on your own terms.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Womply Customer Feedback is a review platform that makes it easy for businesses to collect and manage customer complaints directly, rather than on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. There is no software to install, customers can quickly send a text so that companies can get feedback directly and fix product and service problems before they hurt your business.
BEST FEATURES: Put your feedback number wherever customers see it (e.g. on menus, tabletops, in dressing rooms).
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Wantoo is a simple, powerful cloud-based platform that makes it easy to listen, analyze, and act on feedback from the team, customers or anyone else. Wantoo Idea Boards help you get feedback wherever and whenever customers interact with your company, so you’re collecting data at every point along the customer journey—physical, web, or mobile—with just a single line of code.
BEST FEATURES: Free version includes leaderboards.
PRICING: Paid versions start at $50 monthly.


Murm.io is an application that provides actionable customer feedback. Its widget is just a few lines of HTML and Javascript and is integrated in a few minutes anywhere you want. Getting started is really easy. Feedback is collected right into the Murm.io platform that allows you to make the most of your data. No engineering required.
BEST FEATURES: Installation is simple.
PRICING: Paid packages start at $9 monthly for 100 email surveys.


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