You know when you have an idea and just have to have others see it to truly grok it?

Where we used to draw out flow charts on chalkboards for the team, there’s no guarantee the whole team will be physically in the same place or indeed, the same continent. Many marketers are turning to slide shows – decks, presentations, what have you – to help illustrate the problem, the process, and the solution.

Use some of these tools to get your point across, put it online, or share it with others who can collaborate on the fly.


A favorite among educators, promotional speakers, sales and marketing teams, Swipe makes it easy to create a presentation that you can share on any screen simply by sending a link to your slide deck. Upload an existing presentation, or create it right in Swipe. Everything is online so there’s no software to install, and the latest version is always available to collaborators and audiences.
BEST FEATURES: Swipe makes any kind of presentation mobile and interactive with a simple link, so the audience can participate in polls and Q&A sessions right from smartphones.
PRICING: Free to try for up to two presentations. Monthly plans start at $20/month, $15 if billed annually.

SlideShare is a free Linkedin-owned service that makes it easy to create, upload and share slideshows of all kinds, including infographics, explainer videos, and webinars. You can direct your audience to your Slideshare decks on LinkedIn where they are categorized by topic so that you can build your reputation with the right audience. SlideShare supports PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, and OpenDocument.
BEST FEATURES:  When you upload to SlideShare, you reach an engaged audience that’s interested in your content, with over 80% of SlideShare’s 70 million visitors coming through targeted search.
PRICING: SlideShare is free.

iSpring Suite makes it easy to convert PowerPoint presentations into supercharged eLearning courses complete with video lectures, quizzes, and surveys, making it a go-to solution for sales and marketing leaders training sales agents, partners and creating end-user certification. iSpring slide shows play on any device.
BEST FEATURES: Carefully preserves all transitions, fonts and effects after converting PowerPoint into a Flash or HTML5 online course that can be viewed from anywhere.
PRICING: $697 for one lifetime license, volume discounts available.


PowerPoint has long been a leading name in creating effective presentations, but if you haven’t used PowerPoint in awhile you might be surprised at the advanced tools and features. Beautiful templates, new fonts, easy animations, embedded video, and automatic slide transition are a few updated enhancements.
BEST FEATURES: A handy Presenter View displays your current slide, the next slide, and your speaker notes so you’re always confident and prepared in front of your audience..
PRICING: Available directly from Microsoft ($109.99), or through distribution either stand-alone or bundled with Microsoft Office 365.


Google Slides is a module of Google Docs that integrates with Google Drive. It’s free to use, enabling anyone to create slide decks with ease, collaborate with colleagues right from Google Drive, send slides over email, or embed them in a website. Google Slides offers a gallery of beautiful themes, hundreds of cool fonts, even advanced features such as embedded video and animations.
BEST FEATURES: Create, edit, and collaborate with your team on slide decks wherever you are, on any device, even if you’re offline.
PRICING: Google Docs is free.


Buncee is a unique digital canvas that lets anyone create and share interactive, media-enriched slideshows and presentations. A drag-and-drop editor lets you add photos, text, drawings, and online content from YouTube, Soundcloud, Flickr and Instagram.
BEST FEATURES: Easy drag-and-drop editing to create presentations, flexible enough to also create interactive stories, work instructions and greeting cards.
PRICING: Free version with limited features available forever. Pro plans are $6.99/month, or $59.99/Year. Special educational pricing available.


Offering a blend of content creation and content management, CT Presenter features an easy-to-manage central content hub that consolidates copy, templates and finished slides so teams can access a single source of info. CT Presenter makes it easy to create, update, and share presentations from anywhere.
BEST FEATURES: Supports web pages, video, audio, HTML files.
PRICING:  See vendor for pricing.

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