We’ve been telling you all about the Marketing Technology Stack, which at CabinetM is an environment to collaborate around technology strategy, management and discovery for marketers.

What’s stack in general terms?

“Stack,” in technological terms, can mean a few different things, but the most relevant usage grew from the start-up world: A stack is a collection of different pieces of software that are being used together to accomplish a task. A smartphone’s software stack, for instance, could be described as a layered structure: There’s the low-level code that controls the device’s hardware, and then, higher up, its basic operating system, and then, even higher, the software you use to message a friend or play a game. An individual application’s stack might include the programming languages used to build it, the services used to connect it to other apps or the service that hosts it online; a “full stack” developer would be someone proficient at working with each layer of that system, from bottom to top.

According to the New York Times, stacks are now becoming part of all parts of life. Athletes have nutrition stacks, there are the Marshall stacks of amplifiers, there’s the talent stack in HR.

Build a MarTech stack at CabinetM to check out how you can use the stack in your enterprise.

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